This isn’t Fonda’s first yoga video—in addition to her 20 plus videos on aerobics, she made one yoga video on VHS in 1993.
Fonda, who has had a full life as a performer, political activist, healthy living proponent, and, more recently, Zen meditator, is still quite active in the world and online.
Celebrities and organizations are lending their time and toys to support the annual online auction benefiting the Tibet House US. This program includes a DVD and insider access to materials and videos that you can access anytime, anywhere! Pregnancy is such a unique and wonderful time of life, and the yoga classes and training videos in this program will help you enjoy the changes in your body and prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your new life ahead.
While many women today feel the need to push their bodies and their lifestyles to the max during pregnancy, Mel's approach is the opposite. On the cover, she sports a pretty long blonde braid and a full-body maroon leotard that is reminiscent of the 1980s.

The DVD has both morning practices and evening practices, and she uses props and modifications to make the practices more accessible. She posts a new fitness You Tube video every Tuesday as part of BeFit’s Jane Fonda: Primetime Health and has written extensively about her connection to spirit (she has a whole section on her site devoted to Relationships and Spirit). She teaches yoga as a tool for pulling back from the striving in your personal and physical fitness life, and instead taking time to reconnect with your source energy and that of your baby. Now, the sassy and svelte senior citizen has come out with a new yoga DVD for those who want a gentle practice—like newbies and other senior citizens. Her new DVD shows a more mature Fonda (even though she’s wearing a very similar outfit!), with cropped hair and, still, a remarkably youthful figure. We think she looks terrific—not just for her age, but for any age—and hope this new DVD will inspire seniors to keep moving. But when it comes to yoga, Neal Pollack says, maybe we should all stop taking ourselves so seriously.

The Practices: Introduction, Birthing Breath, Pelvic Exercises, 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester. Through safe and gentle sequences, you're led step-by-step through beginner-friendly classes.
However, though she may be Jane Fonda, she openly admits that she’s not immune to the aging process. Mel Campbell is an internationally-renowned yoga teacher who was instrumental in pioneering prenatal yoga to expectant mothers in Thailand during her residency there.
According to her website, Fonda has osteoarthritis, and has had a knee and hip replacement, as well as back surgery.

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