This drama tell the story of a mom who stay with her children again after her children jobless.
This drama originally set as 120 episodes but last in Episode 27 due to the sitcoms have been on a continual downward trend and MBC decided not to continue with this format.
This drama storyline is not as interesting as the other family drama like Unexpected You and Shut Up, Family . This drama is set in modern day where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy.
I put off watching this drama for a long time and I must say, I really didn’t care for it.
This is not the usual rom com drama where cute handsome guys meet pretty pitiful girls looking for love. The life of Queen Insoo from her childhood to adulthood as she ruled Joseon alongside her mother-in-law, Queen Junghee.
I do not understand that at drama fever you can watch all episodes with including plus on top of it all subtittles? No one is subbing this drama from episode 19 onwards….been waiting for the continuing episodes for the past 4 months ! Aurora, daughter of a big company’s president , is falling in love at the first sight with a novelist. She is the darling in the family where there are 3 elder brothers whose age are 12 years more than Oh Ro Ra.

I watched this drama and was wondering why the guns were so antiquated but everything else wasn’t?
I just have finished this drama but I wondered why polices didn’t know if Shin Hyo Jung was pregnant. Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Ki) is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn’t care about politics.
It was very silly at times and the male lead got on my last nerve–too childish and self absorbed. Nor is it a melodrama that tries to squeeze every single teardrop from its viewers– like OTPs who not only suffer from a handicap (physical or mental) but also cheated by their lovers, abandoned by their parents and then suffered and died through terminal illnesses.
It is trying to tell us the many issues that have to be overcome by both sides before they can be united as one.
A drama that starts with the 5th generation King Moon Jong to the 10th generation King Yeon San. I thought I would leave my first comment but I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nonton drama ini rasanya g bisa berhenti, stiap episode selalu aja bikin kita penasaran stengah mampu,,,daebaak!! If ever romance to develop I would like it happen between Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun rather than Gang Mi and Woo Hyun. After jobless, their children come back to the home again, stay and work together in her noodle house.

Though she pretends friendly with Joo Ri, who is a daughter of her husband’s ex-wife, their relation is not so good. She did a lot of evil things to her stepmother and step sister but she’s a woman in love in front of Geum Sung. As a detective, he then joins the cyber investigation department together with Yoo Gang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee). The SNSD fight appears so trivial to start a war but daily news do tell us that its insignificant incident like this that had led to deadly consequences. There was no chemistry between Woo Hyun Nd Gang Mi probably because Lee Yeon Hee’s stiff acting. The two OTPs represent the two countries and not just two individuals from extremely different family background.
Many of us are not into political stuff but the subject discussed here gives us some insight as to how international affairs are handled.

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