Il aura fallu attendre aout 2012 pour voir la premiere boutique de la celebre marque de lingerie ouvrir ses portes dans la province du Quebec! Grace a des defiles de mode epoustouflants, la marque s’est batie une renommee mondiale. Durant l’inauguration, les clients ont ete chaleureusement accueillis par le mannequin Erin Heatherton! It took until August 2012 to see the first shop of the famous lingerie brand to open in the province of Quebec! By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
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Victoria secret, 20% victorias secret, free shipping, Save online with free victoria secret coupons. Victoria' secret coupons & coupon codes - find victoria', About victoria' secret coupons deals victoria’ secret american retailer chic women' clothing, lingerie, swimwear, shoes, accessories beauty. By now, you can probably tell that I am not a huge fan of the mega lingerie retail giants Victoria Seceret, La Senza, and Friends. Obviously, all of the nagging from activist types like myself will not change the way that these huge corporations do business.  As long as women continue buy their bras from these stores, they will continue to sell them using their obviously successful business strategy. The purpose of the bra invention is to offer support for the weight of female breasts while also improving their appearance. Assuming that the intended purpose for a bra is actually to support the weight of the female bust, it really does not make sense why none of the models are wearing bras that fit correctly! There are still women out there who are surprised when they are told that the bra fitting techniques that they have been taught in these stores are not correctly sizing them. Consider this scenario: Would you put on a dress that was too small and let the sales person talk you into buying it by telling you that it is supposed to fit that way? It is no wonder that people generally respond positively to feel good body image campaigns like the ones that we see pop up every once in awhile to challenge the status quo.
I bring this up in response to two recent trending adverts that I have seen floating around the World Wide Web in the last few weeks. Instead of adding anything new to the conversation these campaigns attempt to once again pinpoint exactly what beauty is. The only thing that you can do is take back some of the power by practicing media literacy and thinking critically about the messages that you allow to impact the way that you feel about your self. If Aerie’s bras are your absolute favorite, because you love the fit and structure then by all means buy them when you need a new bra and wear them proudly.
And Dove, if their soaps and beauty products are an affordable option for you- then why not support them? When I talk so passionately about making better bras more accessible in Canada, some people ask me. In my own bra testimony I talk about a time when a shop girl in a specialty boutique attempted to sell me an ill-fitting bra just to make her own commission. I am actually a feminist and my true passion is engaging women in conversations about self-esteem and body image. While Victoria Secret and La Senza continue to feed the low self-esteem of women with negative marketing campaigns, other lingerie retailers in Canada are trying to turn things around by placing positive messages in their advertising.
Instead of hiring super models to pose in their campaigns, the company has decided to move in a more natural direction.
Even the title of the campaign #AerieReal still hurts women because it attempts once again to classify to what real beauty is in order to sell products.
The reality still being that 90% of their customers still do not look like the women in their advertising. What would be truly revolutionary is if they started offering specialty items such as smaller band sizes (26 inch?) and DD+ cup sizes up to a K.
If you are just as dissatisfied with Aerie’s campaign as we are, please comment below with your support and tell your story on our testimonies page. This blog is where I write about bra fitting, body image, and life as a 34HH lingerie obsessed ladyperson. Desormais plus besoin de se rendre en Ontario ou aux Etats-Unis pour profiter des collections de Victoria’s Secret, un magasin de 11 000 pieds carres a vu le jour au centre commercial Carrefour Laval. No longer need to travel to Ontario or United States to enjoy the collections of Victoria’s Secret, a store of 11,000 square feet is now open at Carrefour Laval Mall.

