Lily-Rose Depp might very well be on the road to joining the rankings of her father, Johnny Depp. The 16-year-old is starring in Yoga Hosers, a horror-comedy about two yoga-avid girls planning to go a senior party, but who have to face monstrous forces when everything goes wrong.
The film's director, Kevin Smith, tells PEOPLE that Johnny, 52, met his match in working with his daughter. The film, which is a spin-off of Smith's Tusk, is a family affair for the director as well, with Smith's daughter Harley costarring with the Depps. Depp's wife, Amber Heard, even came to set to surprise Lily with a dog during the holidays while filming.
Sitting next to Harley Quinn Smith (left) and Lily-Rose Depp (right), you would probably assume they were just like a lot of other 16-year-olds.
Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp were at Park City, Utah this weekend for the premiere of Yoga Hosers, their first time at the festival and their first taste of stardom.
Harley Quinn Smith: I’ve never been to Sundance and I just expected it to be more like Comic-Con, so this was pretty unexpected. Lily-Rose Depp: Well, I just got here the night before last so I haven’t really had time to do anything. I mean I’ve seen Harley, obviously, but I have a lot of the cast that I haven’t really seen since we shot and stuff. So yeah, it’s been super fun just getting to see everybody again, and watching the movie last night and being at the premiere, and being like, this is my first premiere for like a movie that I did, was a surreal thing. Lily-Rose Depp: Obviously it’s fun for us to look back on it since we had such a good time shooting it and everything, but I think just like in general, and we’ve heard from people who’ve seen it, it’s also just a really fun watch.
Harley Quinn Smith: There wasn’t really a moment when I was like, “Oh God…” Like, I was really happily surprised.
And to have those people who have no personal connection to it really enjoy it was amazing because it’s like, that means we made something, a piece of art that people can like even if they weren’t involved in it.
Lily-Rose Depp: I remember visiting, actually, the kindergarten and that’s when I met you and everything and like, I was really shy.
Kevin was talking about how Tusk came together, and you [Harley] were always going to be in it and you [Lily-Rose] came in sort of randomly. So it encourages me to work even harder to get more jobs and have auditions on the jobs that I do have.
Are you both officially actors now or is this just your parents dragging you into their movies? Lily-Rose Depp: No, I just shot two movies in Paris so I’ve been working and stuff, so yeah. So I’ve always felt a connection to it, not in like “I’m in insane person” way, driven crazy by The Joker, but you see her as a doctor, Dr. Harley Quinn Smith: We were going to get this person to play the drums, and this person to play the guitar! Lily-Rose Depp: I’ve done yoga, and it’s fun, but I’m not the kind of person that can wake up and do it every morning.
Lily-Rose Depp: Just we hope everybody enjoys it and we had a great time making it, and no matter what it’s always going to… It’s like a one-of-a-kind experience that we’re always going to remember and always keep with us, and it’s the beginning of our careers. Harley Quinn Smith: Also, like when you see it and you’re like, “This is weird!” just remember that there was a time when people were like, “What is Gremlins? John Waters had been making independent movies for decades, but even the ‘80s popularity of Hairspray probably couldn’t have prepared him for what it became.
Winner: Filmmakers Trophy - Documentary (Errol Morris), Grand Jury Prize - Documentary (Errol Morris)The recent release of The Theory of Everything just makes me want to go back and re-watch Errol Morris' brilliant 1991 documentary film about Stephen Hawking. Winner: Special Jury Prize - Originality of Vision (Miranda July)Twee, precious, and perhaps insufferable, Miranda July's 2005 comic drama Me and You and Everyone We Know is one of the sweetest films of its decade, and easily one of the best. While a solid debut film, no one could have predicted that director Justin Lin would go on to be in charge of four blockbuster Fast and the Furious films. The Sundance Film Festival is famous for discovering important filmmakers, influential new voices and championing serious motion pictures that illuminate life as we know it. This Film Is Not Yet Rated is not just a documentary, it’s a full frontal assault on the entertainment industry. Winner: Grand Jury Prize - Documentary (Chris Smith)Filmmakers would never become filmmakers without a healthy heaping of good old American can-do, and Sundance has always been (at least ideally) defined by ambition and originality over all else. Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas is one of the best films of 1984, and one of the most achingly painful and oddly romantic films of the decade. The Blair Witch Project wasn't the only Sundance horror film whose immense buzz and popularity steered the method of mainstream horror filmmaking for the next five years. Guy Ritchie made his feature film directorial debut with this stylized British gangster film. Winner: Audience Award - Dramatic (Damien Chazelle), Grand Jury Prize - Dramatic (Damien Chazelle)Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-nominated Whiplash was born and raised at Sundance.

