But there is one game that has finally toppled Animal Crossing with the best writing in a video game, and it’s called Zombies, Run!
I bought Nutranail Gel Perfect at my local grocery store last month and was thoroughly unimpressed with it. I don’t usually do bad reviews, but this product was so expensive and so worthless that I planned on at least mentioning here that it was a problem, but then I promptly forgot.
On a more positive note, I’m extremely happy with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips. I suspect that if I had a more uniformly colored design, the wear at the tip might be more noticeable, but keep in mind that some of that wear came from me filing off the edge of the sticker. One note, I followed the instructions to the tee, right down to using nail polish remover on my nails right before applying the strips.
If you are looking for a manicure to last you as long one you might get at the salon, go with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects and leave the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect on the shelf. Most of the refillable palettes available today are FAR more expensive than I am willing to spend with the compact costing twenty dollars and the eyeshadows in the price range of five to fifteen dollars apiece. Imagine my delight and surprise when I found and EXTREMELY affordable compact and refillable eyeshadows at Target. If you notice, they also have blush and lip glosses that will fit into the same compact (which weren’t available at my Target), so you have the option of creating a palette for nearly all of your makeup needs.
I’ve never tried elf Cosmetics, but I am sincerely tempted by this Custom Compact set. Now, Maybelline’s makeup gadgetry has advanced to a vibrating mascara brush called Pulse Perfection. Although I like how it looks on the lashes, I do think the vibrating part is completely pointless because I’ve used the Define-A-Lash mascara in the past and it has given me the exact same effect. Maybelline has a long history of gadgetry with their makeup and they always have something new for us gadget girls, but it looks like the Pulse Perfection doesn’t quite live up to the original spiral brush on the Magic Mascara fifty years ago. When Stacey and I were children, we had a pile of junk jewelry at my grandmother’s house that she allowed us to play with. After Grandpa died, his family descended upon the house they had never visited during the nearly forty years that my grandparents had lived there. All of the junk jewelry in the toy box was gone when I was allowed to claim my inheritance.
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to buy a solid perfume ring instead of just searching for a poison ring.
I nearly cried as I packed them back up to be returned, and then I realized that I could look on eBay and Amazon for POISON rings instead of trying to get a solid perfume ring to do my bidding. A while back, I reminisced fondly about Revlon Custom Eyes refillable eyeshadow makeup kits.
I received an advertisement from Sephora offering a free palette when I buy three refills for the palette (which usually costs $20).
My problem with Make Up For Ever is that the eyeshadow and blush refills are so EXPENSIVE!! You can’t convince me that Make Up For Ever eyeshadow is worth $18 MORE than Revlon eyeshadow.
Even worse, they have since CHANGED their compacts, so if I want to replace the eyeshadow, I can’t. In the end, I have never found a refillable makeup palette as good as Revlon had in the Eighties. Update 12-29-09: It looks like Stila also makes refillable compacts in sizes of three, four and six pan sizes.
The eyeshadow and blush pans are held in place with magnets, which is an ingenious twist on the refillable palette market.

