Crystals have so many beautiful properties, & I believe have inspirited me within my most challenging of days. My jewellery has this same meaning, every piece I wear evokes a thought & intention within me. I always say to our beautiful customers, if you feel as if you need something, but you are not sure what, just choose. This entry was posted in Tarot and tagged Art work, Cabbala, Swords, Tarot, Yule on June 22, 2015 by kimberley. I have been following your blog for a while now and must say the changes you are making vastly improve the quality of the content.

I put on my labradorite Harmony necklace in the morning on the days that I want to connect to the innate magic within me. I have quite a minimal style, yet I knew I wanted to incorporate the intention & meaning of crystals into our more refined designs.
My name is Ally Hayward, I am the creative director of Substance, a website dedicated to fashion and lifestyle.   2. He represents the spirits of the trees, plants and foliage who has many powers over nature that promote growth.
On the days I want to open my heart, I'll wear my Infinite necklace & adjust it to sit over my heart (with a rose quartz).

If numerology is very important to you, you may want a deck that has more of the numerological symbols. If you are a student of Cabbala, then you may find that you are more comfortable with a deck that was drawn from that viewpoint, and so on.

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