Lagna Lord if associated with 5th or 7th lord also speaks of strong Will to marry independently.
Love marriage and extra romance is indicated by the 9th house form Lagna specially if the 9th Lord occupies its own sign i.e.
Strong Venus- neither combust nor ineffective without association of the Sun alos speak of love marriage.
With experience it has been found that in the case of love marriages, Lagna Lord is found in Kendras (angles)- 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, trines (5th house and 9th houses) and also in 12th houses. When significations of marriage- Venus for men and Jupiter for Ladies (though some Astrologers take Mars) happen to be under the influence of Rahu- Ketu. Check 5th or 9th position Rahu and determine the ambition for love or romance with reference to the position of planet. This entry was posted in Love Marriage Astrology and tagged love marriage astrology, love marriage astrology by date of birth, love marriage astrology in hindi, love marriage prediction vedic astrology, my true love back marriage astrology, my true love back marriage astrology by date of birth, my true love back marriage astrology in hindi, my true love back marriage prediction vedic astrology.
We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information. Though it may not directly be involved in love- marriage but chances of love marriage are bright including extra- marital relationship between 6th- 8th lords and also between 2nd and 12th lords. The exception is provided when the particular planet happens to be in its own sign or in exaltation signs.
If the Moon is alone (no planet on either side) chances of native being swayed by feelings of others are bright. Rahu in 3rd aspecting the 7th house and also 9th house having Mercury with Ketu may enable the native to make efforts to make secret love affairs. Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you."— RumiRob Brezsny's Astrology NewsletterJULY 31, 2013? 1.
Face- love at first sight becomes itself an important factor in the matter of love marriages.

In inter- caste love marriages, Rahu has an important role to play but that topic need separate consideration as and when you go in for inter- caste marriages either by love or by arrangement. Here it would suffice to say that Rahu- Ketu are indications of inter- caste marriages and position of these two Nodes in giving or obstructing love marriage is very important. Failure or success would depend on the totality of the horoscope and ‘dasha’ under which the natives are running at the time of love or love marriage. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool."2.
In some cases, the ‘love’ continues or lingers on for a long time- why- the answer lays in the planets in the horoscope of the natives. Give that gift.The most valuable service you have to offer your fellow humans may be the service you have always wished were performed for you. Offer that service.An experience that wounded you could move you to help people who've been similarly wounded. Every seven years I do a performance art piece called A Pilgrimage to the Sacred Shopping Sites of North America. Shopping and spirituality converged, and for a brief interregnum, all contradictions were annihilated, all contraries harmonized.On the holy ground of Kosher Intifada, I listened to the house band Yo Tifereth sing Hebrew lyrics and play Arabic tunes on the oud, darbuka, violin, and kanun. It would provide a counterpoint for all the more excruciating and demanding manifestations of the shadow you have to endure.
How can both be true?On the downside, your addiction diverts your energy from a deeper desire that it superficially resembles. Each of us is addicted to some sensation, feeling, thought, or action, if not to an actual substance.)Extol your sublime, painful addiction—celebrate it to death. Stated boldly, if crudely, it is the insight that whatever we are just now, that is now what we should ideally be.
This is the sense of the Zen Buddhist saying, “Your ordinary mind is the Tao,” the “ordinary mind” being the present, given state of consciousness, whatever its nature.

For enlightenment, or accord with the Tao, remains unrealized so long as it is considered as a specific state to be attained, and for which there are tests and standards of success. It is much rather freedom to be the failure that one is.Unlikely as it may seem, this outrageous and nonmoral freedom is the basis of all mental and spiritual wholeness, provided, I was about to say, that it seeks no result.
But so full an acceptance includes also this seeking, along with just anything that one happens to be doing or feeling. The apparently extreme passivity of this acceptance is, however, creative because it permits one to be all of a piece, to be good, bad, indifferent“to be good, bad, indifferent, or merely confused, with a whole heart. To act or grow creatively we must begin from where we are, but we cannot begin at all if we are not “all here” without reservation or regret. Lacking self-acceptance, we are always at odds with our point of departure, always doubting the ground on which we stand, always so divided against ourselves that we cannot act with sincerity.
Apart from self-acceptance as the groundwork of thought and action, every attempt at spiritual or moral discipline is the fruitless struggle of a mind that is split asunder and insincere.
Surrounding and flowing from this insight is an emotional ecstasy, a sense of intense relief, freedom, and lightness, and often of almost unbearable love for the world, which is, however, secondary. Often, the pleasure of the experience is confused with the experience and the insight lost in the ecstasy, so that in trying to retain the secondary effects of the experience the individual misses its point—that the immediate now is complete even when it is not ecstatic.
For ecstasy is a necessarily impermanent contrast in the constant fluctuation of our feelings. I use the word love here not merely in a personal sense but as a state of being, or a state of grace-- not in the infantile American sense of being made happy but in the tough and universal sense of quest and daring and growth."James Baldwinfrom "The Fire Next Time"?  Creativity is the natural order of life.
When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the Creators creativity within us in our lives.

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