Secret of the Woods (????????, Sora no yo ni Shizuka ni) is the sixth episode of the Piccolo Jr. Meanwhile, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha ask Master Roshi why he is not teaching them anymore. Lost and Found · Temple Above the Clouds · Earth's Guardian Emerges · Eternal Dragon Resurrected · Quicker Than Lightning · Secret of the Woods · The Time Room · Goku's Doll · Walking Their Own Ways · Hotter than Lava · Changes · Preliminary Peril · Battle of the Eight · Tien Shinhan vs. Brief summaryContinuing his training, Goku follows Popo … Continuing his training, Goku follows Popo's instruction and enters the deep, dark woods.

Roshi explains to them that he has nothing more to teach and that they should seek training on their own. It turns out that Yaochun is not the man Goku wants to meet, as he is beaten by Goku easily. Mercenary Tao · Anonymous Proposal · The Mysterious Hero · Rematch · Goku Gains Speed · The Four Faces of Tien · Kami vs. Goku meets up with Korinto again who teaches Goku how to fish by feeling the river, sharpening his concentration skills.

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