Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed that practicing yoga and reading 'Harry Potter' brings evil. The AYP asana sequence begins with a warm-up in which we massage the body and direct the flow of blood from each of the extremities back into the torso (see above figures 1a,1b,1c, 2a,2b).
We then come to a kneeling seat in which we take the time to find a comfortable rhythm with the breath….a rhythm we try to maintain throughout the rest of the asana practice (figure 3).
So, with all this in mind, continue to do your asana practice as you feel inclined to, continue to keep the physical body healthy and in good repair, but remember, if the goal of your spiritual practices is to liberate yourself from suffering, if the goal of your spiritual practices is to become enlightened, asana practice will not take you all the way.  It will help in many ways, but the whole gamut of yoga practices is necessary for realizing the self as The Self. A migraine is a neurological disorder that causes recurring bouts of headaches ranging from moderate to high intensity. The standing forward bend invigorates the nervous system by increasing blood supply and also calms the mind.
This asana also helps keep your blood pressure under control, relaxes the mind, calms the brain and reduces anxiety. The Cat stretch improves blood circulation, relaxes the mind, beats stress and helps you breathe better. The two-legged forward bend asana calms the brain and relieves stress and can relieve a headache.
The Downward Facing Dog pose increases blood circulation to the brain and thus relieves headache. Exhale and bend the left leg in the knee and place the left hand palm near the left foot toe.
It is necessary to keep the right hand, mid body and right leg in one straight line in this asana. In this asana the weight of the body comes chiefly on the calves of the bent legs and on the muscles of the hand resting on the floor and has nice effect on them. Persons having complaints regarding their waist and the spinal column should do this Asana under the guidance of Yoga Expert.
Anjali is Sanskrit for "offering", "a gesture of reverence", "benediction", "salutation", and is derived from anj, meaning "to honour or celebrate".
In the most common form of anjali mudra, the hands are held at the heart chakra with thumbs resting lightly against the sternum. Anjali mudra has the same meaning as the Sanskrit greeting Namaste and can be performed while saying Namaste or Pranam, or in place of vocalizing the word. The gesture is used for both greetings and farewells, but carries a deeper significance than a simple "hello" or "goodbye".
Anjali mudra is performed as part of a physical yoga practice with an aim to achieving several benefits.
The physical execution of the pose helps to promote flexibility in the hands, wrists, fingers and arms. Description: This pose is about staying connected to the foundation and discovering how proper balance and centering creates ease. Description: (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) Utkaa?­A?sana translated from Sanskrit as Awkward pose, known also as the Chair Pose is a Hatha yoga posture. Description: To enter the pose, place hands supporting you at either side of the leading foot. Description:Trikonasana (tree-cone-AH-sa-na) (Triangle Pose) is an important Hatha yoga asana. Trikonasana is claimed to stimulate blood flow to the head, and helps to stretch and relax the back, shoulders, legs and arms.
The pose is typically held for 20 to 60 seconds to stretch the spine, returning to the mountain pose while exhaling, then repeating standing on the opposite leg. Raising the arms above the head for any length of time may involve risks for persons with High blood pressure.
November 27, 2011 - London Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed that practicing yoga and reading 'Harry Potter' brings evil. He went to graduate school at Boston College, became a social worker, got married, raised four children, got elected to the Clinton Board of Selectmen and over the past years, has watched three wars unfold on his television screen. This is a sequence that I personally teach in all my beginner yoga classes, a sequence I have had great feedback on and one I can recommend from personal experience as well.

