Dhamma Pushkar is one of the many centres around the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. The Centre is surrounded by the age old Aravalli hills on one side while the sacred lake of Pushkar and sprawling sand dunes stretch on the other. The Centre has presently a Dhamma Hall (with a capacity of 120 meditators), 10 male and 10 female meditator residences, a 29-cell Pagoda complex, Teacher residences, Dining Hall and staff residential quarters.
INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION CENTER WITH BUDDHIST MEDITATION IN BURMA By DR. 26-3-53 to 29-2-56    " " "    " " "    Officer on Special Duty, Auditor General's Department   1-3-56 to 10-6-56    " " "    " " "    Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Trade Development 11-6-56 to 20-6-56    " " "    " " "    1. The list of some men of standing, both local and foreign, who have undergone courses at the Center may be seen on page 11. The Center Sponsors each month meditation courses of ten days duration under the personal direction of the saya. Apart from any possible meaning that the meditation Center might have for westerners is the question of its actual present meaning for those Burmans who make up the bulk of ( 7 ) its membership. Furthermore, most of those who attend the Center are occupied in business and in the professions, and the program at the Center is geared to their needs.
Her expressions (1) of onepointedness of Mind with a minute point of light and warmth at the base of the nose (Citta Visuddhi) (2) of the awareness of mental and bodily components in the process of change (Anicca) (3) of the experiencing of impermanence as suffering (Dukkha) and (4) of perceiving with inward eye the illusory nature of the separate self (Anatta) are really very commendable.
You are showing a way out, teaching the individual how to find peace and complacency and how to lead himself and others to a better life.
At the very top, the noblest task possible in life is that of guiding men to the Path of liberation and Illumination.
Meditation Center where she herself took a course in 1957; for her patient explanation of the techniques of meditation to those of her film-lecture audiences who became interested in Buddhist Meditation and also for her relentless effort to bring about a US Nationwide television programmed on the night of 12th April 1959. This is done till the wavelength of respiration becomes finer and finer and the Mind gets settled down to a point and the candidate secures what may be called the one-pointedness of the mind. Extract from 'Inside the Atom' by Isaac Asimov CHAPTER 1 ATOMIC CONTENTS What all things are made of There are so many things in the world that are so completely different from one another that the variety is bewildering. Experience of a state of purity of Mind (Samadhi) and of Vipassana under the leading and with the help of my Guru Sithu U Ba Khin, Accountant General of Burma. San Francisco, CA (USA) -- I have had the privilege of teaching Vipassana (Insight) Meditation for 30 years in the West, as well as for 32 years in Bodh Gaya and eight years in Sarnath, India.
A Vipassana retreat continues to be a powerful catalyst in people’s lives, a major stepping stone into the depths of meditation and a transformative experience. The background to all Vipassana practices relies heavily and appropriately on a discourse of the Buddha called the Satipatthana Sutta, the Discourse on the Applications of Mindfulness, namely body, feelings, states of mind and the Dharma. Teachers use the form of a retreat (or course) to enable dharma students to learn to use the powerful resource of Vipassana to cultivate an authentic depth of calm (samatha) and insight (vipassana) into impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and the impersonal characteristics of existence. Vipassana meditation includes developing the capacity to sit still, stay steady with the breath, observe the arising and passing of pleasure and pain in the body with equanimity, let go of troublesome meditation states, dissolve the arising of any ego, develop the power of meditative concentration to go to subtle levels of the inner life and abide with a choiceless awareness with all phenomena. The teaching of mindfulness meditation, such as MBSR programmes, to alleviate stress, ill-health and pain is an important application of the Dharma; however it would be a great pity if such mindfulness practice had the same fate as yoga which in the West has often been reduced to a system of healthy physical exercises, extricated from its context as a profound spiritual discipline addressing the whole person. It would be equally a great pity if Vipassana meditation became another kind of psychotherapy.
Calm and insight (samatha and vipassana) are offered in the Buddha’s teachings as a feature of the Way to liberation, not as THE way. Certainly the Truth of things, the Dharma of life, is hard enough to comprehend as it is, as the Buddha said on frequent occasions. Diet, exercise, use of resources, moderation in living, livelihood, money, relationships, contact with nature, intentions, place of effort, solitude, Dharma reading, writing, contact with the sangha, contact with realised teachers, insights into truth, dependent arising, non-duality, emptiness and living an awakened life deserve our total attention and interest.
