Although she acknowledged that it had been six years since she played the role of Jean Grey, Janssen said that it felt incredibly comfortable.
But there was a method to all her monikering mischief, friends, and we’ve got a few theories about the potential hidden meanings behind some of them. The name Fenrir is a medieval throwback to Norse mythology and this horrifying wolf monster that slaughters kids. Hagrid is pretty similar to the adjective haggard, which can mean wild and unruly in appearance. Obviously the Viktor portion is a wink to his tendency to win stuff, which is exactly what this Tri-Wizard champion was born and bred to do.
Elsa Hosk gets into the Frozen spirit of the day – but no, the Disney character was not named after her! But after she turned up in the trailers for the film, Janssen offered a mea culpa to MTV News’ Josh Horowitz for lying about her participation.
But at the same time, she observed that the character always managed to be different in each film where she portrayed the character.

Which makes sense because her name is pretty close to Narcissus, who in Greek mythology drowned after falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water.
This time, it’s of Romulus and Remus, the two bros who are said to have built Rome (but not in a day).
Which is kind of a beautiful analogy for our beloved headmaster because bees pollinate flowers so that they can bloom and bear fruit (kind of like he did by spreading his wisdom amongst his students). Plus, the Krum part is homage to the Bulgarian khan who was also quite intimidating to any and all competitors. This time, the name means messenger, which is very befitting of our clever little wizardette because she’s always delivering some knowledge to her less informed classmates.
Firstly, there was a real-life Roman emperor named Severus whose lineage was also split — so, he was half-blood, in a sense. Originally, the term meant beautiful woman, and it could also refer to a bug baby that has to metamorphose. While she wasn’t spending all her page and screen time staring in a mirror, she did seem pretty high on her own horse, so it makes sense.

The fun and possibly relevant factoid about that reference is that the ancient Remus was said to have been nursed by a she-wolf. And, duh, dude’s tried to rip the Grim Reaper off for ages with all this Horcrux business, didn’t he? Coupling these two definitions, it’s perfect for her, since she was a young woman who changed her appearance and attitude throughout the series. Granger, as a noun, means a farm steward, which is a very Muggle-y type of profession indeed.

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