To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. One evening in January last year, Joel Eriksson, a 34-year-old computer analyst from Uppsala in Sweden, was trawling the web, looking for distraction, when he came across a message on an internet forum.
Blogging Pedagogy is produced by the Digital Writing and Research Lab, a unit of UT-Austin's Department of Rhetoric and Writing. September 14, 2010 By Shane Eubanks 4 Comments One of the most common mistakes I see many websites make is trying to hide webpages and files from search engines while making it incredibly easy for people to discover those pages. I can’t tell you how many internet marketers (and many other types of sites) I see making this mistake.
Now what do you do if you’re one of these very people with exposed files in your robots.txt file? The least expensive services may be so for a reason — slow speed, limited support, and other restrictions. Let’s break down the real issues and what they could cost you, to measure how important your Internet connection is.
Once upon a time a business had many different phone lines (also known as POTS or plain ‘ole telephone service), or perhaps a digital T1 line that was connected to an internal phone system that handled the work of connecting and relaying phone calls in and out of your office.
However, in today’s market, many people rely on VoIP telephone services using a technology such as SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) that relies on your Internet connection to produce those same calls. Although some cloud services can save data locally and push it back to the cloud when connectivity re-emerges, the vast majority of cloud services are not designed that way. A perfect example of such a problem is something I see often in my local wine shops and even coffee houses that use a cloud based point-of-sale solution on a tablet for ringing up sales.
In fact, what’s more likely to happen on a more regular basis than a full outage, is connectivity issues. It is no less problematic to have an unreliable Internet connection with large periods of significant packet loss as it is to have a complete outage.
Let’s put some numbers on the loss of Internet service (or a slow unreliable Internet connection or disrupted service). Let’s assume four employees each make an average of $60,000 annually, including benefits costs. If those four employees each lose 4 hours of productivity time each month, that amounts to $462.00 simply in pay for lost time, each month. Add together the compensation you’ve had to pay out ($462), along with the lost sales ($1,154), and together the costs amount to $1,616.00. You can get a reliable Internet connection for a small business for a lot less than that each month! Choosing a reliable Internet provider, and opting for high speed business service, versus consumer service, can prevent losses. What sort of availability do they have not only for the entry level support technician you may talk to, but for the engineering staff required to review larger issues? If your target market is consumers, not businesses, does the ISP have a lot of consumer customers? Can they offer your business a fully inclusive solution with this solid Internet connection that can both save you money and let you focus on what your business does best? I’m in the process of looking for a new provider so this article will really help me out. Hope the transition to find a new provider is a smooth one, and that you’re back up and running in no time.
I am not all that technical and don’t know the answer to your particular issue, Gary. Remember all equipment in your network are essentially computers and as such have the potential for the same faults any other device has. We have been fighting packet loss and dropped signal since the installation of Comcast at a new location last year.
Hidden cameras and nanny cams disguised as something else can give added security to any home particularly more so with the presence of children. These devices can record everything that happens within the scope of their cameras which can be stored inside an internal flash memory card, or downloaded directly to a computer. However, some parents would want even more security measures for their children such as the ability to monitor these footages in real time through the Internet. For this purpose, the Internet Ready iSpy Hidden Camera Clock can be a great addition to have in your home, allowing you to view video captures even from remote locations. Configured as a standard alarm clock with all the inclusive features and functions, the iSpy could pass off as something ordinary that no one would suspect there’s a camera within.