These companies, which dominate the market for lingerie here in Canada, do more to harm to their target demographic than any other fashion based business that I can think of. However, at the very least would it kill us to insist that these bra manufactures put their lingerie models into the correct sizes in the marketing images that they use to sell these products? Companies like Victoria Secret would like to have you believe that breasts are solely for male enjoyment and some marketing guru must of told them that men prefer when women wear bra’s two sizes too small. They are even more shocked when they find out that none of the bras that they currently own actually fit them.
Is there any other product in the whole entire world that you would feel inclined to buy if it was presented to you as being incapable of succeeding at it’s intended purpose?
Or have we just accepted this as bare minimum of our expectations for the products that we spend our money on. Unfortunately this has also made us willing to accept almost anything as substitution without taking the time to think about it critically. We already briefly talked about Aerie’s #AerieREAL campaign and why, although it may be looked at as a step in the right direction, it is still not as revolutionary as it would have you believe.
The main goal of these campaigns is still trying to convince women that they should be valued by their appearance alone. We could promote a worldwide boycott of these products to feebly try to put a dent in the corporate stronghold that these multi-million dollar businesses have on the market. However, don’t rush in to support a marketing campaign disguised as a social revolution. This takes the power away from the corporate messenger and puts it back into the hands of the consumer. If you aren’t ordering your bras online then, good luck finding DD+ cup size at an affordable price. All of the lingerie products that are available for Canadian consumers are marketed with airbrushed models. It absolutely annoys me that storefront retail brands get away with pushing women towards the wrong sizes in order to make a profit.
This was motivation enough for me to create this website and start educating Canadian women about the Better Bras that are available. Bras only come into the picture because I know how much of a difference being properly fitted one can make. I believe that a great fitting bra can be empowering… even though sometimes it may feel as if I am giving a bit of fabric and underwire too much power. Aerie, a sister company of American Eagle Outfitters which has several outlets in Canada, recently announced that it would stop photo shopping it’s poster models in an attempt to depict their true consumer demographic in their advertising. Although, this new #AerieReal is supposed to be a step forward for the lingerie industry it is also a very timid innovation and fails to push any true boundaries. Aerie as a brand isn’t doing too much to help change the way that lingerie is marketed in North America- They are just attempting to make it look as if they are.
With the standard now being the model-esque figure with a few socially acceptable body flaws. Aerie’s lingerie line itself is still relatively exclusionary, going only from a 30A to a 40DD. We recently posted this list of 5 Lingerie Brands That Promote Body Positivity for you to check out. Performing huge injustices to their female customers by using intentionally exclusionary body shaming methods to market lingerie products and refusing to take any responsibility for it year after year. How in the world can our gender progress when a product that is meant solely for US is presented to us being used incorrectly? Obviously, the women in the Victoria Secret Fashion show, in the Victoria Secret Catalogue, In all of the other Victoria Secret marketing images are displaying women in bras as sex objects for men to look at. When they finally do understand what a correct bra size is supposed to look like, they immediately question the appearance of the bras in the marketing images provided by these companies.
Honestly, nothing makes me cry for the female gender than the fact that we would be willing to let this go on. These negative marketing ads are partially responsible for the self-esteem crisis that women in our society are currently facing. Not only, should they accept that their value is only skin-deep, they should purchase specific beauty products in order to help support the their newfound confidence. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is NOT to be determined by a soap manufacture’s corporate agenda.

Instead of letting the media messages manipulate us into feeling as if our value is defined by what we own and which products we choose to purchase. Both Victoria Seceret and La Senza dominate the market here and their intentionally exclusionary promotional adverts are visible everywhere. We encourage visitors to join the conversation by posting their own Bra Story on the Testimonies page or by simply commenting below. You can also shop for fantastic lingerie labels that are available in DD+ cup sizes in our Better Bra Shop.
Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. Well obviously their boobs are loosely contained within the bra- shouldn’t that be good enough?
They are clearly not showing the product performing correctly or being successfully used by it’s owner. It is not helping anyone that bras are already presented as ill-fitting products to begin with. When a large corporation launches a marketing campaign that challenges the norm, the general public’s response is usally positive. Both of these web marketing ploys attempt to define beauty in a way that goes against the standardized norm. God forbid they leave the house without first cleansing there all-natural non-airbrushed skin with Dove facial cleanser. Truth be told there are very few corporations at this level that offer any responsibility to their consumers. What I really want to do is help women feel just a tiny bit better about their body’s every single day. Everything including tattoos, dimples and the natural puckering of skin is visible in these new images. Not, more skinny models with flat stomachs pictured in their underthings rolling around in white linen. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. They illustrate females in their marketing as nothing more than sex objects to be gawked at by men sending the message that it is okay for young women to see themselves in this way too. If the sole purpose for wearing a bra was for male visual pleasure then yes the women in the imagery would be using the product correctly.
Where these two marketing ploys fall short is in their attempt to take the idealistic version of beauty, i.e.
The few that do, although slightly misguided, are still the leaders of innovation- the first whispering response to the demand for change. This is refreshing to see in a lingerie market that is saturated with blatantly over photo-shopped imagery. They do this using marketing techniques which have been proven to have a negative impact of the self esteem of women throughout the world. Unfortunately, bras were invented for a different reason… or at least I think they were?
An illusion, if you will, that makes women foolishly believe that the corporations are taking responsibility for years of body shaming and negativity to move merchandise like soaps and bras. However, often times the media consumer forget that they are the ones who hold the authentic power. And with Dove it is average looking mothers and daughters who are struggling with their self-esteem, who low and behold turn out to be beautiful after all!.
They don’t cry when you ignore them or get their feelings hurt when you choose another product instead.
Where both of these campaigns succeed is in their attempt to address the obvious problems with typical marketing advertisements that depict women a certain way.

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