Obviously acting, modelling and just being generally super cool in everyday life is in her DNA, but these on set pics are only reinforcing Lily-Rose's one-to-watch credentials. Wearing a simple cami and light wash, patchwork mom jeans, Lily-Rose has rounded off her impossibly stylish 90s revival-inspired look expertly with a pair of chunky patent platform Dr Martens.
We'll be wearing ours with everything from black skinnies and a plain T-shirt to skater skirts come nightfall. She was spotted chatting to some crew members while strolling around and sipping on a soda.Also seen on the set was Lily-Rosea€™s co-star Tyler Posey, who wore a paint-splattered tank top, black tracksuit bottoms and bright blue high-top trainers.
High school girls Colleen (Lily-Rose Depp) and Colleen (Harley Quinn Smith) have been besties ever since they were in diapers. So it's to the surprise of no one that Lily-Rose Depp is already carving out quite the career for herself. Dr Martens are the last word in tough girl dressing so if you want to work a dose of effortless style to your look why not click right to get yours or see our must-have buys below? They are pictured here in July 2013With her hair up and showing hoop earrings, Depp looked in casual off-camera mode.Lily-Rose was dressed casually in a baggy blue T-shirt, black jeans with rips at the knees and matching ankle boots just two days prior while filming in the same location. Natasha Lyonne and Adam Brody will be joining the cast the spin-off.Johnny and Vanessa are also parents to 12-year-old son Jack.
When they’re not torturing amps with their rock band, they’re behind the cash desk of the local supermarket, owned by Colleen’s dad, practice funky yoga moves with guru Yogi Bayer (Justin Long) or execute everyone who dares to enter their field of vision with lethal one-liners.

But there are exceptions, like handsome Ichabod (Adam Brody) from Senior High, who invites them to a party at his house. Martens boots.With her hair parted in the middle and dramatic makeup on, she looked a lot like Paradis, who was a music sensation in her native France in the eighties with such hits as Joe Le Taxi. I was very excited to see Yoga Hosers as it seemed like a return to comedy and had the promise of being a female, Canadian Clerks. Luckily, the noise from their band awakens a slumbering evil or maybe we should say a whole lot of little evils.
The creatures start terrorizing the town, looking for a very specific sort of victim who becomes the subject of a devastating anal probe. If the plot sounds ridiculous, then wait until you see the movie.Yoga Hosers is cute and silly with a few fun moments. The cavalry arrives in the person of the notorious monster hunter Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp).
He’ll help the Colleens to survive this hellish night.”Those little monsters are hilarious, I’d love to help Lily-Rose Depp, Harley Quinn Smith get rid of them!
Smith uses cheap gags including some surprise cameos from unexpected geek celebrities and of course references and lines from his previous films.
What about you> How would you smash them?The release date of the movie Yoga Hosers is set to July 29, 2016 (in select theaters and on VOD ).

The film joyfully lampoons the way Canadians pronounce certain words, but after a couple times the joke loses its humor. I’m just not sure Yoga Hosers is for me, and it feels at times more like a home movie comprised of family members and friends. That’s actually just an excuse to ritually murder the Colleens for some satanic ritual.
Harley Quinn Smith often looked unconfident on screen, almost as if she felt she didn’t belong there. Johnny Depp (finally credited as himself in this film) seems to be doing his own wacky thing, uninterested in the movie surrounding his character.
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