According to a press release, KLM aims to “accentuate the at-home feeling for Business Class customers and that calls for a new cabin interior. The new interior will debut with a KLM Boeing 747-400, with the inaugural flight confirmed for July 2013. Since its world premiere in 1997, the A-Class has made a name for itself in the compact-car class as a trendsetter and groundbreaking innovator. The new-generation A-Class builds on these virtues: Mercedes-Benz is presenting a range of five-door saloon and three-door coupe versions in spring 2008, each sporting an all-round upgrade.
The equally redesigned bumper reinforces this impression; its air intake at the bottom is noticeably larger, emphasising the width of the body.
Design elements at the front help differentiate the A-Class lines even more clearly than before.
The rear of the A-Class is dominated by a modified bumper and new-look tail lights that extend well into the flanks. The Mercedes designers also paid particular attention to increasing perceived value when it came to revamping the interior, selecting a range of new high-grade upholstery fabrics and door trim. The BlueEFFICIENCY package includes an aerodynamically optimised radiator grille, the rear side of which is sealed off, thus reducing the volume of air flowing into the engine compartment; despite this, sufficient cooling for the CDI engine is ensured at all times. The moment the clutch is pressed or the brake pedal released, the engine springs back to life almost noiselessly and in a fraction of a second. These kinds of practical results are all-important to Mercedes-Benz when it comes to assessing new technologies.
Mercedes-Benz has put together a brochure including detailed information on the eco balance sheet and the Environmental Certificate. In future, A-Class owners will have assistance looking for a parking space and when reverse parking, courtesy of active parking assist, which is optionally available for all model variants. To be able to use the automatic parking feature, the parking spot only has to be 1.30 metres longer than the A-Class - an indication of the technology's tremendous precision.
The Mercedes engineers have added a new function to the tried-and-trusted assistance system on the A-Class: the Electronic Stability Program (ESPĀ®) on the A-Class now comes with automatic hill-start assist, which prevents the compact car from rolling backwards if the driver moves his or her foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal when moving off on an uphill slope.
Just like all the other new Mercedes models in 2008, the A-Class also comes with enhanced units that provide information, communication, navigation and entertainment. Training thar creates harmony in both the body and soul where you improve strength, posture and flexibility. Enter your e-mail address in the space below and the associated access PINCODE of your World Class account. If you cannot remember your access PINCODE, fill in your e-mail address, which you used for your membership activation. Loging in your World Class account is made using the e-mail address provided at the activation of the membership. All communication with you will be through the e-mail address you provided, therefore you should make sure it is valid and active. If you do not remember your e-mail address or have provided an invalid e-mail you can change it at the reception of the club where you are a member. You can reset your access PINCODE at the reception of the club where you are a member or online.
I provide logos in a form optimized for any project, from 16 pixel favicons to billboard size. First, British Airways unveiled the interiors of its forthcoming Airbus A380, and now KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has presented its new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior – including a new full-flat seat.
In fact, the airline’s entire 747 fleet (consisting of 22 aircraft) will be redecorated by April 2014.

