I forgot my laptop password to windows 7, how can I get my windows password back and login my laptop? If you have a loginable account which has administrator privilege, you can login that account and reset the lost password for other accounts. If you have created a windows 7 password reset disk before forgetting laptop login password, you can follow the steps below to reset the lost password easily.
If you enter a wrong password and attempt to login, a message will prompt that the user name or password is incorrect. If the 1th and 2th methods are not available for you, carry out this method immediately for saving your time. Download Offline NT Password and Registry Editor CD image or Offline NT Password and Registry Editor for USB. I forgot my laptop password vista, and I cannot reset the lost password with administrator account which is disable.
This post is not about pointing out one OS’s security deficiency over other or trying to make some fan boy points with Linux users.
You can also Reset Linux Root password in under 5 minutes and you don’t even need a livecd.

Windows 10 employs strict measures to ensure that nobody but only the authorized users can access the user profile folders. Right-click on the Start or press Win+X hotkey and select Control Panel from the menu that shows up. In the Control Panel, type password reset in the search box and then select Create a password reset disk. You canĀ use this USB flash key for resetting the user password any time later from the Windows logon screen.
No matter how many times you change the password using this password reset disk, this disk will keep working and you won’t have to update it.
Password synchronisation & Identity Management (IdM and IAM) solutions from Geneous Software via provisioning (EUA) with modules for single signon SSO, password synchronisation (aka password synchronization, sync, synch) and self reset to increase enterprise security with enhanced access control and improved efficiency.
Check whether you have a password reset disk which can be used to reset laptop login password.
Spower Windows Password Reset Professional and Offline NT Password and Registry Editor (chntpw) are effective password programs for resetting windows 7, vista, xp and 2000 password. You cannot copy the CD image file to CD disc directly, instead you need to burn it to CD disc with CD burning software, such as Nero.

I want to know if this method can be used to reset Windows Server 2003 and 2008 admin password? Doesn’t have to be Ubuntu, it can be a custom linux live distro with the right packages (the ones we need) installed.
Note that if you change your password in the future, then this reset disk will no longer work. Authentication, role and rule based access control (RBAC), database and directory integration and reduction in helpdesk calls. I need a password software to create a password disk to reset my laptop login password, which password software works well with my hp laptop?

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