Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom is an Italian CGI Animated Feature Film, based on the television series Winx Club, taking place after the events of the third season. Enchantix in the Movie The story begins sometime after the third season with Valtor defeated and the magical dimension safe for the time being. An unseen narrator begins to speak about a girl who discovered that she was a fairy and a princess: Bloom. Bloom, faced with the revelation that her dreams are over, runs off in tears and avoids her friends.
Back in the dorm, the girls decide to remember the good times by partying together one last time.
In the morning, Bloom is surprised to see all her friends plus Sky there to celebrate her birthday. Bartelby then appears by the Book of Fate, telling the audience that the prophecy has been fulfilled and there is a new Company of Light- The Winx.
Hollywood Reporter regards the message of the film as simplistic, and feels the main attraction in the film is the fashionable fairies' outfits. In the Nickelodeon dub, they again cried their names and the type of powers they have during their Enchantix transformation.
I meant that for some reason known only to them the writers of the 2nd movie suddenly decided that Flora was a princess.
I just finished watching secret of the Lost Kingdom (Nick Dub) and one of the line's that Flora mentioned really stuck out to me. There is a lot of info that has nothing to do with Flora in the Season section of the page.
I hate Flora as much as I don't like Roxy,there not so Serious,and the're not so Strong neither!
Is it me or are people forgetting that the whole Flora's not a princess thing is based on Nick version?
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Bloom and her friends are on a search for Bloom's parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion which could change Bloom's life forever. On Hagen's comment on the decoration of the school, Faragonda explains that some fairies are leaving the school to end their journey and become Guardian Fairies: all of the Winx except Bloom.
Sky however tells her, "School might be over but life goes on." Riven also speaks to Hagen, asking him why he left the Company of Light.
The next morning, Bloom leaves for Earth to stay with her adoptive parents for the time-being. Inside the library, they meet Bartelby, Oritel's scribe in ghost form, who shows them the Book of Fate. Soon after, Alfea is attacked by Mandragora but the Winx, Mirta, the teachers and Faragonda are able to stop her. As the whole group dances, Sky swings by Brandon and Stella and takes a beautiful blue and silver box from Brandon.
One released in 2010 as a digital album containing seven songs and another in 2013 as an extended play with only six songs.
I really like how are things are going so well by doing the right that to make sure that your powers you'll get stronger every day.

She states to Bloom: "You are lucky that you have great parents (or something like that)" in the scene when Bloom has a surprise party. I suggest people edit the page so information about Flora is present but info that is not is removed. The girls are on their way to find Hagen, a blacksmith who once forged the Sword of King Oritel.
Bloom then asks Hagen if he can sense the sword that he forged for her father, a sword that can never be separated from its master.
Hagen explains that they all have darkness and light inside them, the key is keeping the darkness in check.
They head to Domino where Bloom wears the mask and finds that Domino was actually a beautiful place. In it, they discover that Oritel as well as all the people of Domino are trapped in a horrible dimension called Obsidian. Bloom asks Faragonda to tell her more about Obsidian and learns about its cruel nature, how all the nightmares of the universe are within it.
Unfortunately, Jolly triggers an explosion inside the tree which causes the keys to become jumbled.
To her horror, the Ancestral Witches tell her that the figure is her father frozen in stone. Roxy13 21:21, December 14, 2009 (UTC)Roxy13 don't get your hopes on roxy everything would be all right trust me.
And as for the ruse, everyone would know if Flora was lying andif it was ruse, assuming that Linphea even has a princess.Aliana*Anima della tundra! I mean in the comics they state that the tution is expensive hence Bloom getting a scholarship and Musa working at the school.
Another line that she said when the Winx asks Farigonda about the obsedian (that dark scary place) was: "Whenever I got in trouble as a child, my parents told me I would be sent [there]." Did Flora not have a good relationship with her parents? Elisa Rosselli performed the other songs, "Fly", "You're the One", "Enchantix, Shining so Bright", "Only a Girl", and "You Made Me a Woman". The girls successfully sneak into the castle but due to Stella's mistake, are forced to battle Hagen's robot guards. Hagen states that he has been searching for the sword for years to find her parents but has not sensed it. Talking to him and Kiko, she explains that she feels that the world is gray, there is no more hope.
Vanessa agrees, stating,"This is not her world anymore." Since she left Alfea about four years have past, and on December 9th Bloom sees in a dream what happened to her parents. The group head towards the mountains where the book is hidden but Tecna tells them that a legendary bird named the Roc is guarding the library. Just before they leave, Bloom looks at the Book of Fate and is shocked to see her parents wedding photo turn into a picture of her and Sky at the altar. Thankfully, Lockette finds the correct key and they all head to the gateway to the Obsidian dimension. The witches force her to make a choice between destroying the sword and saving her Earth parents or taking the sword and letting Mandragora kill them. They are shown with their descendants, the Trix, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, and both the Ancestresses and the Trix are cackling madly.
In the first week of showing, the film was distributed in 665 cinemas and had 420,000 viewers. Roxy13 12:02, January 15, 2010 (UTC)Roxy13 what did you mean by that are you sure about this show?

Flora never introduced herself as a princess in any episode Italian or English in any of the 4 episodes.
I only ment not to do that, and erase those headers or atleast put them into normal text format.
Sadly, she sees her friends become Guardian Fairies (a form where they become strong enough to protect their planets) and graduate. Her father was pulled into another dimension by the Ancestral witches while her mother absorbed herself into the sword in order to be with him. The boys climb the mountain but thanks to Sky and Riven's arguing, the Roc awakens and flies off with the guys hanging on for dear life. Wanting to learn more, Bartelby lets her turn the page but discovers jumbled words; the future has not yet been written. Throwing the book aside in surprise, the picture changes into everyone fixing the school, which soon comes true. Suddenly, Sky wakes up and helps destroy the Obsidian dimension, freeing everyone, restoring Domino and placing Marion back in human form. It received 1,979,972 euros ($3,074,695.84 US), this made the movie the most watched movie on the weekend, this is also the biggest opening for an animated film in Italy.
I propose that we make it a policy to prohibit anyone from giving Flora and Miele royal titles until we have more information on the subject. Hagen then holds Bloom at swordpoint in anger for the Winx girls trespassing his castle but Faragonda arrives in time to stop him.
Daphne then appears and tells Bloom that there is still hope; their parents are still alive.
Sky explains that he is now King of Eraklyon and that his coronation was the night he left Bloom at Alfea. The 2nd movie was pretty slap dash IMO and didn't seem to follow the canon of the 4 seasons anyway. Flora's sister is the one who told them something about the sage and warned them about the water. She gives Bloom her Daphne's Mask, telling her it will help her to see Domino before it was destroyed. Sky arrives moments later and takes the sword but supposedly dies as he is not a king and only a king can take the sword. It was released on DVD in Italy in March 2008 and July 2010 in Russia, with an Italian soundtrack; the German release offers a choice of German and English.
I believe that Flora used the title as a ruse to gain entrance and what I really don't understand is why Stella or Aisha didn't do that instead.La vie es belle. She also tells her about the Book of Fate, a book their father kept that tells the history of Domino.
There is a party afterwards where Oritel and Marion promise Bloom that they will be around for the rest of her life. Mandragora traps the Specialists in a jelly-like substance, that shrinks with them inside it.
Anyway the point is if Flora isn't a princess could she be some other kind of noble or least come from a family that's high class?

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