Winner: Special Jury Prize - Acting (Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley)Young romance is difficult to do. Produced by StarStream Entertainment, Smodcast Pictures and Destro Films, the film stars Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith in the second installment of Smith’s True North Trilogy. Harley and Lily-Rose, who have known each other since kindergarten, had small roles in Tusk. You talk to them and find out they met each other in kindergarten, grew up together and started a band. I hung out with them for about 15 minutes and picked their brains to find out what Sundance was like for them (pretty much on fleek), what they want for their futures (Lily-Rose wants a career in acting, Harley Quinn actually wants to play Harley Quinn in a movie), and why their fake movie band "Glamthrax" isn't half as cool as the band they started together when they were both six years old. I got here late Saturday night and then we had press all day Sunday, so that was really fun though. There’s the one where you’re in the crowd, anxiously looking at everyone, seeing how they liked the movie. I was like sitting in the middle of the crowd and I just kept looking around the entire time like, “What’s up, everyone?” [Laughs.] “How do you feel?” But yeah, I really wanted to see what would get the most laughs so there was no chance I was going outside. I was just excited to see how it was going to play and how people were going to react, and we’re both happily… I mean, not “surprised.” Not that we were like surprised, but it was cooling seeing [it] because so far, we’ve only known people who have seen it who are like people that we know, you know? It wasn’t even like work because we hang out all the time anyway and like, we’ve known each other forever and we’ve known each other’s families and stuff, and the whole crew got along so well. I remember Harley was one of the first people that I like, actually talked to and became friends with so she was like one of my first friends, period. It makes me want to work even harder to make up for having such an easy start into this crazy world. Harleen Quinzel, and you see her progress into this insane person and it’s just the most interesting character. Is there anything you want to tell people about the movie or the experience, or anything like that, that I didn’t think to ask? And we started our careers together, and so I think that really comes through in the movie, just how exciting it was an how special it was to be able to work with people we love so much.
You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most Craved and What the Flick.
Terrence Howard plays a pimp who decides to take a crack at stardom, crafting a killer track in his brothel and begging his neighbors to be quiet long enough to lay it down on tape. Perhaps his most accessible film (Divine eating dog poop just didn’t cross over), Hairspray later spawned a Tony Award-winning musical, and a hit movie based on the musical based on the original movie. I don’t just mean the character – an overweight teen (Gabourey Sidibe) who lives through intense variants of abuse from her mom (Mo’Nique) in Harlem –  but in the way the film is perceived. A man is divorcing from his wife, and wants to remain something of a hero in the eyes of his sons. Lin’s microbudget crime caper got him into the big leagues, and was also a landmark film for diversity with its Asian cast. Filmmaker Kirby Dick sets his aim squarely at the mysterious and powerful MPAA, who determine the ratings for every motion picture. Chris Smith's 1999 documentary follows an ambitious director named Mark Borschardt as he tries to gather the funds and shoot a short horror film called Coven (pronounced with a long o). Co-written by Sam Shepard, Paris, Texas follows a mysterious man (Harry Dean Stanton) who stumbles out of the desert after four years. What began as a short film about an abusive music conductor browbeating greatness into his students evolved into a feature length masterwork starring J.K.
The movie, which premiered at Sundance in January, also features Austin Butler, Tyler Posey, Ralph Garman, Jason Mewes and Johnny Depp, father of Lily-Rose Depp.
The daughters play 15-year-old yoga enthusiasts who hate their after-school jobs at a Manitoba convenience store. They also go with their dads to work, and sometimes have to do odd jobs while they're there. So I’ve just been walking up and down Main Street seeing what’s going on, and seeing how excited everybody is. I’ve just been trying to fully engage myself in everything that’s going on and I hope to see other movies here while I’m here!
Obviously they’re biased because they’re close to us or because they worked on the movie or whatever, so I think for me, the most crazy thing was just watching people, who had absolutely no ties to it whatsoever, just watch a movie objectively.
So it was really just like hanging out and we really got to have fun because Kevin’s really flexible in that he lets us just play and whatever, and improv and stuff, you know? I mean, we are so lucky that we… I mean, it sounds kind of weird to say but like, we never really had to… Some people work their entire lives to get just an audition, and I struggle dealing with the fact every day that it’s like, I’ve never had to work to get to this place.
