The show is an extravagant occasion with elegant costumed lingerie, wavering music by leading artists, and set design conferring to the different refrains running within the show.
Each year, twenty to forty of the world’s top fashions models are chosen to perform in the fashion show.
Le guide du mannequinat, toute les astuces et infos pour percer et devenir mannequin femme. It's that time of the year, ladies -- time to gawk and gape at a bra that costs $2.5 million and wonder just who is going to wear the darn thing. Ambrosio was selected to wear the bra after 11 years as an Angel and she follows in the footsteps of Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima and most recently Miranda Kerr.
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Victoria’s Secret uses the show to endorse and advertise its goods in high-profile locations.

The show fascinates hundreds of personalities and entertainers, with special entertainers and performances every year. In a typical year, this comprises about a half dozen women under agreement to the enterprise, known as Victoria’s Secret Angels, who help advertise the event. The $2.5 million Fantasy Bra has become a Victoria's Secret institution, modeled by a select Angel each year in the closing moments of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For 2012 there's a floral theme, with amethysts, sapphires, rubies and white, pink and yellow diamonds arranged in the shapes of flowers and green stems. Also in 2001, the show made its network television transmission on ABC, however in all succeeding years; it has been broadcast on CBS. The huge angel wings worn by the models, as well as other wings of several forms and sizes such as butterfly, peacock, or devil wings, have become representative of the Victoria’s Secret brand. This year Alessandra Ambrosio is doing the honors, so she was out and about today to unveil the jewel-encrusted piece on "Good Morning America" and a formal Victoria's Secret event.

There's 5,200 precious stones in total, including a giant diamond flower dangling from the center and a matching "belt" (let's call it a belly chain). Wallpaper images in the Victoria's Secret Angels club tagged: victoria's secret angels adriana lima. The first few shows in the 1990s were held in the days continuing Valentine’s Day to sponsor the brand for this day off.
The show has been held at a variety of places in diverse towns including Miami, Los Angeles, and Cannes. The first four shows were held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, but meanwhile it has become an on-screen event it has most often been held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City.

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