Measuring only 120mm x 120mm x 120mm, the device features a Sony 0.1 Lux Color 480 TVL High Resolution CCD video camera that records video at 30 fps with resolutions typically at 320 x 240 pixels. Video is recorded in H.264 Hardware Compression and streams surveillance footages online through its Wi-Fi enabled Internet capabilities. Recording can be continuous or motion activated, allowing the camera to record only when motion is detected – saving battery power and memory capacity.
Just set up the clock in an area where it will not look out of place and you can have a security camera that will serve as your third eye on the house even if you’re away.
The Internet Ready iSpy Hidden Camera Clock is a great surveillance system you can use to keep an eye on your children and monitor the activities of your babysitters or nannies. Unlike other nanny cams that stores footages in a micro SD card that you can later retrieved and watch separately at your PC, the iSpy offers real-time footages that you can access from any Internet enabled computer – even if you’re half a world away. A nanny camera is effective only if its line of sight covers the area that you need to monitor. The iSpy looks and functions like a clock so there is a possibility that it can be picked up (to view the time) and placed in a position that will not provide the best viewing angle. The Internet networking feature that allows you to view footages online may be a little more complicated to setup unless you have good networking knowledge and comprehension. Surveillance cameras and nanny cams are effective only when they are able to capture images and events that really matter particularly when it comes to protecting your children. With the Internet Ready iSpy Hidden Camera Clock, not only will you be able to store these important footages for later viewing, you can also view the device from a remote location giving you real time view of what’s happening with your child – just like you’ve never left your home. Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. While talking about assignments and syllabi over a hot beverage with friends and colleagues is my cup of tea, the online resources I used were absolutely indispensible for coming up with the specifics of my assignments.
In addition, we encourage you to comment on your experiments with and adaptations of these plans so that others may benefit from your experiences.
And the difference between a business class of service and residential Internet service is often glossed over due to expense – but it shouldn’t be. Sure, you still have a phone system or at least a small box to handle the IP routing, but when your Internet doesn’t work, neither does your phone service. These offer a nice simple solution and fantastic reporting and management tools, but these apps live in the cloud. Packet loss means the transmission of data is not happening in the smooth consistent flow needed. There are a variety of ways to calculate downtime expense, but we’re going to keep it simple and focus on two things: The amount XYZ has to pay employees even though they are not able to work, and the lost sales the company experiences. Based on working full-time (40 hours per week), the business spends around $28.85 per hour for each employee. Let’s assume each employee is responsible for generating or contributing significantly to $150,000 in annual sales, per person.
If they don’t, and they are just reselling someone else’s, you don’t know what you’re getting and your Internet performance may suffer.
Here’s why it’s important: If that is the case, then many of your customers can reach your website or application without having to jump from network to network.
Using his background in tech, including 5 years managing the servers and networking team for a major regional Internet provider and also owner of an IT and Web software development firm, he harnesses the power of digital and traditional marketing to help small to medium sized businesses excel.
This week has been a nightmare for slow internet connections and it’s losing me money and adding extra time onto my work day. I have 23 VOIP phones and a cloud based ERP system as well as MS365 and Microsoft Exchange server.
So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying. As I planned my course, I was floored by the sheer number of pedagogical resources posted online—my post today is about this hidden collaboration amongst instructors and professors who use the internet to share and borrow lesson plans, syllabi, and pedagogical advice. Without access to customer service systems, sales orders systems or plain old email, you lose production.
In your office you would notice this as interruptions in your VoIP calls, or potentially delays in pulling up web pages or sending emails, or frozen or very slow systems if your business applications are hosted in the cloud. Top notch ISPs not only own their own IP backbones, they exchange traffic with other ISPs at multiple “meet me” points to ensure that your traffic can take the best route possible to get to its destination. Because I work online, the dropped connections were not only costing me money, but potentially threatening my deadlines. At one point in the past we could barely use our VOIP phones because every other word would drop in a conversation.

The consistency of timing would lead me to believe that a router or switch may be getting rebooted to fix the issue. This is simply because the Internet source you’re using is different from the Internet source of your business. Multiply that by 4 hours of lost employee time, by four people, and that’s $1,154 in lost sales monthly.
ISPs that have few peering points may cause your packet to take a long and slow route, rather than a more direct, faster route.
I’ll only say that it’s full of fantastic advice contributed by faculty, teaching assistants, and assistant instructors over the years. Upload and download speeds are the same and the uptime of the service is the best I have seen. If your business Internet loses connection to that cloud, other Internet connections cannot reach it. I do not get calls from customers about packet loss or downtime when they buy this service. Filtering, by course or by resource type, is the only way to navigate the site to get pertinent resources. For many businesses it is worth the extra money for this level of service as they can not afford to have the internet go down. I ended up filtering for only those results that were marked as syllabi to get an idea of how previous instructors structured their courses.
After looking at the 28 contributions, I knew I could assign at least five novels to read and two essays to write.
I was able to confidently move on to planning my assignments with help from instructors of years past (some whose names I didn’t recognize because they’d left the halls of UT before I was even admitted to the graduate program here!). So far, the hunt has required a knowledge of number theory, philosophy and classical music. An interest in both cyberpunk literature and the Victorian occult has also come in handy as has an understanding of Mayan numerology. I know without Pearl’s detailed explanation of the steps necessary for close reading a passage or Emily’s instructions for collaboratively writing an annotated bibliography on PBworks, my assignments this semester would have been haphazard experiments that would have taken at least another semester to hone and perfect. At the beginning of my assignment planning, I Googled for terms like “Annotated Bibliography Assignment” and “Close Reading Paper.” Through my many searches, I found useful instructor sites and departmental resources from universities (and some high schools). But, surprisingly, I received a good amount of help by visiting the course sites of many instructors.
From an instructor at Seton Hill University, I learned how to articulate what kinds of passages merit close reading. Success: another hidden message, this time linking to another messageboard on the massively popular news forum Reddit. From a professor of Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, I was introduced to books that were criticized for their historical imaginings (and which I promptly read and decided to assign in my current course).
But there were also strange symbols comprising of several lines and dots – Mayan numbers, Eriksson realised. I hope that you—instructors at the University of Texas and beyond—will use and contribute just as much advice as I have! The book, for example, turned out to be "The Lady of the Fountain”, a poem about King Arthur taken from The Mabinogion, a collection of pre-Christian medieval Welsh manuscripts. By this point, only a few days after the original image was posted, Eriksson had taken time off work to join the pursuit full time.
Sat in Sweden, Eriksson waited as, around the globe, amateur solvers left their apartments to investigate. One "solver”, a female known only as Wind from Michigan, contributed to the quest on several messageboards before the community spotted she was deliberately disseminating false clues. Cybercom head Lt Gen Keith Alexander then challenged the world’s amateur analysts to crack it (it took them three hours).
When the QR codes left on the lamp posts were decoded, a hidden message pointed the solvers towards a TOR address.

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