Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular lingerie, women’s wear and beauty products retailers in the world. As much as I consider myself a strong, confident, independent young woman, I spend a stupid amount of time worrying about my ever-growing pubes, and whether, in 2013, it is socially acceptable for a woman of my age to have an un-groomed vagina. Not to mention the fact that there hasn’t been an unwaxed vagina in the porn industry since the days of the pyramids. Despite the fact that the only naturally hairless females in the world are, on average, below the age of twelve, we all seem to accept Brazilian waxes as a necessity, much like oxygen, or wings on sanitary pads (a magnificent innovation, if I do say so myself).
Before entering into a new relationship, I asked around at a coffee date with my 20-something, educated, liberal-minded girlfriends as to what I should do regarding my vajay.
Well, as much as I promised myself that I would make an effort to groom more often, I can sadly say that life intervened, and I quickly reneged on this vow. And honestly, as long as it doesn’t look as though I have spiders crawling out of my bikini (my mother’s words), what’s the problem? Are men really so idiotic that they think the modern woman has evolved to become a hairless superhuman? And for the record, I can honestly say that my relationships have flourished and died all by themselves, with no influence whatsoever from my pubic hair.
Also I tend to not trim downstairs unless I have a partner since it doesn’t effect my day to day life but in the bedroom, if she is going to put in effort I should probably man up and do the same. I had a similar conversation with some girl friends the other day and I was horrified by their reaction. I don’t know why or when but I never got the idea that I had to be perfectly waxed down there so I just never did. As a guy who keeps himself trimmed down there regularly, I have never once expected anything of any woman I have dated. I mean, if you were running around in a bikini, then yeah, I’d at least do the bikini line.
Why would a guy want to have sex with a girl who looks like she hasn’t gone through puberty?
It’s strange to think, though, that with all the waxing females do now, women in the future will probably have less body hair! Alessandra Ambrosio is working as Victoria’s Secret angels since 2004 but she signed to company in 2000. It is an exciting time, full of cute coffee dates and late night text messages ending in quirky emojis. One look at a Victoria’s Secret model, and I am already googling the best chemical free waxes available on the market, and the best temperature to guarantee my genitals will resemble an unbaked Christmas turkey.
We put ourselves through pain, annoyance, and ingrown hairs simply so our lovely vaginas won’t be deemed ‘gross’ or ‘unattractive’.

Two girls told me – without twitching an eyelid – that I obviously had to get rid of the lot. “How do you expect him to go down on you?” they chorused. Surely if I’m going to go to the painstaking effort of plucking and waxing (I refuse to consider shaving as an option, because I believe that razor sharp blades and reproductive organs are a recipe for embarrassing trips to the emergency department) on a weekly basis, is he going to do the same? My days are far too busy, spent working multiple jobs to support myself whilst finishing my degree, to even consider shaving my legs more than once a week, let alone my vag. She studies acting, and in her spare time she drinks numerous cups of tea, works far too many jobs and watches Seinfeld reruns. I personally find it somewhat creepy how women are expected to be bare down there, isn’t the whole point of puberty thatwe AREN’T children anymore?!
I have days where I cannot honestly be bothered to shave or do my hair, etc and I just expect that me female counterpart has the same moods. Though again not too worried what a girl does with her nethers though I admit I am less inclined to go down on a girl with an amazon as I would imagine they would in the reverse.
This is totally bizarre to me, I honestly didn’t expect so many commenters to say that they shave their ENTIRE nether regions. I have extremely sensitive skin and having hair down there is a total nightmare for me and so I shave the lot off at the same time as I do my armpits. Usually I shave maybe once a month or something, but recently I went for my first brazillian because Valentines was coming up and I was going away with my boyfriend. The relationship I had before my current one, she rather defensively told me she wouldn’t be shaving, and seemed shocked when I told her I was fine with that. Personally I only shave when I feel like it, and then it’s merely a bikini-line trim.
It’s today possible to find shops of Victoria’s secret in various places from America to Canada, Bahrain to London. She firstly started to work with company on 2005 and became Victoria’s Secret angel on 2008. Or should I be a proud lioness and let my mane flow in the strong winds of feminist independence? I once had a friend tell me that she kept herself in perfect naked mole rat form, because her boyfriend preferred it, and so did she. I was informed he would ‘freak out’ or be disgusted once he saw what lay beneath my daggy granny undies. She dreams of one day becoming an actress who also makes groovy clothing and saves the environment on weekends. So, when I finally decided to experiment, I had no clue what to do with all the fluff n stuff! I do it for no other reason than the increased sexual sensitivity and enjoyment that I experience.

My ex used to like me hollywood and so I would shave, and then moved to waxing and I was sure I liked it that way too. But I was always curious what it would feel like to have a ”naked mole rat” as you put it (that really cracked me up!
In first runway shows of 90s, Victoria’s Secret angels were Helena Christensen, Stephanie Seymour, Daniela Pestova, Karen Mulder and Tyra Banks. I refer not the hair on my head, but rather to that on my loins, and the Beyonce’ style ‘do’ that I naturally sport (I refer to her fabulous ‘Austin Powers: Goldfinger’ afro). I couldn’t help but wonder if she really did prefer it, or if she just thought that – in this day and age – it was her job to trim the hedge (along with plucking her eyebrows, shaving her legs and all the other necessary hair maintenance we undertake). However, to be fair, its rare for me to remember to remove the hair anywhere except my underarms and it has no impact on my relationship at all. After we split up and i, uhum, had various casual rendezvous’ i was so uptight about making sure I was hair free down there (but with a strip incase the bare look freaked them out).
Also, the only way to watch porn was at sleazy movie theaters and Penthouse was the raciest magazine. The point is, we need to stop doing what we think is ‘normal’ or ‘attractive’, and just do whatever the heck we feel like. I wish for everyone to be strong in doing what THEY want and not adjust to what society wants them to do. Please keep in mind that in this very male-dominated and restrictive society,we really need to emphasis and promote women being able to do whatever they hell they feel most comfortable with- especially when it concerns their own bodies. So this summer I tried it out and shaved everything off (btw I used to be afraid of shaving, too, but it’s completely safe if you keep a steady hand and the razor is good and sharp enough), out of my own curiosity, and I never went back to hairiness down there since. After made an advertisement campaign and runway with supermodels, a group called Victoria’s Secret Angels started to make preparement.
I kept it this way with my new boyfriend until we had a chat about it and he said all he wanted was a 70s fro!
They firstly named as Runway Angels but then public started to announce them as Victoria’s Secret Angels. But I myself prefer to shave once a week and keep it hairless, I find it’s more comfortable and fuss-free.

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