These may be pretty, but the replacement eyeshadows range in price from $18 to $25 a piece, so they seem very overpriced. The Lip Addict lip glosses used to have a brush to apply the gloss, but the Magic Wand is a doe foot sponge.
The Lip Addict glosses have always cost between $27 and $30 depending on where you shop and Dior hasn’t changed the price since they have added the amazing spinning Magic Wand. When I tried the original Lip Addict at the Sephora store, I wasn’t impressed enough to spend thirty dollars on it.
I think the Nail Art Pens are flawed because it’s just REALLY hard to draw something on your own nails.
I did a lacy pattern on my nails by using white and stamping several times with the same image.
Update 07-01-12: It has been over three years since I bought the Konad set and I still love it.
I can’t believe how well the plates have lasted these last three years and they work as well now as they did then. If there is ANYTHING that takes me to gadget heaven faster than a makeup kit, I don’t know what it is. Of course, you can always get a Sephora Face & Eye brush set and enjoy the benefits of full sized brushes without even using the brushes in the kit.
It’s about the same wear as I would have when I had artificial nails and my manicure would last two weeks (or more).
I really think that removing every trace of oil from my fingernails has helped them stay on as long as they have. Before the advent of the spiral brush, women were using flat brushes that were similar to a brow brush.
Much of what Stacey and I found beloved was sent away to estate salesmen and appropriated for that side of the family.
Ever since Lady Gaga poisoned her boyfriend in her music video, Paparazzi, I thought that maybe poison rings might be making a comeback. I bought the Kat Von D Solid Perfume Ring and the Michael Kors Solid Perfume Ring, thinking that I could keep my favorite for myself and give the other one to Stacey. If I walked into the Russian Embassy, not even my press pass would help me escape if the evil Russian ambassador was found poisoned. For example, this Color Workshop makeup case came with several palettes to put into the case. Full-sized product can be removed and then placed into our Paperback Duo Compact for retouching on the go. I personally prefer the doe foot sponge for lip gloss, but there seems to be a bit of a controversy in the makeup world split along the lines of brushes versus sponge applicators.
This merely seems like a marketing ploy to get people interested in buying their lip gloss and be willing to fork out thirty bucks for it. It reminded me of Wet and Wild lip gloss, except they had a brush instead of a sponge applicator. It’s hard enough for me to put on lip gloss without having to navigate the difficulties of moving parts as well. Even this photo from the actual advertisement shows how awkward they would be to use on yourself.
If you are tempted to do nail art, I’d skip the Sally Hansen pens and just buy all the metal image plates from Konad. Sure, there was a run of guys in makeup in the Eighties and we still have our spurts of guyliner on the rare recording artist or two, but mostly, makeup has been completely ignored by men. Anyone who has tried to put on blush or face powder with the tiny brush from a makeup kit can appreciate a full-sized set of brushes.

The only problem with it is that by the time you buy the compact and all the makeup to fill it, you end up spending hundreds of dollars (compared to the very excellent Sephora kit for only forty bucks). The eyeshadow is long used up and Revlon doesn’t make replacements for it anymore, but I cling to these cases as the epitome of what makeup kits should aspire to. I used to get artificial nails just so I wouldn’t have to keep polishing my nails every three days.
Based on the pictures online, I imagined that they would be about as big as my grandmother’s old poison ring. I expected to like the Michael Kors ring the best and give the Kat Von D ring to my sister. I couldn’t swap out individual eyeshadows and blushes, but I could change to a different palette using the four that the case came with.
Dior is taking a risk of losing their faithful brush customers by switching to the doe foot sponge.
I can buy Wet and Wild lip gloss at any drug store for two bucks, so it felt like I would be paying an extra 27 dollars for the Dior name and a floppy plastic bristled brush. I take the rubber stamper and lift the polish off the metal plate by pressing the stamper on it. With eyeliners, mascaras and even face powder, this could be the only makeup that you carry. Many times I’ve played with the Mary Kay website and ALMOST ordered a Compact Pro only to close the browser window without finishing the order because the cost is just too exorbitant. I agree with everything she said and feel lucky that my polish lasted a day longer than hers. There were a wide variety of eyeshadow colors, although they did not have any bright colors like blue, green or purple. Tea parties, playing restaurant and even when we played newspaper agency, the poison ring was a coveted piece of our fantasies.
The refillable palette was about five bucks and then each eye shadow was a couple of bucks apiece.
Aside from the irritating issue of having to order the makeup through some flaky stay-at-home mom who never returned my calls, refilling the palette just never seemed worth it. Although not as expensive as Make Up For Ever, Mary Kay products are still kind of pricey compared to Revlon, Cover Girl or Maybelline. The risk with these sets, of course, is sub-par makeup and colors that you don’t like. I applied them on Saturday 01-28-12 and they are still going strong a week and a half later.
I tend to be dramatic with my eyeshadow, so I was disappointed by the nearly neutral selections. My biggest problem was getting the polish to come out smoothly so that I wouldn’t get streak marks on my nail. This picture was taken today and as you can see, I will end up having to remove them because my nails have grown out, not because of chipping or wear. It’s just a great set of makeup that comes in a box that opens up in a myriad of different ways.

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