No teacher, no one tradition, no school, no satsang, no therapy can possibly address all these issues and many others. I recall being grateful in 1982 that our trustees in South Devon, UK agreed to my suggestion to call our new centre Gaia House (it means Living Earth, a metaphor for our inter-dependent existence) and is pronounced the same as (Bodh) Gaya, the area of the Buddha’s enlightenment.
There are many hard truths in the Buddha’s teachings that are uncomfortable for consumers who do not really want the Dharma to disturb their lifestyle. It would be lovely to report that the challenges in the Vipassana world end here.I would suggest that the Vipassana world has other problems that need attention but get neglected.
Despite the above concerns, the Insight Meditation tradition continues to provide a depth of practice second to none. After 30 years as a small servant of the Dharma, I find it a pity to write some aspects of this personal report to Dharma students. All of the above pales into insignificance when the question is asked: Has Vipassana reached the end of the road? Can Vipassana practice with its dependency on form and technique reveal the Emptiness of form and technique? Can the perception that more sitting is the answer be an expression of the Buddha’s warning about grabbing the poisonous snake by the tail? Is there a sense, either conscious or unconscious, among dedicated Vipassana students that there is something limited about their practice? Does Vipassana meditation feed the notion of identification with the doer in the form of continual effort and striving? Does Vipassana meditation feed the notion of the non-doer in the form of a suppressed state of mind masked as equanimity?
Does Vipassana meditation reinforce the notion there is a doer, something to be done and something to be gained for the doer? Where is the resolution of the duality that faces all serious meditators, namely the experience of being in a silent retreat and going back into the so-called ‘real world’? If Vipassana has not reached the end of the road, that unshakeable and fulfilling liberation, then where is the end of the path? The end of the road reveals the dissolution of the construction of the duality of the doer and non-doer, the story around the retreat and going back into daily life. The results of the study showed that those who practised meditation, vipassana (29 per cent), mindfulness (23 per cent), had more wisdom than those who did not. Meditation can also act as a stress-buster or pain-reliever as well as help in reducing anxiety. Meditation and continuous practise of ballet dancing is likely to improve wisdom, according to research.
Also, meditation can act as a stress-buster or pain-reliever as well as help in reducing anxiety. The researchers administered a self-reported survey to 298 participants using Survey Monkey, a popular Internet-based tool that is increasingly being used to conduct scientific surveys and studies. It also included psychological questionnaires that asked about characteristics thought to be components of wisdom, such as empathy and anxiety.
A meetup for people interested in Buddhist meditation practice who desire more intensive training in the form of day-long or weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.
This beautiful, pristine twelve acres property is situated about 6 kms from Pushkar, 14 kms from Ajmer and about 130 kms from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. We offer our heart-felt congratulations to those who have devoted their time and energy to the cause of the Center. The courses are geared to the needs and the capacities of the individual, whether he be from the east or from the west. He may also learn something of the technique for inducing such peaceful states at will, an accomplishment not to be despised in these days of hurry and of strain. Most of those who come to receive training, or who, having received it, frequent the Center are, broadly speaking, middle class people in active middle and young adult life.

If it is true that stress and suffering are generating forces in religious revival there is no doubt that Burma's responsible middle classes have had their fill of both. It is a fellowship of laity, under lay leadership, and Buddhist meditation is presented to them not as something that may be practiced only in the seclusion of the monastery but rather as an activity for Buddhist "householders" those who are immersed in family cares and public responsibilities.
I hope with all my heart that Guru U Ba Khin will have many followers and disciples in the near future, who can be helped by him as much as l have been." Dr. I shall be with Anicca as long as I live, and as often as [ do, my spirit shall gratefully acknowledge the Guruji who made it possible. You, yourself are the best example how religious belief and deep understanding of fellow beings can well be combined with the strenuous duties and responsibilities of a high position in outer life.
Through my films, and my own experiences, I hope to make this clearer too, to my American lecture audiences.
