Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Specific amount of anxiety is normal that motivates the person for planning and execution from the systematic work. Chronic anxiety accounts for many other psychosomatic disorders like hypertension, ischaemic cardiovascular disease, obesity, asthma, and diabetes. Heredity, constant emotional disturbance, fear or fright in especially neglected or overprotected children and kids, unsuccessful love affair, disappointment on failure in one`s important endeavours, anticipatory fear or be worried about work and journey are the causes of anxiety. One of the major issues with anxiety is that though often the patient is aware of the causes but is helpless for it. If not properly treated within an early stage the condition may lead to the introduction of neurosis.

There’s a feeling of tightness in the chest, which may be linked to the difficulty in swallowing or breathing. The individual may also experience pain within the chest, tension headache, pain within the joints and trembling within the limbs, tremors in hands and fingers, excessive perspiration, flushing from the face are some of the symptoms. Accelerated thoracic breathing, difficulty in rational thinking, insufficient concentration and frequent urination are also important symptoms. Relax within this pose as long as you need until the mind is quiet and you feel peaceful.Standing Forward BendThis pose can seem to be very relaxing due to its inversion properties. Carrying this out pose several times throughout the day can assist you to de-stress and re-gain energy.Legs In the WallThis restorative yoga pose allows you to root your body and allow stress to drift away. Use blankets or props if you want.Fish PoseThis pose opens your heart both physically and spiritually.

Additionally, it opens the chest and lungs, permit you to breathe easier and circulate the body with fresh air. It will help you to bring awareness to your body and your breathing.Bridge PoseThis back bending pose can assist you to improve your mood whether you are feeling anxious or down. It will help to calm the mind while providing the body with renewed energy.Reclined Bound Angle PoseThis grounding pose helps you to relax and calm the mind.
Do this pose to relieve both mental and physical tension.Corpse PoseSavasana ought to always be practiced at the end of your yoga routine to be able to completely relax and allow the poses soak into your body.

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