A powerful mystic known as the Dark Lord arrives and demands to know the location of the Fate child.
Sentinel flies to Knight Observatory in Opal City where he tells Ted Knight, Jack Knight and Courtney Whitmore of Wes' fate. In New York City, Al Rothstein, the super-hero formerly known as Nuklon, decides to honor the memory of his godfather, the original Atom, and his grandfather, Cyclotron, by naming himself Atom Smasher. Hippolyta tracks down the Black Canary and helps her beat up a gang of criminals (who all possess the exact same physical features).
In West Texas, Speed Saunders' granddaughter, Kendra dons the Nth Metal wings of her late aunt, Shiera Hall, and becomes the new Hawkgirl. In upstate New York, Sanderson Hawkins, the former ward of Wesley Dodds suffers from a horrible nightmare. As they converse, Jared points out that one of the angry bar patrons is actually a demon, looking for trouble. Sentinel has agreed to keep an eye on Courtney Whitmore, the new Star-Spangled Kid, and help her to adapt to life with the new JSA, and the tradition that she is to uphold.

Wes does not intend to give up the information and keeps the Dark Lord at bay with a blast of sleeping gas. They go out to find other surviving team members in order to tell them the news and inform them of any pending memorial service.
The Flash meanwhile, tracks the new Hourman to Hartford, Connecticut and delivers the same news.
The power of prophetic dreaming, once possessed by Wes Dodds, has been passed down, and Sanderson sees visions of the immediate future.
She tells him that Wes Dodds, the original Sandman has recently died, and invites him to attend the memorial service. Fate reminds her that Dinah, that unlike she, he never chose to live in the shadow of the Justice Society. He shows her a warehouse full of old souvenirs and trophies from the glory days of the Justice Society. His old colleague, Speed Saunders scales the mountain and meets with him, inquiring about recent events.

The mysterious Gray Man interrupts their meeting, and it becomes apparent that an event of cosmic significance is soon to take place.
Alan shows her the original Justice Society meeting table and tells her that the spot she is sitting in is the same place where the original Star-Spangled Kid once sat. The Gray Man tells Wes and Speed the location of three possible living vessels, which may soon harness the power of the Lord of Order, Nabu. Although she scoffs at the tradition of the JSA, Courtney has developed an appreciation for her predecessor.

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