Ex-chief of India’s top secret agency (RAW) stated Pakistan’s secret agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), is the strongest in the world. Ex-chief Dulat also said that he hasn’t revealed any secrets in his book titled “Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years” and only indicated his thoughts about issues already ruling the general public site. Early on in July, in another surprising thought, Dulat accepted Indian intelligence agencies have through the years paid militants and separatists, together with popular politicians and political parties in Indian Kashmir to compete with Pakistan’s secret agency, ISI. The Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence (Inter-Services Intelligence) is the premier intelligence service of Pakistan.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is most prominent and familiar among other United States National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is the principal security agency of the Russian Federation. The General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) replaced with an older Agency Service de Documentation Exterieure et de Contre-Espionage (SDECE) that formed in 1982.
Ex-chief AS Dulat said that “the strongest intelligence agency is either KGB which no longer is present or ISI, as they are very anonymous”. He had charge from Lt-General Zaheerul Islam as the DG-ISI, regarded as by many people to become both the strongest and also the most difficult placement in the country. Before being appointed as DG ISI, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant-General. It created just before the World War I for the possible reach the activities of the Imperial German government.

The secret front line” of Britain`s national security has responsibilities to keep a close eye on internal and external terror activities, organizations and countries that could harm national defense and state security.
These intelligence agencies refer to a government institution that collects, analyze and exploit valuable information. It is responsible for collecting information on critical national security and intelligence assessment for Government of Pakistan. The organization collects information and intelligence on foreign management, criminals, and organization. The purpose of ASIS is Protect and promote Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government. They are responsible for counter-intelligence, political security, and far-off intelligence.
The core purpose agencies are a collection of secret information to secure the country from any internal and external happening that harm the stability of state either economically or politically. Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence is working as world’s best and strongest intelligence agency.
The primary functions of this agency are acquiring and analyzing information about foreigners, public relations for required data and underground operations at the direction of the president of United States. This agency has 250K personnel containing undercover agents, secret officers, and foreign spies. Its prime purpose to obtain information regarding terror activities in the country that faced some terror attacks in past years.

Personnel of intelligence agency are called agents, spies or undercover officers who devote his life and worked as a secret agent for the state.
The major purpose of this agency to fight against state crime, terror acts, drug smuggling and other internal security violence in the country. RAW main focus is India’s neighbor Pakistan, engaged in many operations against Pakistan with a secret physical basis in the country. Here are top 10 intelligence agencies of 2015 are describe which are working in the present for its respective countries to lock the safety of the nation. The main purpose of this agency is to solve the issue of domestic and foreign intelligence. ISI is most known and famous agency between three organizations that working in Pakistan; others are Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI). ISI knew as command immense power in the Pakistani establishment referred to principle brainpower organization of the country.

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