His objective: to test and prove the new martial arts training system of Yiquan, a system that placed standing meditation (zhan zhuang) at its core. Considering the proven value of standing meditation, surprisingly few people undertake the practice today.
It seems that the simplest way to perceive Wang xiangzhai's yiquan is by trying to understand the numerous comments and writtings he left to us.
In movement, slow excels over quick, be relaxed rather than impatient, the movement should be slight and the spirit full. Commercial free standing 6 burners gas range with electric oven, gas cooker oven, View 6 burners gas range with electric oven, Echuen Product Details from Guangzhou Yiquan Kitchenware Co., Ltd. Expert fighters from across China, Japan and even Europe traveled to answer Wang’s challenge. Sincere students, who are willing to suspend their disbelief for a few hours of introductory practice, will encounter and resolve these four paradoxes.
Appropriate exercises can positively affect every cell and every organ in the human body, improve the functioning of respiratory and vascular systems, and also improve metabolism. In typical forms of exercise, before the body is tired, there are already problems with breathing and the heart is overburdened. Because there are no complex sets of movements, the nervous system is not greatly stressed; you eliminate internal tension, achieving mental calm. After a few weeks of regular practice, the soreness will give way to more pleasant sensations.
Only after resolving these issues within yourself, will you discover how deeply they affect your performance. One of the best things I’ve done for myself in recent years has been to take up the standing practice. I presume you are referring to shi li, moca bu, fa li, tui shou, and other Yiquan exercises. Well, Chris if you are not quite enough relaxed, then you have to work on that, or maybe you are not relaxed at all.
Nobody ever objectively explains how that relaxation should “feel” into your arms, legs, shoulders or the whole body. When I first began learning xingyi from Kumar Frantzis, for the first year ALL we did was santi and piquan.
Well, if your elephant is a “standing in postures” then you are quite away from the objectivity or the properness of your method.
I get the distinct impression that you like to argue, and don’t much care what, how or why. If you are having a hard time relaxing or defining what it means to be relaxed, then you are most likely putting too much thought into it.
This, in itself, is not profound, profound is humankinds’ surprise, nature is neither profound nor has intent. I think if you think you know what perfect relaxation is, you’re not perfectly relaxed. States of relaxation are transient, constantly changing things, because all perception is relative, states of relaxation are also relative. In response to implications that I am a tense and dogmatic sheep who cannot understand objectivity…I think I was rather polite. Actually, objectivity is a difficult topic with respect to meditative disciplines–and much of what passes for conceptual simplification is actually destruction. I was tried to imagine supporting balls under my elbows,…, and everything from the book, but nothing helped. My thought is that maybe your personal progress didn’t match what was suggested in the book. I also have a many year of various types of meditation etc., but, on the other hand, I can say that I am very temperament and nervous person (not toward the other people, it is rather the inner restless state), so I am more than sure that I have tons of accumulated stress in my system. Some people from a yahoo forum say that I’d try Qi Dao system or some other, but I see Zhan Zhuahg as the the best for me. Anyway, it is odd for me that when I decreased my standing from 15 to 5 minutes, it was the same. Fong Ha teaches a system of 8 postures, 5 minutes each, for a total of 40 minutes standing. Standing like the one described in this article is like an isometric for ones tendon, skeletal structure.
When doing tai chi you are activiating your tendons and bones as you inhales, creating extending motions.
It does take time , discipline, correctness and patience, which is why not too many people get results. But, when I lifted my elbows a bit higher, I wasn’t able to perform the drill even 5 minutes without big problems. All the books have to be conservative so that they don’t get sued, because they have no way of really knowing that a reader will understand correctly.
The elbows: my elbows were a bit lower than it is said in the book (to be slightly under the level of the shoulders).
I couldn’t help thinking of the tao, of the complimentary opposites, both creating and destroying each other in equal measure. I highly recommend reading Bruce Frantzis’ book, Opening the Energy Gates, which describes the alignments and the utilization of the dissolving meditation to help you get through energetic blockages. Wang Xiangzhai did not invent zhanzhuang, does not own it, and was not its foremost practitioner. I’m sorry because of so long post and my jumping from one topic to another is not so random as you could think.
I believe that no one can understand the benefits of Zhan Zhuang having not practiced for 100 hours minimum. I strongly suggest to people to physically do the work and find out for yourself what the benefit is. Say that you were like a house cat sunning itself in the back yard, completely free of worries and issues, humor me here, what then would be the quickest way to acquire understanding of and mastery of qi? Sometimes the consciousness within these creation-points goes too far, gets lost, can’t find there way home.

