The half-Indian and half-Australian Copenhagen-based model, Kelly Gale, is rumoured to be in the 2013 line-up. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Victoria's Secret Angel and Lingerie Model Shanina Shaik Shares Her Shopping List Feat.
It's been a big few weeks for Victoria's Secret Angel Shanina Shaik — the Melbourne-born model recently landed the coveted spot of walking for the infamous lingerie brand in the 2011 runway show.
The much-awaited Victoria's Secret Runway Show starts very soon, and we can't wait to see Angels including Miranda Kerr hit the catwalk in their wings. Behati Prinsloo (aka the South African goddess who snagged Adam Levine) has a reputation for being one of the warmest, most easygoing members of the Victoria's Secret Angels A-team, and it's a label that's well deserved.
While I didn't get to venture to a shoreline or cafe with Behati, I did get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment with her when we flew together on the private plane that was shuttling about 40 Angels to London just a few days before the 2014 Victoria's Secret Show.

PS: Over Thanksgiving, you posted a selfie on Instagram stating you're thankful for so much in your life. PS: Since we're on a plane right now — what beauty products do you always bring with you when you travel? BP: Since we are going to London, and I know we are going to land at night, I try to stay up during the plane ride so when I get there, I will be tired enough to fall asleep. BP: There are many, but I growing up and seeing how my mum looked after herself makes her my beauty icon. While she donned an embellished floral set complete with a black parasol on the runway, off-duty she tends to opt for body-hugging dresses by the likes of Herve Leger and sky-high heels — and with a figure like hers, we would, too! We'll also be on the lookout for Aussie Shanina Shaik and our other favourite Karlie Kloss (who has cut her hair into a bob!), but before we check out the show, the Angels and the VS team have already started tweeting pictures from behind-the-scenes in hair and makeup and at rehearsals for us to perve on!
She has a kindness and calming energy that makes you want to take a long walk on the beach or sit at brunch with her and just talk about life.

The air carrier was decked in all things pink (both the colour and the brand), including neck pillows, blankets, sleeping masks, and more. Shanina recently took time out of her busy schedule to give us her lust-have shopping list, all of which we think are perfect for the upcoming party season. There, Behati sat next to me to discuss her travel-beauty secrets, pre-show nerves (she's opening this year's catwalk!), and her zen advice for brides-to-be. To realize you're there and be with you husband [grabs my arm] — "we did it." Take five minutes. Your adrenaline rush is so much because your excitement and nerves just get the better of you.

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