In case you haven’t heard yet, the premiere of World of Winx has been moved to this fall (no exact date yet).
I loved seeing Flora struggling to stay awake. She’s usually the first one knocked out! Of course we knew Miele was gonna save the Winx, but it still felt like they were in danger.
Last episode, while the Winx were in prehistoric Magix, Aisha bonded with a Cry-Cry named Squonk. Is it just me, or have the Pixies been useless since season three? All they’ve done is be cute, cause trouble, fly away from monsters, and dig a giant plot hole.
I skipped the scene before this, when Aisha was saying she felt like meeting Squonk was her destiny. Yes, she has the strongest connection with animals, but wouldn’t that have been more useful out in the field? Those of you who’ve watched the 4Kids dub, do you remember how they made Flora a hippie? If Rainbow’s gonna keep this up, I think they need to give Flora a reason to act like this.
The extra-long Butterflix sequence almost killed the mood, but this was still a good scene. Until we let Nex be himself and stop judging him based on someone else, we’ll never understand his character. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the show — and plans for merchandise, if there still are some — over the summer.
All the Winx have passed out from the fungi poison — except Flora, who’s fighting to stay conscious. While the Winx are in class (I’ll talk about that later), Aisha leaves Kiko and the Pixies on Squonk-sitting duty. I haven’t watched much of PopPixie, but I know poor anger management was a hallmark of her character.

It makes sense for them to exist, since the Winx aren’t the only fairies with these power sources. When the Winx reach Flora’s house, they see her parents — Rollos and Alyssa — taking care of a pair of Magiwolves.
Her husband’s much crazier, but not all the buds have bloomed up there for her, either.
Yes, she got captured by the Treants, but she still proved she’s a capable fairy. Heck, she got knocked out of the sky fewer times than you do!
Being an older sister myself, I can relate, but you have to let your younger siblings make their own choices at some point. The Magiwolves lead the Winx to a creepy-looking area of the forest, where the giant mutant fungi are. Sometimes he talked to them, sometimes he raced them, and sometimes he just exchanged glances with them.
For example, when Zuko joined the Gaang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, Katara, and Sokka each got an episode (or two) alone with him.
He has a rebellious and dark nature, and because of the kind of aversion others have of him, he often tends to isolate himself.
Wallpaper images in the The Winx Club club tagged: winx flora club stella winx club musa bloom art. The series will air in the fall with the first 13 episodes; at the beginning of 2017, the other 13. Just placing them near the fungi was enough to restore the whole area. That felt too convenient. But he wasn’t the animal with the First Color of the Universe, so the mission continues. When she gets mad, watch for stray lightning bolts! Did we see that side of her last season?
Also, kudos to whoever wrote the English script for this episode and to the actor who voiced Wizgiz.

I couldn’t take it seriously at first because the Fairy Animals were so cutesy, but it felt more meaningful when we saw their true forms. But when all six (or seven) of them can do what normally only one of them can do, suddenly that girl isn’t special anymore. After Bloom accidentally gets Alyssa off on a tangent about plants (like mother, like daughter), Flora tells her parents why they’ve come.
In season six, Rainbow began his love story with Aisha. This season, they focused on his relationships with the Specialists. All I did was leave out the parts about season seven, The Halberd of the Wind, and being in love with Aisha. I guess Rainbow was going for a record amount of cuteness, especially if you include the Mini-World animals. Even at the beginning of the season, Faragonda suggested they’re not students when she said they should set an example for the students. The girls transform and fight back, but the fungi are resistant to their spells because Butterflix magic — the essence of nature — can’t hurt nature itself. The two Magiwolves the couple healed offer to lead the Winx to where the mutation began. Before they leave, Rollos gives Flora some magic orchid seeds that can cancel the mutation. Finally, the Pixie of Weather can’t take it anymore and tries to zap Squonk with lightning! She’s created a universe-wise alarm system run by Yaffles, birds who can sense danger to all species.
Flora remembers the orchid seeds her dad gave her, but before she can use them, she gets captured, too!

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