We are within that point, and when we see the keyboard as it really is, we are only seeing a Nothingness.
The only way is to realize that Nothingness, that Still-Point, that Zero-Point, that Pure Consciousness.
The best posture will be the most simple one, the one that gives the best alignment, and one that Westerners can do. So cats already have a naturally calmer mind, and are thus qi masters much more than us, without even trying. I used to generate force from the ground and into the opponent in a wave like manner and was taught this way as well.
Wang Xiangzhai practices standing meditation In 1939, Wang Xiangzhai issued a public challenge through a Beijing newspaper. Expert fighters from across China, Japan and even Europe traveled to answer Wanga€™s challenge.
It is difficult to know what Wang xiangzhai did really teach for the following reason : Most of his disciples did receive an education with Yao zongxun or had already a long experience of different schools of the chinese martial art. In his interview by the people's daily, the master did express himself in those words, rough for the wushu community, that reveilled us the differents researches he made on the origin of the chinese boxing. Yi quan, also known as Dacheng quan, is a martial art system founded by the Chinese Xingyiquan master Wang Xiangzhai (cZ‹e–?e?‹). If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. So the exercise must be halted prematurely in order to let one’s heart rest, to catch one’s breath and return to a normal state.
This is one of the elements that make combat science different from typical forms of exercise.
Many variations of standing meditation require that the arms be held up, as if holding a ball, for fifteen minutes or more.
You will be able to raise your arms up with no discernable effort, and your entire body will become warm. If you can disregard these distractions from within, do so; otherwise, remove them from your practice environment.
The prevalence of these mental and physical discomforts illustrates that, although everyone can stand still, few people do it well. As you would expect, your balance will improve; you may be surprised to find that standing meditation also increases your sensitivity, explosive speed and power. Martial artists today cannot hope to match his great accomplishment, unless they are willing to stand first, and ask questions later.
When I’ve been practicing regularly, I find that my mind is more clear, my body is relaxed, my reaction time is increased, I sleep better, and I just function better in every possible way. Relaxation is matter of correct practice (which means objectively verifying the state of relaxation).
We can take this to another level where you could examine objectivness of boths method with EMG in the lab. So by that logic many billions have surpassed most of us (assuming most of us are still alive).
Better you practise and enjoy to relax by experiencing it rather to ask for the perfect relaxation.
Unfortunally, development with intent of martial use is development-level limited and health-benefit limited.
The testing methods described in his blog are actually possibly objective using your definition of the term: emotions and personal prejudices are not necessary components. You weren’t impolite at all, Chris, IMHO, within or without the context of the conversation.
On the other hand, Faik was grossly unfair to imply those things about you without knowing you. But unlike muscles your are putting the tendons and bone into a constant state of extension against gravity.
When we hear some mondo (question-answer stories), we can have that inner smile, all people in the world. Maybe 90% of disciplines we use are energetic, like Reiki, Tai Chi…, and only as a side effect, we get the calm mind. That Infinity is actually a field of great pleasure, goodness, love, compassion, all good things.
All the characteristics we perceive within that point, are vastly downgraded versions (illusions) of the keyboard as a whole.
It is said that the purpose of meditation is a calm mind, however that is really more of a side-effect or requirement for another purpose, where the real purpose is basically to feel good.
The evolution of natural selection actually takes us away from the source, and that which is less evolved, is paradoxically closer to source. I had a talk with Rick once, and we were inquiring into the nature of physical force in movement. Those researches pushed him to his famous trip around China and are probably the roots of his later teaching. His standing meditation training produced superior results in a shorter time period, when compared to methods used in boxing, Judo, and other styles of Kung Fu. Only after that you can say that you have mastered relaxation and can deepen it in every “posture” or “position”. The more relaxed we got the longer our breaths became…and the more miserable we were.
I think that knowing what it means to feel relaxed is innate in most people; part of the trick to doing it is to not worry about whether or not you are doing it properly.
Even if we were to program a computer to conduct the experiment, take measurements, and do analysis, our personal biases could have directed our programming to some degree. But, you know, the average martial artist (or sportsman or dancer or…) is not trained or interested in experimental design.
