Getty ImagesWhen protege Usher first auditioned for Reid as a 14-year-old boy, the singer left the entire room shocked by his talent— and charm! Getty ImagesThough Toni Braxton auditioned with her four sisters, Reid and Edmonds only chose to sign her— which destroyed her family bonds. A lot of Nollywood actresses are now called husband snatchers and some of them do not have a home to settle down,apart from this, some of them sleep their ways with movie producers.
The lady who exposed them said “Give it to them, these girls are superb when it comes to script interpretations, they put in their best to make sure that the Nigeria movie world becomes a force to reckon with, which interestingly many are getting set to join the league. He "zeroed" in one the "most beautiful woman on the room," Phyillis Parker, one of Reid's employees.

He "dropped to his knee in front of her, singing, placing his hand on her thigh and looking dead in her eyes," Reid recalls. Reid's first major drama with an artist was when TLC's late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes set her boyfriend Andre Rison's house on fire. After consulting the chief of police in Atlanta, Reid secretly sent Lopes to rehab at the Betty Ford Center in California.
Fortunately for her, she was never charged with a crime.Getty ImagesTLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins convinced Reid to sign Alecia Moore, aka Pink. Reid had to force her to quit her job at a gas station, and she acted unrefined at fancy dinners.

Pink later wrote about the exchange in her hit song, "Don't Let Me Get Me."Getty ImagesWhat does Reid call "the biggest mistake of my career?" Dropping Lady Gaga from his label in 2006, before she sprang to fame.
This is a mistake, Jennifer."Getty ImagesReid hated his judging gig on the American version of Simon Cowell's X Factor. In his book, he calls fellow judge Britney Spears an "introvert" and "not a lot of fun."Getty ImagesHe quit in an interview with Access Hollywood instead of telling his boss first.

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