That was the most action Leo's katanas saw in the whole series, same with Raph's Sais since they couldn't slice or stab anyone because of the kids. As a kid I preferred the second one (the beginning scene is still pretty fun), but I also preferred BTTF2 and Bill and Ted 2 as a kid, I was weirdly enthusiastic about sequels. I still haven't listened to the cassette again since I found it, I probably haven't heard it in over 20 years but I remember that song and no, it doesn't.
Kinda crazy that the Jim Henson turtle suits from 25 years ago some how manage to look better than today's cgi. It carried some aspects of the 80's toon, but it was essentially the comic book in movie version, and I love how it tries to be a straightforward movie adaptation without the baggage usually associated with them.
While 2 holds a special place in my heart, I personally think it's the moment you can see the quality slipping.

You've got your surface stuff, such as cool fights and humorous moments, but what this movie really has going for it is its emotional and thematic core of family and fatherhood.
I can go on for hours about this flick, but what it had in spades was good characters with clear arcs and strong relationships.
So I watched this last week and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and picked up on things I didin't notice as a kid. Danny is searching for a segregate family well Raphael is struggling to try and be a individual often going out on his own as the turtles mention. All in all Raphael steals the show for me which is funny cause Donatello was always my favourite when I was a kid. This weekend, Michael Bay's toy recycling factory churned out another grotesquely-malformed yet, as usual, extremely lucrative product.

His movie about CGI turtles overtook the movie about a CGI raccoon, over-performing to rule the box office and make this first half of August the most money-making in history. Shredder getting crushed at the end was one scene that always stuck with me when I first watched it long ago. Consequently, Paramount is already asking us to gaze into the deep nostrils of a sequel, setting a June 3, 2016 release for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Not the Secret of the Ooze, Though.

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