I have a good time when I’m acting, and bottom line, I just want to enjoy myself and be a happy person, and acting makes me happy. I think she’s the most interesting villain, and I would be so honored to portray that one day and I will work very hard to.

Craig Brewer’s film is honest about his hero’s failings, and uses them to gradually expose how true artistic expression evolves from hard living.
The magical realist post-Katrina Louisiana marshland's tale went on to garner four Academy Award nominations, including a surprise Best Director nomination for Benh Zeitlin (who beat out Ben Affleck, even though his Argo won Best Picture). As McElwee becomes less and less confident that he's even making a film, he includes on-camera updates about his fear of nuclear war. March isn't campy.
When I finally saw it, I thought it made sense, but that it was clearly the vision of a deep thinker.
When they refuse to give up their secrets, he hires private detectives to investigate who these gatekeepers of mainstream cinema are, what their agenda really is, and why films from major studios are held to consistently lower standards than their independent counterparts. But most people don't even remember that the original Saw was more of a mystery-thriller that told the story from a victim's perspective. This is not a halcyon, self-indulgent, “But daddy, I LOVE him!” tale of fantasy romance, nor is it a horndog's tale of getting one's jollies.
And even though I made the people I love most in this world do and say some of the stupidest s— ever put in a movie, I was still very particular about who would shepherd our film into the box office wild lands. Perfectly normal, except their dads just happen to be filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor Johnny Depp, and the odd job they have this year is starring in Yoga Hosers as Canadian teens who do battle with clones of Hitler that are made out of bratwurst. I just wanted to totally immerse myself in this experience because it’s like a once in a lifetime thing.
It was just awesome because like, when you film it there’s not like… I mean, there’s everybody on the set watching, they’ll laugh but they’re trying not to laugh because they don’t their voices in the audio. At the end of the day if he doesn’t like something he just won’t put it in the movie and if he likes it he will put it in the movie. But that just makes me want to work even harder to continue working because I had such an easy start, and such a painless start to this amazing world. We talk to his friends and family, and get frank anecdotes from Hawking himself, all between clear explanation from his oblique book about the nature of the entire physical universe. 11 months of hype later, prominent critics were vocally revolted by the stereotypes and narrative differentiation between the skin tones of the darker-skinned black characters (largely abusive, and illiterate) and the lighter-skinned black characters (who were helpful); then Precious won two Oscars. The seemingly Harold Ramis-inspired story, about a group of lazy, oversexed prankster Highway Patrolmen on the verge of getting fired, is but a delivery system for one classic gag after another. The torture porn that the series is credited with starting came later - after there was no mystery.
The film raises difficult questions about art and artists, and comes to conclusions that are both shocking beautiful and dangerously subversive. This is a film about how teenagers ache for real love, and how they constantly announce their newly-formed life philosophies that they assume will be permanent, but usually only last a few years.
I wish I could have gone skiing but I feel like by the time I got back into the swing of it I would have had to go back, so I just went and walked around. It was a really relaxed environment and we felt like we could really just try a bunch of different stuff and if it didn’t work it didn’t work, and if it worked it worked, you know?
I’m so thankful for that every day, because again, there are so many people who do not have that same luxury as we do. So just remember when you see it and you’re like, “This is so bizarre,” just remember… there are a lot of weird movies out there that have shaped people’s lives.
Donnie Darko has lasted though, as a director’s cut was released years later, and also straight to video sequel. Father and son then go on a quest to find the boy's pretty absentee mother (Nastassja Kinski). I remember checking it out at my college town’s indie movie theater, where it probably wouldn’t have even played had it not been a Sundance hit. And while that's become a bit of an indie-trope, Russell gives Spanking the Monkey a Generation X slacker spin: an overgrown boy (Jeremy Davies) takes care of his injured mom (Alberta Watson) because he's bored and lost his internship. This is a film that knows the way young people think, and presents it as simultaneously painful, pitiable, and exhilarating. But yeah, bottom line I just have a good time doing it and it makes me happy and everybody should always do what makes them happy. Just keep an open mind because weird art is, I think, the best art and leads us to the best type of things. This film is like kitchen sink Shakespeare, a halcyon paean to reuniting families, a quiet opera of complex unspoken emotions. Richie continues to make gangster films in the same style, like Snatch and Rocknrolla, and also earned a place at the big studio table with the Sherlock Holmes films. Sex is a bit of a red herring, because Russell has other suburban fish to fry, but Spanking hit Sundance at a time where incest wasn't so narratively commonplace.

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