We already have information on fatty and other oily food that affect the weight in a purely chemical way.Obviously,the less one eats of heavy, starchy foods and other carbohydrates, the less likely he is to gain weight. Today weight loss is the ultimate goal of an overweight youngster or a middle aged man or woman. A flabby tummy arises when you indulge in junk food, don’t do any exercise, leads an erratic lifestyle and passes through high levels of stress.
In medical science, the focus is on water retention in the body, rate of metabolism, etc.Yoga Poses stresses on the deeper fact that the body gradually reflects the inner consciousness of the individual.
Eating less, gymming more, dieting, aerobics, yoga, dance classes and what not to shed those extra kilos from your body.But, there are some very god breathing techniques that can help you in slimming down. Deep breathing fills your lungs with fresh oxygen and this oxygen burns the fat cells that further helps in weight loss. Oxygen intake in blood increases with deep breathing in yoga and the carbon dioxide’s rate to leave the body slows down thus, giving more energy to workout.

You establish a link between yourself and the divine power by practising suryayog regularly.
This asana when done regularly can not only diminish flab from your body but will also set you free from many diseases. This exercise leads to internal purification that cleanses the respiratory system and release toxins and waste matter. This relationship goes far beyond the simple and obvious explanation that the mind influences the amount of food one eats, and consequently, one’s weight.Rather, it is the mind that acts directly upon the body through the agency of energy. These breathing exercises are easy and painless unlike the gymming where you can get muscle pull and cramps too. Deep breathing leads to the release of hormones from the thyroid gland that stimulate metabolism and indirectly lead to weight loss.
It’s ideally done facing the early morning sun so that the body can get benefits of the sun rays.

By directing this energy wisely, one can actually think oneself into putting on or losing weight. Sun rays are rich source of Vitamin D and help to strengthen our bones and clear our vision.
Proper diet with good fitness regime can definitely help you in reducing this fat around your tummy. Yoga is also a very good therapy in reducing the abdominal fat and letting you control your mind and body.

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