In her third column for us on mindfulness, writer & co-founder of Satvada Retreats Lucia Cockcroft says it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters when we’re learning to meditate. Rather, meditation is a process of becoming familiar with our minds by observing its tendencies (are you a forward or backward planner?) in a patient, open, non-judgemental way.
In fact, the endless versatility of the mindfulness practice and its potential to transform everyday experience – together with its disarming simplicity (which is not to say ease) – are major reasons for its current massive popularity in the West. Sit on a chair, or, if you are comfortable on the floor, on several blocks or cushions, hips higher than knees.
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My first Secret Life recap for No White Noise, enjoy Rae Bradshaw is the founder and editor of Gotta Watch It! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Otherwise, lie down with a blanket over you. Give up any intention to breathe in any particular way. She apologizes in advance for taking every available opportunity to rip your favorite show a new one. I’m cold, uncomfortable and frankly fed up with focusing (or attempting to) on my breath. In fact, everything we do can be a meditation, if we are present to the task at hand, whether it’s eating, showering, chatting to a friend, washing up.

The fourth of July is not, nor has it ever been a gay holiday, but it is an extremely white trash day to get married. I long for this meditation practice to be over, yet there’s a long 20 minutes still to go until the end gong is sounded.
The idea isn’t to change the breath in any way, or to think about it, but to feel its presence. Oserve kindly where the mind has gone – planning an event in the future, perhaps, or mulling over something that happened last week.

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