Greenpath Ashtanga YogaGreenpath Ashtanga Yoga, Authentic yoga teachings in Asia, Europe and USA since 2001, Director, Clayton Horton. Click here to download the PDF version of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series presented by Clayton Horton.
This class presents fundamental technique of the sun salutations and standing poses of Ashtanga yoga. Learn the important details of breath and movement of the Ashtanga "jump back" and "jump through".
SEQUENCES,  ASANAS NAMES AND MEANING OF YOGA POSES OF THE INTERMEDIATE SERIES OF ASHTANGA YOGA. Kriya Hatha Yoga deals with asanas that aid a person in both mental and physical relaxation. Kriya Bhakti Yoga helps to stir the soul to reach for the divine, through devotional activities. This entry was posted in Asana, Pranayam, Total Yoga, Yoga and tagged asana flow, ashtnaga yoga, mysore ashtanga, pattabhi jois, total yoga, vinyasa on March 26, 2013 by Manish Pole.

Today I have the pleasure to present you three new asanas with Misslopez yoga expert, Marisol Hume from Chile living in Sweden. The asanas, pranayama, meditaion and mantras make the person aware of all his actions, dreams, desires and aspirations.  A person can benefit completely from Kriya yoga only if the willingness of body, mind and heart is in line with the soul’s desire to be perfect and pure.
It all begins with the modern grandmaster of yoga – Sri Krishnamacharya (Guru to most of the great 20th century master-teachers including Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar and Indra Devi).
The aim remains the same – to help students focus inwards whilst moving through poses, and creating internal heat through the precise breathing and movement instructions. Sri Krishnamacharya is said to have taught the primary vinyasa series from a text given by his own Guru – called the Yoga Korunta.
To a large extent, it can be thought of as: a breathing-coordinated sequence of poses, linking static yogasanas.
Generally, Surya Namaskara (Sun salutations) forms the building block from where the Vinyasa poses flow. Whilst he stayed and set up a Yoga shala in Mysore under the patronage of the Mysore Maharaja (King); he went about instructing the young boys who came for physical training in this vinyasa series.

As students you are not always sure about the exact sequence of poses – so it keeps you honest and focussed. Ujjayi breathing, with its ability to bring focus in the individual is practiced throughout the sequence.
The movement from pose to pose is co-ordinated with breath; whilst each static posture is held for a pre-determined number of breaths. Krishnamacharya was known for adapting the yoga he taught to the audience that he was teaching.
This may also have included exercises from other physical disciplines like Indian wrestling and Western gymnastics.

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