Today, we kick off our exclusive three-part Q&A with My Secret Guide to Paris author Lisa Schroeder.
Stephanie Perkins did really well with her book set in France, and I thought, why not do something for the younger crowd? We know Lisa is super busy these days, so we’re happy she took the time to chat with us.
Paris is one of those places that a lot of people dream of visiting, and I know it’s something lots of girls are enamored with.

The middle-grade years are often when kids are realizing they can and do have opinions and ideas different from their parents, and it can be difficult sometimes trying to figure out how to navigate all of that. As I thought about what to do, I kept coming back to the idea of some kind of treasure hunt around the city – a girl looking for something based on clues. Google Earth is an author’s best friend, and I used it a lot while writing this book. It took a while to figure out how it would all work, but eventually, after quite a few revisions, it all came together.

And similarly, some parents are better than others about letting their kids know it’s all right to think or feel differently from them on an issue. I’ve now written eight books for the middle-grade crowd, and I hope with each one there are different family dynamics represented.

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