Often, you want to detect changes on some eBay offerings or get notified of the latest items of interest from craigslist in your area. Page Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that works perfectly for  detecting changes in any number of websites.
This service allows you to have up to 10 “trackers” (only one of which having a 24 hour check interval) and a maximum of 5000 characters tracked for changes for free. This professional, fully-featured monitoring application allows website changes tracking, including comparison of the new and old pages side-by-side. Its free analogue is NotiPage. It’s also a Windows utility for monitoring websites with basic monitoring features, warning you by a visual and audible alert.
If you work at home at a computer – browser plugins or applications work well, giving screen messages.
If you are out of the office most of the time with a mobile device on – sign up for a change detection service to get instant emails or RSS feed.
If  you want advanced ability to supervise – chose Website Watcher or another similar to it.
If you want to detect changes in an unlimited number of websites or detect very frequent changes – use Page Monitor or Update Scanner.
If you need auto backup or checking new and old versions side-by side – go with Website Watcher.
If you want to track a specific text on websites – use Femtoo service or Page Monitor. There were changes made to this website yesterday and need to see what it looked like a few days before that. Actually, there is one paid service out there which creates and keeps browser screenshots for all changes (among other things).
Very useful topics, but maybe someone know, is there any software that can get updates from website what are secured. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The first public MVC preview doesn't have the concept of SubControllers yet (where you can attach them for regions of a larger view).
Top work Scott, I have been on the edge of my seat awaiting the MVC framework and can just about see it over the horizon. However, liviu raises good questions about Sub-Controllers, Composite Views and AJAX scenarios. Now that we have a clear separation of the Model, Controller and View do you see a re-use of this architecture, let say on Silverlight 2.0 ?
Slightly off topic, however I notice that within your helper methods you are using the ToList LINQ extension method. I know these extensionless URLs will probably run with no hazzle on IIS7, but if you use IIS6 or so, you'll have so do some configuring in the IIS Manager, right?
Could you explain why you would want to use a helper method like Html.Select or Html.TextBox rather than creating a standard select or input tag with a runat=server attribute, and then doing the databinding in the code behind? It seems like with the latter approach a designer would have more flexibility to manipulate the markup, such as manipulating style attributes, attaching events, setting the id, etc, while also separating the presentation code from the presentation markup. The Controller class has a IHttpRequest object that has the same object model as HttpRequest object today. I don't know if the helper methods automatically map posted content to byte[] properties on objects. We don't have all the AJAX helper methods yet for this - but you could roll them yourself today. Yes - we'll make the source to the MVC Framework available (probably both ways you listed above).

