The Retreat Center, Ankor Zen Garden is located a few minutes away from the famous Angkor Wat temples and only 3 km from the heart of Siem Reap town. The retreat center is dedicated to those of you who are looking for the true peace of mind with the help of Meditation, Yoga, teaching of Buddhism and vegetarian food in a unique environment. There is a tuk tuk service available to go downtown or you can be more freely and take bicycles for rent (15 min easy ride to the Old Market).
Retreat centers are a great way to start you on a new path of understanding or to help you remember ways of reconnecting with your higher self. Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Siem Reap is one of South East Asia’s best options if you are considering an intensive course in yoga and meditation.
Hariharalaya Retreat Center host a range of courses from 5 days to 21 days that take you through a series of steps that help teach you ways of reaching personal inner peace.
All food, drink, use of facilities and accommodation is included in the prices that can be seen on their website. Hariharalaya follows a strict vegan diet and recommends that you abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and communication from the outside world during your time there.
Places such as Hariharalaya are great if you have recently experienced any personal problems in your life and want to find ways to cope with said problems. If you are already in Siem Reap, a short 30 minute tuk-tuk ride will get you here from the city center. If you are coming from more international places, most airports fly out to Phnom Phen or Bangkok with connecting flights on to Siem Reap.
Hariharalaya is a particularly good retreat center that we have heard about but if you can get one closer to home obviously that might be a better option.

Retreat centers are a great way to learn new skills if you are a little unsure about meditation and different forms of yoga. The food is vegetarian, Asian style with a variety of dishes from south Asia, India and Nepal, their chef, Ramesh, is from India.
From daily yoga classes and meditation courses to massage and body language discussions – you’ll be introduced to a variety of wonderfully healing techniques that you will be able to use in your everyday life if you so wish to. You have a choice of dormitories, private rooms and double rooms – whichever suits your needs or budget. Obviously everyone is to free to do as they please but the full benefits may not be reaped if guidelines are not honored.
There are also very good if you wish to learn how to meditate and do Yoga by yourself at home but are unsure as to how to do it or would like guidance first. May be you would just like a break from everyday life and wish to do that in a calm, beautiful relaxing atmosphere? Elsewhere in Cambodia is reliably connected with Siem Reap and many places do direct buses and sleeper buses to here. They give you a chance to meet like minded individuals and also ask any questions of the teachers whilst you are there as well.
Together with a host of friendly and supportive yoga teachers, therapists and staff, they offer visitors the opportunity to indulge in meditation, yoga and holistic healing therapies.
May you are seeking guidance in personal spiritual growth and have not been able to center yourself as a solo person? Hariharalaya is well known in the town so many of the local taxis will know how to get here.

Visit the official websiteYou should follow me on twitter here.Last updated by Jack on 11 April, 2015 in Destinations. You may have to haggle on price, but around $10 is a fair price from Siem Reap town center. Whether you are at the beginning of your personal or spiritual journey or deepening your knowledge, at Angkor Bodhi Tree, you will find the support to explore and discover what it is you came here to find. MEET YOUR HOSTS Stephen has worked as a Clinical Psychologist over the past 25 years in a number of clinical settings.
He has particular interest in meditation and mindfulness practices with many years of personal practice using a variety of meditation techniques.
He has also taught meditation in both one-on-one and group environments, including the use of mindfulness and breathing techniques (pranayama) as a therapeutic tool in his work. Stephen had a special experience by being ordained as a monk in 2013 during the Vesak Buja celebrations (Buddha’s birthday) at the Wat Angkor Pagoda in the grounds of the Angkor Wat temple. Margo has been working in the welfare sector for over 30 years and as a Clinical Social Worker for the past 15 years. In her work, Margo uses Narrative Therapy that focuses on people’s stories and their interpretation of these stories.

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