In order for Mario to get to the Warp Pipes, he has to go near the elevators near the end of the level and jump one of the platforms going up. Like the last Warp Zone, Mario must jump to the second ledge and go to the three brick blocks. In order for Mario to do this glitch, he must get to the end of World 1-2 where the exit pipe is.
They are essentially a level skip that allows Mario to skip two, six or ten different levels. Then, he must get under the one to the farthest right and jump straight up to hit the invisible block.
He must then jump on the pipe and smash the two blocks directly above of the lip of the pipe. An interesting approach was made in that game, because there was a different warp for each different World.
Now, Mario must jump onto the invisible block and break the middle and the far right brick blocks.
Once again, Mario must quickly jump onto the ceiling and run across the blocks to get to the World 5 Warp Zone.
The two outside pipes takes him to World -1 and the middle pipe will takes Mario to World 5 meaning Mario has to do the first Warp Pipe seen. Then, Mario must jump onto the second invisible block by jumping on the first one and then the second one.
Finally, Mario must hit the final brick block, making a vine sprout to take him to a secret area with Warp Zones Worlds 6, 7 and 8.

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