ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 29: Model Elsa Hosk celebrates the opening of the Victoria's Secret PINK Store at The Mall at Millenia on September 29, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.
Victoria's Secret is launching a new collection, Love is Heavenly, which includes EDP, body mist, body lotion and rich perfumed body cream.
Love is Heavenly EDP brings us fresh, spring love in a bottle, and it is full of dash, excitement, joy and purity. The most romantic fragrance by the house of Victoria's Secret - Love is Heavenly is available as 30 and 75ml EDP, along with accompanying assortment: 250ml body mist, 200ml body lotion, 200ml body cream. Two hours after spraying, I can barely detect any scent at all - it has not lasted on my skin, nor my clothing.
This would be a perfect scent for the hair since it is fresh and smells a bit like a good schampoo.
I don?t think it smells like Bombshell at all fortunally, since i don?t like that perfume at all. At first, I thought this smelled a lot like Bombshell but after a while I realized it really isn’t the same. At first this one smells similar to bombshell, but after a while it becomes much softer and a little more citrus to me than the Bombshell.
To me, this smells like when you hug your boyfriend or husband and they are wearing cologne and you are wearing one of the other VSs fragrances, and they come together as one, lol.
This didn't really smell like Bombshell to me (I bought a coffret of a bunch of VS fragrance minis). I wasn't especially fond of the watery aspect, but the drydown redeemed the fragrance for me. I have a nose like a bloodhound, but, if blindfolded, I would barely be able to distinguish Love Is Heavenly from the new Body by Victoria. Of course, like any other Victoria Secret new BIG fragrance launch - the first impression of this scent is STUNNING.

The masculine twist on this perfume is the musk, that adds a hint of manly cologne underneath this loud, girly fragrance.
The shape and feel of this charming design is curvy and sensual but still classic and strikingly gorgeous. If you are not a girly, bright, bubbly, optimistic kind of person - then maybe you should go for a darker, sexier VS fragrance.
This scent opens with the strong citrusy note of the Mandarin Blossom, and then dries down to a soft floral with an almost powdery finish.
If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! The collection was introduced in April 2012 and is available on the official website of Victoria's Secret.
It does smell kinda cologne not my favorite from Victoria but then again I'm not a fan of their offerings. It does not smell bad, but it is a little masculine in the opening, maybe I should try it during a different season. It's as though they take the same ingredients, toss them around, and put them into different bottles. Victoria's Secret needs to start experimenting with more materials in their scents and taking more risks.
It has a very sweet opening of blackberry and kiwi with soft mandarin flower and fresh water lily. They keep producing scents that are beyond mediocre and that smell exactly like the ones they already have.
I would have bought it in a heartbeat if they had it in one of those small 12$ EDT bottles. Wallpaper images in the Doutzen Kroes club tagged: doutzen kroes supermodel victoria's secret model victoria's secret angel 2012 backstage.

Love in the new fragrance is described with such accords as mandarin blossom, water lily and luminous musk.
I love that is not a duplicate of their Angel collection, even thou in its softness is similar but the smells are different. I wish this got more attention, because I'm afraid they'll discontinue this lovely fragrance. Part of the problem was, I was trying the body spray, in which all the notes hit me at once, instead of getting the edp and letting it develop, and part was that I was trying it in the fall, once the temps had already dropped below the point where this scent does best.
Whatever happened to scents like "Rapture" and "Very Sexy" (original)..I know you can still buy them but they need to be more creative with their compositions- As so many reviewers have said before, they just keep on turning out one fruity floral flanker after another that all smell the same! This fragrance certainly doesn’t have the lasting power or projection to qualify as an eau de parfum, it should be called an eau de toilette. This is a very generic, inoffensive scent you can wear to the office, everyday errands, things like that. I'm glad VS didn't put one of those annoying puff atomizers on this, because they tend to break and are harder to spray. Granted, there were a lot of scents going on in that store at once, but I didn't smell anything that lived up to Love is Heavenly.
I'm looking forward to wearing it to outdoor events over the summer, because I think it'll do well.
I have a few VS fragrances with the puff, they still work, but I find them harder to spray and have fear they'll break.

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