This VCDs Part 1 contains Pranayams performed by Swami Ramdev Ji including Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya,Anulom - Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Ujjayee.This VCDs Part 2 contains Yoga aasans for getting rid of all ailments including obesity (overweight), Spondilytis, high blood pressure, arthritis and chronic stomach ailment, etc. As Diabetes results in many complications in the body like: Cardiac Malfunctioning, Kidney Failure,General weakness, Eye Related problems, Impotency etc to name few.
Entire world is terrified with this disease and is caught in the clutches of it's unlimited complications. A complete Routine analysis of a diabetic patients, as to what they should eat, the amazing home remedies which one can imbibe in his routine, in order to cure Diabetes. This DVD contains specially designed package of yoga, a natural method of healing, which not only controls but cures diabetes and it's complications. The major reasons why a number of the couples are not blessed with the CHILD are low sperm count, doubts in menstrual cycle, cyst in the uterus and ovary.
Cure for Sinus, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Common Cold and other diseases related to respitory system through pranayama, shadkarm, aasan, acupressure, ayurveda and home remedies. Several people are suffering from respiratory problems because of pollution, imbalanced diet, Hereditary factors and due to climate change. This DVD features proven yogic practices and simple home remedies to get rid of all problems related to cough, ensuring a healthy and disease free life.
Spine or Backbone is the most vital part of our body and when it develops complications, depression creeps in.
Yog ( A natural healer ) is the only solution for all such complications of the spinal cord. Advanced medical science, fails to provide entire relief and cure for spine related ailments and surgical negligence leads to paralysis, thereby making life miserable. An attempt is made through this specially designed package to heal almost all the spinal disorders by a natural way through yoga without any side effects. Treatment through yog, Ayurveda, Acupressure and home remedies for glaucoma, cataract, night-blindness, double-vision, allergy, myopia, hypermetropia, dry eyes, excessive watering and problems related to cornea and retina.
For the first time in the world, under the guidance of his holiness Swami Ramdev Ji, it has been established through scientific documentation that defects of vision and cataract can be cured without surgery. If you want to prevent the prospect of your children wearing spectacles, then follow the advice contained in this DVD. This DVD features complete solution for ailments related to women like Harmonal Imbalance, uncertainities in Menstrual Cycle, disorders of uterus & Ovary, Anemia etc.
Beauty related matters like Pimples, Dark circles, Wrinkles, Hair fall, Hair greying, Obesity, Height etc are also exposed effectively through Yog, Ayurved & Natural Treatments. This DVD contains Pranayams, Yog assanas, Acupressure and Home remedies for High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure Caused due to any reasons can be controlled and cured through pranayam, Meditation & Various other tested traditional methodology. His Holiness Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has gifted mankind a complete and permanent cure from high blood pressure through yogic practices.
Proven Cure through Yog, Ayurved and home remedies for psoriasis, eczema, leucoderma, ance, fungal infection and other skin diseases. This DVD contains Yog assanas, Pranayams, Acupressure and Home remedies for Parkinson and Paralysis.
Irregular blood pressure, stress, paralysis and problems arise from extreme use of medicines have been cure wit the help of pranayam and natural remedies. A number of patients may get instantaneous relief in diseases similar to paralysis while others may have to srtive for a year or more. This DVD contains Pranayams performed by Swami Ramdev Ji including Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya,Anulom - Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Ujjayee.This DVD contains Yoga aasans for getting rid of all ailments including obesity (overweight), Spondilytis,high blood pressure, arthritis and chronic stomach ailment, etc.
Yog Asans postures discribes every methodology of Asanas to get rid of ailments like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, heart disease, back ache, arthritis, and stomach disorders. New Yoga for Obesity (weight loss) and Diabetes DVD (Both in one DVD) by Swami Ramdev Ji in English and Hindi. Acupressure, Pranayam, Asan, and Age Old established methods of treatment are the most dependable way to decrease obesity (weight loss) and get rid of problems originating from obesity (Over weight) similar to cardiac malfunctioning, diabetes, joint pain, lumber pain and depression.
Diabetes is mother of all diseases, as it outcome in a lot of complications in the body like: cardiac malfunctioning, general weakness, kidney failure, and eye related disorders, impotency etc to name few. Diabetes is not only controlled but also cured through our age old established practice of YOG, Pranayam and Ayurvedic Science. Yoga is synonymous with India and this art with Shilpa Shetty being one of the most popular Indian fascinating faces on the world map, So what could be better than a Shilpa Yoga DVD. This website is not an official website of Swami Ramdev and Divya pharmacy or Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar. Yahoo , Facebook , Facebook , Twitter , Twitter , Google+ , Google+ , Myspace , Myspace , Linkedin , Linkedin , Odnoklassniki , Odnoklassniki , Vkontakte , Vkontakte , Google , Google , Yahoo , Yahoo , Rambler , Rambler , Yandex , Yandex , Gmail , Gmail , Yahoo! Designers Manufacturers , ??????? ????????? - ?????????? ???????????? , Gorgian Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia , ????????? ?????? ????????? , Cambridje Dictionary Online , ????????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ????????? , Oxford Advenced Learner's Online Dictionar? , ??????????? ?????? - moazrovne,net, ???
It is not only controlled but also cured by our age old traditional practices of yoga, Pranayamas and Ayurvedic science. Though our Medical Science has developed Insulin to control It, but complete treatment is still far away and which can only be achieved through Yoga which is the solutions of all ailments. Blockage of tubes, frequent abortions etc are discuss in detail in this DVD, through yog, Ayurvedic medication and home remedies.

Renowned yoga Guru Swami Ramdev ji has cured Millions of people who were suffering from Asthma and also broken the myth that the disease is incurable.
Pranayama, special Aasans, Accupressure & Ayurvedic Treatments are necessary in getting rid of such ailments like Backache, Cervical Spondylitis, Slip disc, Sciatica, Lumber spondylitis, etc. Yhis DVD helps to cure eye diseases and provides guidance to live with healthy eyes throughout life. Common available medicines are only effective controlling its level, but fails to provide any permanent solution. Cure from first to last Yog, Acupressure, Ayurved and home remedies for paralysis, polio, tremor and problems for instance clot in brain and veins. This DVD contains information of that proven technique of traditional and scientific treatment. Strong will power, strength of mind, and habitual practice of techniques elucidated in this DVD will definitely lead to positive outcome. This DVD also features other useful pranayamas like Ujjai, Seetkari, Sheetli and other yogic practices.
DVD also include special asans for all round development and growth of height of children besides the correct way of doing Surya Namaskar. India's gorgeous Shilpa perfectly performs Yoga Asana in the perfect scenic ambiance of Kerala on the southern tip of India that alongside the Arabian Sea, it surrounded by mesmerizing views. Shilpa shares her secrets that help her to become stay curvaceous, calm and perfectly focused.
Authenticity and genuinety of the information mentioned on the above page is purely at the user discretion. Shilpa also claims that it is Yoga that gives her the energy and strength to move go ahead in life at a reasonably fast pace. We don't claim any cure, relief and other authenticity of the medical and health conditions that are mentioned on the above page. It is always recommended that users of this website should always consult their physician prior to use of this information and products. This Website is presented purely at our personal experience and hence we don’t take any responsibility of any sort.

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