She is married to Robert Duvall’s character, who is a physician and a weird man who has sent his wife to one of the new colonies so that she could set a home before he arrives. Then as Hester settles and proves herself capable of living as she likes despite others’ opinions, she meets a beautiful man by the name of Arthur (Gary Oldman). If your husband is a jerk, and you have married him against your will and meet such a great guy, it can’t be called adultery. Gary Oldman has my total respect and admiration in the sense that he changes so much from role to role, even Robert De Niro can’t compete with this. Recent car crashes involving young drivers have caused many to reconsider the effectiveness of Kyleigh's Law.
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After all, there are very few things that are as natural and beautiful than two people- madly in love with each other-having sex. I can’t think of any other Arthur that would be more handsome, desirable, romantic and simply adorable. The society did not find it fit that Hester's services be used towards a lawfully bound contract that she broke.

In a time where women are hardly ever considered capable or to have the right to the anything without their husbands- she arrives alone.
I’m not a fan of Demi Moore but it seemed like a good role for her, the rebel from long ago. Casey Brenner, 17, who had a provisional license, was driving with seven other teenagers in her SUV. He is a priest, very modern and visionary, friendly with Indians,a pacifist and a romantic at heart.
But it takes them just a few seconds to engage into a passionate kiss- and then later on, into a great love-making.
She is also forced to forever wear a scarlet letter, A, on her clothing, to acknowledge her sin of adultery.
There is great truth in the statement of Jesus, "the truth will set you free." The pastor lived in prison walls of his own making, unwilling to admit his fathering of Pearl.
Still, their encounters continue and they realize they have not only respect & admiration for one another but a strong attraction, and deep feelings. There aren’t exactly laws for this, but then they feel like they should punish a woman who bears a child who is not from her husband.

After all, he is a priest in love with a married woman and in 1660s, they could be “hanged for this”. But if he does confess, they will let her go but hang him.So there is no way Hester is going to risk his life. The two boys were determined dead at the scene, and that day has been respected ever since by alumni and students. What do these two examples out of the many tragedies that have happened tell us? When Arthur visits Hester’s home to give her the news, she is not exactly grief-stricken. She is anxious to know when it will be publicly acceptable for them to be seen together in public. If anything it will make your teens a target for unnecessary fines from police that just want to fill their quotas.

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