Many ministers have admitted (my audiences have been for the most part in white settings) that they and their people all College men and women, have understood for the first time. They are so small, in fact, that the strongest microscope ever invented could not make them large enough to see, or anywhere near large enough. The Guru will arrange for the development of his power of concentration to onepointedness (Citta Ekaggata).
My first retreat in the West was in northern New South Wales, Australia, organised in the summer of 1976 by a 21 year-old woman named Sue from Northern Rivers who is now Subhana, a fellow Dharma teacher, much loved and respected in the Dharma world. However it is many years since I have described myself as a Vipassana teacher, preferring the much broader term, Dharma teacher.
People have arrived for a weekend retreat on a Friday evening and left on Sunday afternoon with a different sense of themselves, of the here and now, of life, and of what matters. Are the teachings and practices on an Insight Meditation retreat exploring the fulfilment of all profound aspirations?
The practice is powerful because it emphasises moment to moment attention, that is direct observation of immediate experience. In this context, it generally means seeing things clearly, free from projection and obsessive attitudes, with calm and insight into heart, mind and body. I remember several years ago writing to Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in Marin County near San Francisco, where perhaps 30% or more are therapists on a retreat, to ask the centre to add a brief footnote to the description of my retreat. Some secular teachers treat mindfulness and daily meditation as an aid to living a well-adjusted life but a well-adjusted life is far from the end of the road. Teachers show no service to the Dharma by clinging to a narrow view about the supremacy of Vipassana, nor by inflating the importance of mindfulness and meditation over the immensity of the challenge of the Way, as can be seen by reading and reflecting on all the subtle and deep communications from the Buddha on each link of the Noble Eightfold Path or 12 links of Dependent Arising. We live in times when it is important that the Dharma investigates daily realities, rather than putting so much effort into the preservation of the religious past or feeding identification with the doer or the non-doer.
We also worked carefully on our vision statement as part of the process to become a charitable trust – a vision statement that excluded the promotion of Buddhism, in order to keep our Dharma centre free from identification with the religion of Buddhism.
For example, I’ve heard it said by certain Vipassana teachers that there is nothing wrong with desire, nothing wrong with being open to desire, as long as we are not attached to results.
More and more Western Dharma centres have become middle class spiritual hotels with accompanying pressure to market Dharma centres as centres for Buddhism.
Vipassana teacher meetings are not exactly a thrill a minute, with a collective hesitancy to say anything remotely politically incorrect. Please don’t imagine for a single moment that this response to the state of Vipassana shows disillusionment with the practice.
A 30 minute talk on the closing morning of a retreat is clearly not resolving this duality. Some senior Vipassana (Insight Meditation) teachers enter into other teachings and practices such as various forms of psychotherapy, Advaita, Dzogchen, Ridhwan or Zen for varying lengths of time. It is vital that Vipassana teachers speak much more about the end of the Way, as well as the Way. The Buddha said that the raindrop, the pond and the great lake all share the same taste – the taste of water.
The resolution is not about being in the now and not about not being in the now, nothing to do with the doer or the non-doer, the self or no-self. Nevertheless, the more they practised ballet, the higher they scored on measures of psychological traits that are associated with wisdom, the researcher explained in the study published in PLOS ONE. The survey asked about the experience (both in number of years and hours of practice) of teachers and students of meditation, the Alexander Technique (a method for improving posture, balance, coordination, and movement), the Feldenkrais Method (a form of somatic education that seeks to improve movement and physical function, reduce pain, and increase self-awareness), and classical ballet.
Fleischman, Vipassana Teacher and Psychiatrist will be speaking about Vipassana Meditation. Many of us have our individual daily practices but know that longer retreats can add a transformative dimension to practice with incalculable benefits for ourselves as well as our communities.
Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Trade Development 21-6-56 to 31-3-58    " " "    " " "    1.
Officer on Special Duty,  Ministry of Trade Development                                                       3. They are engaged in by a wide variety of people, ranging from an ex president of the Burmese Republic to an attendant at a gas Station. To do so, as it seems to the writer, what is required is not a willingness to renounce one's traditional religious faith - or even one's agnosticism - but an open-minded determination to experience something new. Almost without exception they are old enough to remember the war years and the Japanese occupation, the tragic murder of General Aung San and the stormy years of the birth of the new republic.
