Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Doesn’t matter what you do, or how you do it, your neighbors are going to talk about you anyway. If you feel that you are indispensable, put your fingers in a glass of water, withdraw it, and note the hole you have left. One who understands much displays a greater simplicity of character than one who understands little. The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. You have to take what people think is wrong or even foolish and make the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Research has shown that a group setting has an interesting way of getting individuals to think alike. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.
Yesterday I've crossed two borders, closed three ongoing projects with my clients, sealed the deal with a new prospect and was home by dinner to share a cooked together meal with my significant other. I work around 25 hours per week, get a healthy eight-hour sleep, take unscheduled day offs and still manage to get more things done, compared to those days when I was glued to my office desk for 60+ hours weekly. You see, being a location independent solopreneur for over a year now, has taught me some valuable lessons about efficiency and proper time management. Did you know that our brains have this in-built nagging feature that will constantly remind you of those activity you left incomplete, thus push you towards finishing the task? There's an overwhelming variety of different free and paid personal project management apps, however -- the visual approach introduced by Casual project management tool worked best for me so far. The particular beauty of this app is that you can structure all information just the way our brains produce it -- in radiant rather than linear manner.

In other words, you draw a visual map that allows you to see your whole project at one glance, plus follow a lead of easy steps towards your goal. Other popular non-visual tools I've tried and liked are Basecamp, Podio, Trello and Microsoft Project. It's easy to find information of how to get things done these days, but how many of you put that advice into action? So among other unproductive things, I know I'm guilty of plugging into my social media first thing in the morning.
Each time you manage to accomplish your new routine, make sure you treat yourself for that. Some 50 years ago Nathaniel Kleitman discovered that our bodies shift from higher to lower alertness every 90 minutes during the day.
Result, for just 4.5+ hours I've managed to do a huge chunk of work that used to take over 8 hours per day some time ago. Bonus Tip: Casual just introduced this new feature that prioritizes tasks for you in the most time-efficient way possible. You have a strict time limit in a form of the next flight, limited free airport Wi-Fi or the time of your flight. You have zero distractions as you are actually sitting on a plane your phone is off, your internet is off and it's just pure effective work left to do in a quick sprint. Many people’s infinite wisdom is something that is gained by experience, providing them with rich insight they can share with others while learning from past mistakes to never repeat again. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.
The most vital elements to making this type of scenario a success is having a group focused on diversity, decentralization, independence, and aggregation.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.

However, once you actually start doing them, you'll notice how your projects get done in lesser and lesser time. It's called Zeigarnik Effect and it will help you to finish the task you've already started.
Once it faces this abstract task of say, "creating a monthly marketing campaign", it immediately feels discouraged and prefers to deal with mindless routine instead.
Meaning, instead of drawing a linear step-by-step plan, you can create a big project picture with multiple action flows, going simultaneously or one after another. This phenomenon is also known as the "ultradian rhythm." In simple words - we can be extremely productive for just 90 min at a time. We start seeking for additional fuel in form of caffeine, sugary snacks or our own stress hormones - adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol. By the time I was home, I quickly checked my email, had dinner and worked for some 90 minutes more. Once I often stimulate the same environment at home by unplugging and just doing the job for 90 minutes straight.
The below compilation of inspirational words of wisdom serve as infamous quotes from others that hope to garner a peak into the value of wisdom gained during a lifetime. The following infographic provides an interesting scope to how a group situation influences the thinking of many. In fact, I often choose connecting flights rather than direct (those are also at least $100 cheaper) and manage to get even more things done on my travel days, rather than home office days.

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