This meditation is all about setting intentions in your life and finding the tools to grow those intentions each day. I loved working with Julie and Bethany with some of my teammates with the US National Soccer Team. Designed to fit the individual needs of the athlete, whether it be enhancing personal performance or rehabilitation to overcome injury.
Designed to target specific muscle groups essential to the sport & teach use of visualization and meditation. The Soccer Yoga Lite iPhone app is a yoga program designed to improve soccer fitness and become a better player.

Julie learned while young to use the power of her mind through meditation and mental imagery to improve gymnastic performance. Overview - First published in 1991, this new edition is twice as long and includes all the original meditations as well as those from more recent works that focus on intuition and prosperity. By the way, investors are also welcome; coding is good for our brain, and it keeps Alzheimer away! We usually meet up in the evening on Mondays, start with a little merry-making and chatting, then coding, and hang out some more.
Through yoga, athletes can grow stronger physically and mentally, unlocking their greatest potential.

Education at Union college in Kentucky, where she was a springboard diver and soccer player. With a new introduction by the author, this is a perfect companion for the millions of readers who seek "private" guided meditation from this inspiring teacher. Julie continued her academic path at Northern Arizona University where she earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.

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