The main reason I showed the syntax in this post was that we don't have the server-side MVC control equivalents available yet for this dropdown and text scenario.
In general what we've found is that some developers hate the syntax, while others prefer it (and feel that controls get in the way).
Since we are looking up Products and Categories based on primary key we can use Single() - since it is guarenteed that there aren't two rows with the same primary key.
A lot of it comes down to personal preference - some people hate inline code, others don't like declarative templating since they feel that abstracts the real intent.
I was wondering if anyone would ask (since I asked the same thing as I was writing the code - and at first couldn't understand how it magically worked).
By default if you don't explictly indicate the textfield and valuefield to use, it will default to using the first property on the object for the valuefield, and the second for the textfield.
Of course, for scenarios were it doesn't just used the overloaded version of the method does allows you to explictly specify the properties to use for this.
I love the UpdateFrom() Extension method but the problem I see is now your form fields' names have to be tightly coupled to the property names of your object.
Do the properties on the object have to have get and set accessors, or can they have just set accessors?
More complex MVC models might require a verb before a noun, but the second noun would be helper of the verb, which would still appear after the primary noun.
I downloaded the preview, and tried using a Repeater control like some of your sample code shows, and it does not seem to work.
There is an issue with the default file templates that you use to create view pages with the MVC project. My thought on this is that it should be consistent internally, not necessarily with HTML naming. Or, you want to monitor updates on a website (your competitor’s, for example) where no RSS feed is available.
I like it because in an alert email there is a link to the page changed with changes highlighted, as well as the initial text so it’s immediately clear what has been changed. Alerts can be delivered by email, instant messages, text messages and a personal tracker RSS Feed. The Femtoo provides advanced content filters, which allow you  to track only a specific element of a website (text or numeric), if desired.
It can notify you when a monitored website has been updated and when chosen expressions or text are detected on a web page.
The difference between NotiPage and Website Watcher is NotiPage has fewer features and, specifically, it doesn’t show you what has been removed from a page. Both CSS selectors and regular expressions can be used to specify the parts which should be monitored. Is there a way of getting an image of what this page looked like say on the 7th of October 2013? In the 'Home page' section, choose Open this page and type in the address of the website you would like as your start page.
Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
I particularly like the routing engine and the flexibility and extensibility of all Engines. How Will the MVC framework address the complex wiring of different parts of a page to different controllers for async updates?? Personally, I do not like the old ASP syntax; but if there is a good reason to use it then I am willing to change that opinion. I know that a project was started quite some time ago and we didn't hear anything about it anymore. Since we can no longer use the standard validation controls, where does the validation responsibility lie, besides on the client side - is the New() controller supposed to validate and send back to the Edit() controller along with validation exceptions?
Will the HtmlHelpers be able to generate the basic (and tedious) html constraints and validation like maxlength, required fields validation, date validation, etc, based on the database constraints ?

Could you give us some dates when AJAX and server-side MVC controls will be available for usage. From a security standpoint, the same simple security rule works because the verb appears after the first noun. I read that you said early sunday and it is now almost late sunday or mid sunday depending where you are at in the us. After i added in the server controls to the viewpage design view, i could not build the solution since cannot find the control in code behind.
Have you heard from partners (such as ComponentArt) that they plan to support this framework with controls?
This RSS feed service incorporates the changes into the feed, relieving you of the work of revisiting a page of interest when it’s updated. The free trial plan tracks up to 10 pages free of charge for 30 days. InfoMinder offers extensions for browsers (IE or FF) to make it easy to track any website while browsing. The drawback is that it tracks and then logs only text updates, which is not convenient to check later. The service limits a free account user to only 30 checks per month. There are a number of plans that allow more trackers, more frequent checks (up to 30 minutes) and additional options. Website Watcher checks websites automatically with the AutoWatch feature or you may manually invoke a check for updates.
Their monthly fees start with EUR 10 but for the functionality they offer it is pretty low.
Here's how to change the home page in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Click the General tab, and type in the address of the website you want as your start page under the 'Home page' heading. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
My brain hurts thinking about it, yet I have implement these portal pages all the time cos our customers demand it.
There have been a couple times in the past few days that I've wanted to link to one of your comments, but had to repost them to my own blog. Forgetting validation, what happens when we want to put significant chunks of interrelated data on a single page? A simple security rule can be added to the Controller that says ignore all Verbs after a noun, such as category or product, if user is not part of an administrative group.
Being able to compare changes in the same window is a convenient feature, although most of the time you will need only the new values without the previous ones.
This service (in paid plans only) allows you to share a tracker with other subscribers (for example, family or colleagues). And they do all the regex stuff for you so you don’t need to spend your time on that. Page Monitor excels in that aspect, posting both the new and previous values side-by-side on the screen.
In the image, only the upper tracker is on; the other 4 are paused, due to use of the free plan.
Nothing like using Telerik or DevExpress controls to really spruce up the UI of your web site and I don't want to be cut off from those with MVC.
You may select an area of a website to monitor or check if there is a word(s) on a page and also apply a regex. The Basic edition costs about 29,95 Euro (approximately $40 US) with Personal and Business editions priced up to about 10000 Euro.

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