I was training Zhan Zhuang for 5 minutes (holding the ball) 3 weeks, then 10 for another 3 week, then 15 for some short time, because I had such a pain in my arms and shoulders and I trembled so hard, that I had to short the sessions.
There is no movement, yet muscle strength is built and one will be able to contract stronger and easier.

When standing you relax your muscle as much as you can, yet your tendons and bones are activated like connected coil wires.
When I lifted them in the proper position (I believe that is the proper one), I experienced a big problem to maintain the position more than 5 minutes and I should be able to stand even for 15, because I practice for more than 2 months. I’ve spend more than 20 years of my life in chasing the East, and I am about to find myself when I gave up of all tricks, rules, everything, just freedom.
I looked through the posts to find suggestions to strengthen my neck and shoulders but didn’t see anything specific (sorry if I missed any). If you have difficulties to hold position for longer times, start doing it 5 minutes for example.
My reply needs to communicate a lot in the most general of terms, and without justifications and details. There really are not cut-and-dry divisions between them all, but everything I say has to be put in very simplistic terms with the space I have.
However, if we were able to expand our field of view to encompass more of the keyboard, the Nothingness would gradually begin turning into a Something, like joy, or all-good-things. I am just beginning my standing practice, so just telling where my understanding is so far.
I had practiced with various people often and we would take turns pressing gently upon each other. A small movement is better than a big movement, No movement is better than a small movement, Stillness is the mother of all movements. Understandably, but unfortunately, martial artists reject the exercise because it cannot possibly work. Even if during exercise your muscles become tired, your pulse stays in the normal range, and breathing is natural.
Endlessly replaying the events of the past, and predicting those of the future, you should begin to recognize that you are addicted to distraction.
When your mind finally stops, your perception of time will change; instead of watching the clock, you’ll wish you had more time to spend in this calm and quiet state. If you just follow blindly without asking the question WHY, then you’ll never gain anything.
For most people, Faik’s experiments are already more controlled than what they are used to. You’ll know when you are ready because 5 min will become very comfortable and easy for you to do.
I am almost expert for Hinduism, Ramana Maharishi is in my heart, but I can’t follow him.
Creation-points are created with the intent to expand and intensify that great field, and has to be temporary. That is why the road to nirvana begins very impersonally, but turns into bliss if we persist with it. Until eventually the human being literally expands, and all that concentrated energy takes a much wider space as Infinite Energy exclusively.
Feel an intense tangible pleasure, like an orgasm that never subsides, or the best drug that is not bad for you and lasts always. When the push was light and slow it was easy to see the importance of the connection with the ground. If we have many rewards in life which can be many ferris wanli dimensional to transients to our biology and in more agreement of our attention to find the truth behind the metaphysical reformation of life.
In other words, imperfect though they be, they could be of some use to some people somewhere.
In the beginning you unintentionally use muscle struggling to keep your arms up, but after a while a strange force will start to levitate them. If we see that field as Infinite Consciousness, then it is a balancing act of suppressing that Infinite Consciousness temporarily, so that more can be created from that in the long-run.
This is very extreme and hard for most to bear, as it involves excepting that so much of ourselves and our world is transitory. This is because our attention always go towards the traditional medicine that may or may not cure the real problem. They can make a surgery on the open heart with only 1 needle in the body.People from the West use dozens of them. But if it is standing, then it is standing in the most natural and simple position, hands by the side, legs hip-width apart, doing absolutely nothing else but realizing that still-point. But this is also a process that humanity will grow into through many lives, and through time.
They made a fusion of breathing, using weapons of all kinds, simplicity, that all Chinese styles are nothing but a big joke. One of people in this blog said that two brothers stand in the snow, his daily routine stops when the snow is melted around them, something like that. But it is possible to go all the way, now, if one devoted oneself exclusively to that Infinity (Nothingness) to the exclusion of everything else. In area of religion, life,…, maybe systema is a only one exception that we, the West, can have something really ours to be really practical, efficient and even spiritual. Not an easy thing, but as I said, any amount is helpful, and we just do the best we can with where we are presently at. Systema is like a wave, like walking in the street, so alive, which can heal or kill in a second.
But one would have to work up to the stage where one was able to stand all hours of the day.
So here we are talking about something no human has yet accomplished, and is a god-like feat. I’ve read about some Christian monks, who wanted to make a fusion of the West and East. This purpose was to prolong the life, and improve health, so we can have enough time to reach some more important things.

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