Few Americans appreciate the suffering and destruction that the war and postwar periods have witnessed in Burma, or the amount of dislocation of Communications and of economic life that still prevail. Your fellowship has meant more to me than any other single thing during my happy months in Burma. As a foreigner in Burma, one cannot get acquainted with Burma, its life and notions without also studying this side of the Burmese character." Mr.
How few men can truly help others - and of those and of all the world what a mere handful do. In the endless cycles of birth and death a week or two in the search of Nibbana is not even a drop in the ocean. Believe me, Guruji, words are utterly inadequate to suggest the tremendous acceptance and appreciation of Buddhist meditation, thanks to you, my Guruji. I am typing on a sheet of paper made of wood pulp and am wearing clothes made of cotton, wool, leather, and other materials. The particles are so small that there are more of them in a grain of sand than there are grains of sand on a large beach. The International Meditation Center is founded with the sole object of promoting the practice of Buddhist Meditation according to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. It is the responsibility of the candidate to restrain himself properly to ensure, that the eight Precepts (Uposatha Sila) are duly observed.
For this purpose, the training to be given will be in accordance with the principles enunciated in the Anapana Sati Sutta or the Visuddhi Magga Athakatha as may be found suitable to the candidate.
In other words, he is in a state of perfect physical and mental calm, as in the case referred to by the Buddha in His dialog with Pukkusa of Malla while halting at a place on His way to Kusinara for the Maha-Parinibbana. The word Vipassana has become too closely identified with certain methods and techniques, and is thus far removed from its original meaning, namely insight – bearing no connection whatsoever for the Buddha with a meditation technique. Vipassana changes lives significantly and sometimes dramatically, and is a powerful resource to dissolve so-called personal problems, open the heart and find clarity of mind. He reported his sudden flash of insight and vision on the retreat to bring mindfulness and insight meditation practices to the lives of people in pain.
Again, such an attitude effectively takes Vipassana meditation out of its wider vision of total liberation.

Believe me, this poor wallah is speaking from years of first hand experience at such meetings.
It would appear that these teachers also find that Vipassana is not completely fulfilling – something they share with a number of senior students. Retreats are in the Classical, Theravadan or Secular Buddhist tradition but we're open to other meditation traditions.
Deputy Chairman, State Agricultural Marketing Board                                                       4. There is no compulsion exercised at the Center to make Buddhists out of Christians or Jews. The leading members of the International Center, therefore, have been led by many vicissitudes of fortune to learn how to live in good times and in bad, in safety and in peril. For Buddhists are not organized in congregations as are most western religious groups - indeed, the need for such organized gatherings is hardly felt in the country districts where a whole village may, in effect, compose the community of faithful laity which Supports and frequents a particular monastery. Though I may not have been able to learn very deeply about the Dhamma, I have learned from you and from your Center how to find a deep pool of quiet in the midst of the activities of a busy life. And yet, sir, when the Sankharas of this body fail, I shall have only these few moments, the most noble ones of my life, to sustain me till I reach the final goal! I have reached close to some ten thousand persons in these three years and am in the process of confronting thousands more.
This is developed by focusing ones attention to a spot on the upper lip just beneath the nose synchronizing the inward and outward motion of respiration with (a) the silent sound of 'Amen' in the case of Christians, (b) 'Aum' in the case of Hindus, (c) 'Allah' in the case of Mohammedans and (d) 'Sat-Nam' in the case of Sikhs. It is a practical demonstration of the theory of atomic reactions in Man which are vividly described by Dr. I myself am made up of skin, muscle, blood, bone, and other living tissues', each different from the others. There are more of them in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in all the oceans of the world. With a view to ( 27 ) promoting Sila, he should further restrain the sense-centers (Indriya Samvara) by keeping himself alone, 'as far as practicable, in a cave or a secluded spot. A growing number with regular guidance from a teacher, have also entered into the discipline of a personal retreat with its emphasis on silence and solitude lasting from weeks to a year or more. Despite the claims to purity of technique, reliance on Theravada commentarial interpretation, or strict following of the breadth and depth of the discourse, every Vipassana teacher has his or her own distinctive flavour even if that teacher has had the same teacher(s). Students feel inspired to explore deeply when they know that their teachers have the confidence to talk about the Supreme Goal of practice.
Beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious are all welcome to the meet-up but practitioners are advised to consider whether their practice can sustain the rigors of the individual retreats.
Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Trade Development                                                       3. Principal, Government Institute for Accounts and Audit  17-3-59 to 31-8-59    " " "    " " "    1.
Nottingham, Professor of Sociology, who was in Burma from June 1957 to February 1958 as a Fulbright Lecturer on Sociology at the Rangoon University took a course of meditation for (10) days at the International Meditation Center, Inyamyaing, during the month of August 1957. The saya invites his students freely to take and use what appears to them to be good and, should they so wish, to leave the rest.
In the quest for that calm of spirit that would enable them not merely to exist with the unawareness of mere animals, but to turn their experiences to positive account, some have been discovering anew the ancient truths of their Buddhist faith. The Center, the people associated with the Center, and Guruji U Ba Khin can only command first place among my memories. Yes, to you belongs the credit for this seemingly providential development in my life and in the lives of so many more. Isaac Asimov, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the Boston University School of Medicine, in his book Inside the Atom".
Through a glass window I can see sidewalks made of crushed stone and roads made of a tarry substance called asphalt.
If they knew and understood them all, a great many of the problems of health and disease, of life. It is open to members of the Association and also to foreigners who are really anxious to experience the "Nibbanic Peace Within." 3. The success in the development of the power of concentration to perfection (Samma Samadhi ) depends entirely on the right exertion (Samma Vayama) and the right mindfulness (Samasati) of the candidate concerned. He took advantage of his short stay in Burma by coming in contact with Sithu U Ba Khin and obtaining from him a practical course in Buddhist Meditation. There is no telling how many individuals have entered a course or retreat, residential or non-residential, East or West, but the number certainly runs at least into hundreds of thousands or a million or two in the last three decades or so. He returned home from that retreat determined to actualise the Dharma for the deep welfare of others without diluting the teachings. The paper is an exposition of her own experiences during the course of meditation at the Center.
The atmosphere of tolerance and of active loving-kindness that surrounds the western visitor to the Center does much to strengthen the appeal of the mental and spiritual discipline. It would be difficult for me personally to return thanks for the incalculable benefits received both in this setting and from this relationship." "          "          "          "          "          " "I am firmly convinced that you were destined to show me the intimacies of Buddhist meditation at its very best. With the light of the Dhamma as our guide, may we all soon win the Deathless." Miss Marion Dix.
It is very painful to depart from this blessed place after living under your loving care and constant guidance. The achievement of Appana Samadhi (Attainment-Concentration) or Upacara Samadhi (Neighborhood- Concentration) is a reward which goes only to highly developed candidates). His experience is narrated in a brief statement made by him on the eve of his departure from Rangoon. Van Amersfoort, President of the Netherlands Buddhist Association, 38, Adelheidstraat, The Hague, Holland. I shall be carrying with me many many sweet memories, but Guruji, I shall forever be praying for your unfailing noble presence which alone gives strength and confidence to my feeble mind. In this particular group of presentations, the consensus was that Buddhism was easily the best of the lot. This, together with the explanatory remarks thereon of U BA Khin, will give the reader a clear and concise account of the course of training in practical Buddhist Meditation being given at the International Meditation Center, Inyamyaing, Rangoon. Nottingham recently received a grant from the American Philosophical Society to help in the preparation of a manuscript on "Trends of Change in Burmese Buddhism." The International Meditation Center which was founded in 1952 is growing from strength to strength and its success may be judged from the appreciation of the foreigners of various walks of life.
Hover, Mechanical Engineer and Research Specialist, (Missile and Space Craft Industry) 14713, So La Mesa Drive, La Mirada, California, USA.
Not only are they all going on at the same time, but there are different reactions in different parts of the body and different reactions at different times in the same part of the body.
All of them - wood, metal, silk, glass, flesh and blood, all of them - are made up of small, separate particles. It is only when you get down on your hands and knees on that beach and look closely that you see it is really made up of small, separate grains of sand. While making allowances for generalised statements, we surely have the capacity to offer an honest reflection of the Dharma and the world of Vipassana. Criticism is nothing to do with getting on the high throne and preaching; on the contrary, a sincere critique of that which is close to our hearts contributes to upholding what is of value and discerning questionable areas.

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