Stinky and Loof, Wonderland's original heroes, are joined by Qookie and Peegue in their quest through Wonderland Secret Worlds. Celebrity Chef and Food Network Star Bob Blumer is Vancouver bound, on his televised, international hunt for The Worlds Weirdest Restaurant. The evening starts at the outskirts of a moonlit forest, where guests are greeted by a frantic White Rabbit, who ushers them down the rabbit hole, to a nostalgic world of childhood fairytale characters. Bookings are open to the public, though at the time of writing, there are only a handful left. Good Life Vancouver is all about the good life in and around Vancouver and often far beyond!
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Gameplay elements are as varied as rolling boulders, glass prisms, exploding powder-kegs, trigger-happy UFOs, mysterious Rainbow Spirits, and much much more.
Swallow Tail Secret Supper Club runs underground culinary events here in Vancouver, and their Alice In Wonderland themed Pop-Up Restaurant has got Blumer’s interest piqued.
The Mad Hatter pours tea and soup is served in a “Drink Me” bottle labeled either “Big” or “Small”. Expect to find ingredients on your plate that were foraged, hunted or fished, by your chef. Download the Free Demo now and see for yourself why Wonderland has become a player favourite around the globe.
The Pop-Up will serve 5 playful courses, inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and characters from the story will interact with guests through the evening as they adventure through Alice’s world.

Control Wonderland's four heroes - Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue - through over a hundred new levels in the diverse worlds of Wonderland. Open for only 9 seatings before it disappears forever, the Pop-Up will be held at a secret location, revealed to guests 1 week before their seating on Nov 26, Dec 3 or Dec 16, 2011. With exciting new features and the same compelling gameplay of previous games, Wonderland Secret Worlds re-introduces you to a world of adventure, mystery, and fun!

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