Apart from that while doing this asana your blood rushes to the brain helping in pain relief. It gently stretches the hips, thighs, ankles, calms the mind and helps relieve stress and fatigue. The best part about this asana is that it helps relax tense muscles which is an effective way to get rid of pain.
The stretching of the body has good effect on the muscles of those parts and improves their functioning. It is used as a sign of respect and a greeting in India and amongst yoga practitioners and adherents of similar traditions.
The gesture may also be performed at the brow chakra with thumb tips resting against the "third eye" or at the crown chakra (above the head). The joining together of the palms is said to provide connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification or "yoking". It is a centering pose which helps to alleviate mental stress and anxiety and is therefore used to assist the practitioner in achieving focus and coming into a meditative state. In Sanskrit Nata means Dancer and Raja means king or lord so this asana is also known as the Lord of Dance. It also is a full body stretch which engages the shoulders, chest and abdomen, strengthens the thigh and calf muscles, knees and ankles, hips and spine, and develops concentration and grace. With hands on the floor and hips squared, walk hands back toward the standing foot to deepen the stretch. Awkward Pose is a powerful strengthening posture, and when done with Deep Breathing, Half Moon and Hands to Feet, it also concludes a warm-up section in which generates internal heat and loosens the muscles. The Hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals, and the erector muscles of the back are exercised and strengthened. Candra or Chandra means moon or luminous, as in the light from the moon) is a yoga posture.
Father Gabriel Amorth, who has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms in the past 25 years after being appointed by the late Pope John Paul II, surprised delegates at a conference by revealing his dislike for yoga and 'Harry Potter'. Dziokonski, who was a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine Corps rifle company in Vietnam and a recipient of two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star with a Combat "V," considers himself a strong man, a self-described curmudgeon.
During a migraine a person will usually be extremely sensitive to light and noise, apart from suffering from other common symptoms like vomiting, nausea, pain that is aggravated during physical activity and many more.
In some yoga postures, the hands are placed in anjali mudra position to one side of the body or behind the back. Nataraja is one of the names given to the Hindu God Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer.
The practitioner begins standing with the feet one leg-length apart, knees unbent, turns the right foot completely to the outside and the left foot less than 45 degrees to the inside, keeping the heels in line with the hips. So when he found himself at the top of a mountain crying over a dead butterfly, he knew he needed help. At this stage, the left leg is kept bent at 90 degree angle, the left arm is kept straight & its palms placed on the floor.
Hence, performing anjali mudra is an honouring of both the self and the other as the gesture acknowledges the divinity of both practitioner and recipient. As your practice advances, you will try to place both hands on the standing ankle and balance.
The arms are spread out to the sides, parallel to the ground, palms facing down; the trunk is extended as far as is comfortable to the right, while the arms remain parallel to the floor. Hatha, as in hatha yoga, is sometimes taken to mean sun and moon from the syllables "ha" and "tha" representing solar and lunar energies. The right knee is bent and the right foot placed on the left inner thigh, or in half lotus position. Hewitt claims[5] it improves posture and concentration, limbers the hips, deepens the thorax, strengthens the ankles, and firms and tones the muscles of the legs, back and chest. They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying. And he found relief and release in a yoga program designed specifically for war veterans called Yoga Warriors International.

The gesture is also known as hrdayanjali mudra meaning "reverence to the heart seal" (from hrd, meaning "heart) and atmanjali mudra meaning "reverence to the self seal" (from atman, meaning "self").
These include the tibialis anterior, extensor halluscis longus, extensor digitorum longus, and peroneous tertius. Once the trunk is fully extended to the right, the right arm is dropped so that the right hand reaches the shin (or a block or on the floor) to the front (left side) of the right foot, with the palm down if flexed.
Yoga means yoke, so hatha yoga is a binding or yoking together of solar and lunar energies. With the toes of the right foot pointing directly down, the left foot, center of the pelvis, shoulders and head are all vertically aligned.
This group of muscle primarily extends the toes and dorsiflexes the ankle and are used for balance and stability. Note that in Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose) the hand is placed on the floor to the back (right side) of the right foot. Hands are typically held above the head either pointed directly upwards and unclasped, or clasped together in AA±jali MudrA?. Cimini, the founding director of Central Mass Yoga and Wellness in West Boylston, designed to alleviate the symptoms of combat stress or post-traumatic stress disorder. The arms are stretched away from one another, and the head is often turned to gaze at the left thumb, slightly intensifying the spinal twist.
So in doing the posture Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose), one tunes into the unconscious energy of the moon which changes by waxing and waning. Speaking on the subject of People And Religion at a fringe event at the Umbria Film Festival in Terni, Father Amorth spoke of his distaste for JK Rowling's young wizard. In Harry Potter the Devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil," he said. He studies each and everyone of us and our tendencies towards good and evil and then he tempts us.
With PTSD, your emotions are ruled by what happened 20 or 30 years ago." Dziokonski originally took yoga to gain more flexibility.
As he practiced yoga, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were unfolding a world away, but were hitting close to home for Dziokonski. This is not the first time that the 85-year-old has raised eyebrows with his forthright views, as last year he had said that the ongoing child sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church were evidence that "the Devil was at work in the Vatican".
The war was in our living room," Dziokonski said, recalling the firefights that were being broadcast on the nightly news. In fact, Dziokonski had asked her to teach a class at the Worcester Veterans Center, which fellow veterans later decided to continue. In addition, she is the co-author of a study that will appear in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, "The Effects of Sensory Enhanced Hatha Yoga on Symptoms of Combat Stress in Deployed Military Personnel." The study was done by Maj. Jon Greuel, an Air Force instructor pilot, in Kirkuk, Iraq, from November 2008 to November 2009 in collaboration with Cimini.
She is also working with Worcester State University to study the effect of the Yoga Warrior program on military students at the university. Zest Yoga and Fitness in Auburn is one of the local studios offering the Yoga Warriors class with a certified instructor. Zest Yoga and Fitness in Auburn began offering a Yoga Warriors class in September, and is open to all veterans and active-duty military personnel.
Dziokonski, who regularly attends a Thursday morning Yoga Warriors session, said yoga has returned to him a sense of calm, and has improved his sleep.
Many Vietnam veterans are enrolled in Yoga Warriors, and also some World War II veterans, and now Iraq War veterans. Dziokonski and Cimini said the emotional impact the war has on returning veterans may not become evident until months or years later.

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