Reason # 3: Improves your ability to lead As a leader, stress management in the workplace could be your best friend.
Reason # 5: Decreases chances of unethical issues Unethical issues often rear its ugly head in times of high stress.
Reason # 10: Helps in the writting performance appraisals Stress management in the workplace when used effectively will help you in the review writting process. We are accredited as an SHL Business Partner; this means our consultants have been trained to SHL's highest quality standards. Partners are approved to deliver assessment solutions for selection, recruitment, promotion, succession planning and development of people at all levels and across all sectors using SHL's range of effective and scientifically proven psychometric instruments. Dentistry is a profession that seems to be uniquely afflicted with a great deal of stress and anxiety.
As a clinician you are performing your duties in an extremely intimate area on clients who, in most cases, are not totally excited about the whole situation of sitting in the treatment room.
This clinical situation would be enough to elevate the stress chemicals of any normal person. I have been hearing about the stress dental practice owners have been experiencing for about 4 years. I have had the honor of being coached by many different leaders, so when I offer thanks it comes from a very discerning place. The symptoms of stress can show up mentally, physically, emotionally or behavourally and within each category they cover a wide range of symptoms.
As you look over this abbreviated pie chart of body, mind, emotions and behavior symptoms you may begin to realize that your stress symptoms fall more into one group more than another. There are numerous symptoms of stress from each of the four groups, as illustrated by the following list many common signs of stress as listed by the American Institute of Stress. As demonstrated in the above list, symptoms of stress can show up in a mind bogglingly wide range, and have huge impact and effects on our sense of self, our emotions, moods and behaviours. You may see a number of symptoms that describe you, and yet have trouble grasping that stress is their cause. How would we know what freedom from stress is like it we have never experienced any other kind of existence? We may also have trouble grasping the seriousness of stress because, well, stress is a brain killer. And our brain is only one of the systems that we can be unaware of, or worse oblivious to, being heavily affected by stress overload. Without any stress you would be like a spineless jellyfish, unable to function in the real world.
These are actions or events that are over and done with, yet you continually relive them and demonstrate regret. There is no one list of symptoms that describes stress because the symptoms themselves are highly subjective and as varied as we are.
A steep roller coaster dive might be enormously distressful for some of us yet the same ride can be pleasant for others.

This may give you helpful clues for choosing stress management techniques and knowing how to handle stress in your individual situation.
It may be hard to think of stress as their direct cause, when often the symptom is in itself a cause of stress, and perpetually locked into a vicious cause-effect cycle. The stress of owning your own business, of providing for your family, of serving your patients to the best of your abilities can actually be good for you. Horace, the Roman poet, wrote “happy the individual and happy they alone who can call today his or her own. After so many years of dentists calling and asking “Debbie, How can I fill all the holes in my schedule?” And I heard “Debbie, How can I increase my New Patients #s?” and also you have asked “Debbie, How can I have more patients say “YES!” to accepting my care and schedule for treatment?” I have now created a few solutions to answer these questions. I know that it can be scary to make this time of investment but I found her strategies to increase my profits at least 20% immediately, after we began the program. Neuroscientists are warning us about disregarding the fragility of our brains with regard to stress.
The result is that stress management is often overlooked or ignored as a solution to business problems.
Stressed employees are unmotivated and will make it difficult to set employee motivation strategies in motion. It will all though depend on the source of the stressor. If you happen to be the stress, then there is bad weather in the forecast. With managing a project you never know when a vendor may be delayed or the lack of supllies may exist. It can also be used to judge how well employees work with others. Another question it answers, is dose it affect an employees ability to adapt and adjust to problems. Many dentists today are feeling stress from the financial issues associated with today’s economic challenges. Stress really can make you stronger, more resilient and increase your ability to relate to others.
Her guidance in developing my office vision is the foundation that will raise your-level of profitability immediately. Kepp in mind that motivation in the workplace is a powerful technique to build teamwork and sustain employee morale. These issues will make it hard to reach a required deadline. What happens sometimes is employees of the project are told to deal with it and meet the deadline.
Read this article on how to write employee appraisals and you will complete the review process properly. As you can see being able to handle and manage workplace stress has many benefits.
If you need your dental business to have services that enthusiastically sell then you need Debbie and you need to learn about the WOW services she can recommend to set you apart for other dental practices.
Read more on motivating employees in this article, that will help you to build and maintain an efficent productive staff. By properly handling stress and indentifing stressful issues correctly you will be able to lead in the tough times. Being a good leader is more than having the respect of your employees.
Whenever hr gets involved it ends up being another distraction that you dont need. Stress management in the workplace can be solution to ethical issues.

Is it any wonder that dentists seem to rank extremely high in incidence of stress-related maladies?
The stress you want to eliminate is the stress that always seems to create anxiety and worry. She is an entrepreneurial dental leader, a visionary, and a perfect fit to go from working in your business to working on your business. We will provide you with stress management articles that will provide you with solutions, tools, strategies and tips. Stress comes in all forms and can affect emotions and physical abilities. In the workplace, stress can cause all kinds of business issues and concerns.
With stress levels undercontrol, there will be less of chance of an decrease in producitivity.
Learn the ins and outs of how to be a standout leader, Reason # 4: Allows the meeting of deadlines Many times employees become distracted and call out more often when stress arises. You may never be able to stop the employee whom chooses to be unethical for reasons that are not stress related.
But you can provide ethics and stress seminars to limit the chances of unethical practices.
One simple solution to managing stress is to understand what is stress management and how to handle workplace stress.
Some examples of these factors are ethics, lack of communication, performance and poor time manangement skills. Managing sress will improve your chances of achieveing sustainable productivity levels.
But before we get into solutions explore more reasons why stress management in the workplace is important. The result here is the lack of productivity and the missing of deadlines . Keeping a lookout for stressors before they become an issue, should help your business run smoothly. If you can accomplish this and live only for today by living in these day-tight compartments you can eliminate most guilt and worry. But by managing stress and being aware of a possible issues will make everyones life easier.
Instead employees will talk to others about company issues or problems with particular managers. Attitudes also tend to shift towards angry, bitter and judgemental. The process of communication in the workplace is a key element to business success. Managers that are strong in handling work-related stress usalley can identify a problem and resolve it.

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