After locking Wonderland and Deep Jungle (Olympus Coliseum isn't necessary), go back to Traverse Town before moving on to the next world. After entering, go down the stairs and look to the left for a door with a fire symbol on it. After Guard Armor's HP reaches a certain point, it will collapse and rearrange its body parts to transform into a more powerful version of itself: Opposite Armor.
Opposite Armor uses all of Guard Armor's tricks, so you should be familiar with the spinning and stomping attacks. Note that you can enter and exit freely from the Second District during this battle, but if you have already taken out some of its body parts when you leave, it will have full HP and all its body parts with it when you re-enter into the Second District. After finishing the battles and locking Traverse Town, go back to the First District and talk to Cid, who's behind the Item Shop. A side-quest in Traverse Town involves finding postcards scattered around the world for prizes.
From where you got the first postcard, turn around and jump onto the roof of the Accessory Shop. When entering Traverse Town, go to the left where you'll see what looks like an outdoor restaurant. After getting out of Monstro, Geppetto will be available to visit in the first district of Traverse Town.

Also, remember that the Opposite Armor is an airborne enemy, unlike the Guard Armor, so if you happen to climb up the upper level of the Gizmo Shop (just outside the bell tower), expect the Opposite Armor to hover above you.
Walk to the other side of the roof (facing the entrance of Traverse Town) and jump onto the ledge on the front of the Accessory Shop. Begin by taking out the Gauntlets, as they have the least HP and by doing so, will reduce the amount of stress considerably, followed by the Hammerlegs.
From the ledge, jump to the other side of the roof and look behind the chimney, where a treasure chest is hiding. From where you enter the district, jump on the lamp to the right and then jump to the right corner. It also has a powerful desperation move where it rearranges its body to give it the appearance of a cannon and shoot energy blasts from the torso.
After collecting every postcard, go to the mailbox in the first district to collect your prizes.
You will now receive an Old Book to deliver to the "old house past the third district" and to "look for a fire sign".
After a short scene in which Sora once again sees Kairi, a sorcerer will enter the room and introduce himself to the trio as Merlin. The torso will then attempt to escape, so make sure you follow it, or avoiding the attack will be difficult.

Talk to Leon a second time and Sora will ask him about the strange gummi block the group found in Deep Jungle. Lock onto its torso and attack with combos, since your attacks will most likely strike the limbs as you go past them. After you defeat the Opposite Armor, you receive a new spell, Aero, and another Navi-G Piece.
Guard Armor will also throw himself up in the air and come crashing down near Sora's position. After a cutscene in which Sora is reunited with Riku, go up the stairs and to the Small House, where Cid and Leon are waiting for you. After another cutscene, Cid will tell you he installed the navigation gummi and a warp gummi as well.

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