The seat position in the cabin and the partition between television screens ensure greater privacy for passengers.
To ensure the sense of comfort on board, Hella Jongerius has blended warmer and darker colours into the existing colour range making the KLM blue sparkle even more. In meeting this requirement, Hella Jongerius sought new solutions within the existing options available to the airline industry. As always, please feel free to share your comments here, and you can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - I look forward to connecting with you. Following an extensive facelift, the successful compact car is younger, more attractive and more environmentally friendly than ever before.
Outstanding safety, everyday versatility and hallmark Mercedes reliability have always been the strengths of the A-Class, whose distinctive yet equally versatile concept has won over more than two million drivers since its launch. The front end of the compact Mercedes-Benz is younger, yet at the same time more poised and assured than before. The radiator grille has also been redesigned to reinforce the progressive character of the A-Class.
For instance, the AVANTGARDE line features a specially designed bumper that further emphasises the arrow shape of the front and symbolises even more agility.
In addition, new trim elements made out of smoke grey, diagonally brushed aluminium add an upscale feel to the interior of the AVANTGARDE line, while the distinguished ambience of the ELEGANCE model is reinforced through wood trim elements.
Thanks to further detailed enhancements, fuel consumption of the sophisticated direct-injection diesel engines has been reduced by over 8 percent or 0.5 litres per 100 kilometres compared with the outgoing models.
This system will be available for the high-volume A 150 BlueEFFICIENCY and A 170 BlueEFFICIENCY models from autumn 2008.
This ability to restart the engine swiftly yet smoothly gives the Mercedes technology a key edge over other systems of this type.
The Stuttgart-based brand assesses the environmental compatibility of vehicles not just on the basis of the results of standardised exhaust emissions and fuel consumption measurements but also looks at the entire lifecycle - from manufacture through use over many years to end-of-life disposal. Technology from the luxury-class segment has found its way into the compact car with the adaptive brake lights, which add another accident prevention system to the standard specification. Mercedes-Benz is now complementing this extensive safety technology with crash-responsive emergency lighting in the interior, which comes on automatically after an accident of a defined severity to provide occupants with better orientation and make the task of the emergency services easier. Using newly developed ultrasonic sensors on the sides the system looks for an appropriate spot on either side of the road as the A-Class drives by and informs the driver via a display in the instrument cluster. The new Audio 50 APS is fitted with a colour display, Europe-wide DVD navigation system and DVD drive, while the top-of-the-range COMAND APS includes hard-disc navigation, Music Register, a slot for SD memory cards and a voice-operated control system. We have the market's most popular classes as a foundation and complement this with new, inspiring training methods. Our instructors make sure that you are involved and that each participant determines how hard they want to train. This helps you to find classes you already like and to introduce to others that you perhaps have not yet discovered. Based on your own conditions to create a calm, focused mind, a sense of wholeness and satisfaction. For people who do not want advanced choreography but just a complete physical challenge.
The classes are based on traditional aerobics but with inspiration and influences from the world of dance. In addition to the new full-flat seats, the interior features new carpeting, panel decorations, curtains, lighting, blankets, cushions and upholstery. There are also storage compartments in the seats beside the passengers and under the television screens.

This has been achieved by using a characteristically warm colour palette, more sustainable materials, and by enhancing personal comfort. The carpeting, for instance, was manufactured partly of discarded KLM ladies’ uniforms.
The sweeping lines of the new-look headlamps flow seamlessly along the front and into the flanks, which literally appear to have been moulded from a single piece.
All variants of the A-Class come with a larger stowage compartment in the centre console and a new-look cup holder between the front seats. From autumn 2008, Mercedes-Benz will supply a standard-fit BlueEFFICIENCY package for the three-door A 160 CDIwith manual transmission, which further improves engine efficiency, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, energy management and weight.
The Mercedes engineers have leveraged further potential to save fuel by dynamically controlling the power supply on board the A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY to save energy.
It automatically switches the engine off when the driver shifts to neutral at low speed whilst depressing the brake pedal. The analysis of more than 40,000 individual processes provides a complete picture that helps the engineers objectively assess development work. Once a suitable spot has been found, an arrow also appears in the display, informing the driver on which side of the road the parking spot is located.
The newly developed, interactive media interface provides even more options for in-car listening pleasure by allowing an optional MP3 player, USBstick or another external audio device to be connected to the A-Class infotainment system. The number of seats in World Business Class will be reduced from 42 to 35 aboard the Boeing 747-400. The design is timeless, recognisable and unified by the decorative dot patterns that feature on every item. KLM recycles all of its discarded carpets in collaboration with carpet manufacturer Desso based on the cradle-to-cradle principle. Mercedes-Benz has developed an additional BlueEFFICIENCY package for the three-door A 160 CDI, reducing the Coupe's fuel consumption to just 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres.
While the entry-level model comes with 15-inch wheels with 7-spoke trim, the ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE lines sport individually styled 16-inch light-alloy wheels. The generator management system consistently converts the power generated when the engine decelerates (i.e. A special display in the instrument cluster informs the driver if the conditions for switching off the engine are met.
If the driver selects reverse, accepts the suggested space and depresses the accelerator, active parking assist takes over and manoeuvres the A-Class automatically into the space. If you can have fun and also get in shape you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Independent experts have confirmed these major environmental advances by awarding the A-Class an internationally valid Environmental Certificate - the world's first compact car to receive such an accolade. The new, larger exterior mirror housings and the door handles are now painted in the vehicle colour on all model variants.
The driver simply needs to press the accelerator pedal and use the brake; the ultrasonic sensors associated with PARKTRONIC provide assistance and information on the distance to the vehicle in front of and behind the A-Class.

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