Start the flirtation in Hello Darling, a playful sparkle of white nectarine and fresh peony.
I love collecting fragrance and of course using them too but have never really posted a review about them. Hello Darling is a delicately sweet fragrance with a hint of floral. I liked the refreshing smell of this .
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This refreshing fragrance mist from our VS Fantasies collection is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.
The ingredients also include their proprietary Ever Temp Fragrance and Chamomile which gives the fragrance a very irresistible feel. I know I can’t expect a body mist to be last as long as an EDP  but this one seems to disappear as soon as  its sprayed on. Please, don't waste your time in leaving rude, or hateful comments as they will be deleted and the user blocked.

Live out your beauty fantasy in our most popular scented body care, exclusively at Victoriaa€™s Secret.
The scent is pretty strong when applied, so if you aren’t into strong scents, think twice before going for it.

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