Noemie, sept ans bientot huit, passe beaucoup de temps avec sa voisine, Madame Lumbago, puisque ses parents sont tres occupes a cause de leur travail.
Secret Admirer movie is not only a great must see and great film, but it’s supposed to be a classic.
The Quads have a contest to see who can go the longest without their favorite possessions, but they all quickly learn that giving up their security item is not as easy as it looks.

Monsieur Emile, le defunt mari de Madame Lumbago, lui avait un jour parle d'un tresor cache dans son appartement, et depuis, la petite fille epluche chaque racoin pour resoudre ce fameux mystere. Lori Loughlin, Rodney Pearson, Dee Wallace, Casey Siemaszko made this film terrific to see.

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