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Enjoy the treats and delights of vegan, whole food cooking and yoga on this 2 day weekend retreat. Relax in the beautiful surrounds of Hepburn Retreat Centre, where resident chef, Alexis will help you to discover your inner chef, exploring an amazing range of exotic and every day ingredients, and food combining for flavour and nutritional value. Included in the retreat are hands-on vegan cooking classes, raw food preparation sessions, as well as a yoga classes each day. Discover the secrets of how to prepare Hepburn Retreat Centre’s famous vegan banquet, exploring the art of preparing and cooking grains, pulses and vegetables to create optimum nourishment, flavour and visual appeal. Throughout the retreat, you will feasting on the delicious, healthy vegan meals that you cook, as well as enjoying a selection of raw food treats, smoothies, gluten free vegan cakes and biscuits.
Workshops will include discussions on nutrition, ayurveda, food, veganism, vegetarianism and yoga.
This weekend of vegan, whole foods cooking and food preparation workshops offers you the opportunity to develop your cooking skills in a weekend, with time out from your busy city schedule to relax and unwind. The holidays are a time of celebration and gathering with family and friends, a time to remember and appreciate our many blessings.
When your mind wanders, a heart-based meditation helps you gently return to positive feelings, allowing sensations of gratitude, love, or joy to flow with your breath.
While we might encounter stressful circumstances during the holidays that we can’t always change immediately, the ways we relate to them we can change them with meditation for sure! The holidays stuff us with emotions, just as our bodies get stuffed with food and drinks that we don’t normally consume during the rest of the year. Whether you meditate regularly or you have never tried meditation before, a simple holiday meditation will make you feel a little better!
Now, take some time off, either at home or here with us at Xinalani, and enjoy happy and peaceful holidays!
The natural environment at Upper Brookfield Retreat lends perfectly to cultivating stillness within.
Meditation and Yoga retreats are held here regularly with the aim of encouraging your well-being, mindful living, and your education in the field of yoga and mind-body medicine. Continuing straight over roundabouts towards Cashel town centre, pass Volvo garage, pass Tescos and shortly after continue straight, off the main road, as it curves to the right (into town centre).

After 3 miles, pass Donal Carroll Car Sales, continue straight off the main road, towards Drombane village (signposted). Do not follow sharp bend in road signposted 'Thurles' as this takes you to Clonoulty, Holycross! Drive a further 4 miles and follow signpost left for Drombane village (also signposted 'Clodagh Rangers').
Drive through Drombane village, Ryana€™s Lounge on the right, Church on the right, John Dunnea€™s shop on the right. Drive a few minutes up the hill to the T-Junction (white pond cross), turn right (signposted Shevry). The vegan recipes will use use local, seasonal, and organic produce, to cook delicious vegan meals and prepare raw food meals and treats that promote health & vitality on this 2 day vegan cooking course with Alexis and Ostii. Our website is still under construction and testing, so may appear a little messy and incomplete.
Unfortunately sometimes our schedules are packed with stressful holiday shopping and gatherings. All that gift giving and holiday cheer can be exhausting.  There is pressure to be happy and full of joy. So as easy as bringing your awareness to the center of your chest and imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart center, this will redirect the mind and replace negative emotions with positive ones, leaving you with an incomparable feeling of gratitude that will put a smile upon your face.
No matter what the situation is, there is always room for meeting your experiences with a more tranquil mind and compassionate awareness. Meditation will unleash your creativity and inspire you to dive deeply in what is truly important to you. And the best part of it is that you can do it over and over again throughout the holiday season, as needed (no prescription required). Don’t forget to stay in touch with us, we invite you to follow us on social media and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get more fun and interesting articles, promotions, recipes and much more! Monica will offer an array of classes, which will help you unwind, slow down and rejuvenate as you breathe new life into your soul.
The architecturally designed studio is surrounded by 25 acres of natural lush green vegetation and clean air. Stay in the loop with our classes, free open days and events, teacher training, and retreats.
By Carmen Ornelas.Silence - Learn the Power of Silence within the Yossum Concept of Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth.

Retreats in Italy, Holland, Spain, India.Yoga - Learn the Power of Yoga in the Yossum Concept. There will be a huge selection of books about nutrition, cooking, food preparation and more on hand to read in your spare time. Meditation is key to enhancing a sense of joy and peace, so this holiday season make time for you, take a deep breath, go inward and refuel, even if it is just five to ten minutes  every day, you will enjoy the many benefits of meditation. And there is nothing wrong with feeling like that, meditation can help you get rid of  nasty feelings of disappointment, guilt or resentment.
The holiday season can sometimes be depleting, meditation classes replenish our body minds and souls.
During your quiet time, take a moment to think of the meaning of gifts, it will help you chose better. Our systems of assimilation, digestion and elimination can get jeopardized if we’re not conscious enough. Think of all the relaxing activities  you could do to feel better, healthier, lighter, free from outer pressures. 5 minutes of meditation every day will have powerful effects for feeling generous, peaceful and happy! Self-Understanding - Learn about the Power of Self-Understanding within the Yossum Concept. As you cultivate a neutral perspective on life your body will easily and effortlessly assimilate, digest and eliminate the delicious feast, with no long-term consequences or need for recovery. After some minutes of meditation, grab a pen and paper and write down possibilities for this season. Maybe even a getaway trip to Xinalani’s eco-chic paradise will be a great idea for a change! Simple and practical: Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth. Read More Guided outings and activities Guided outings to local attractions including Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher, Corcomroe Abbey.

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