Hatha yoga helps you to relax your body through stretching with controlled breathing and concentration. By doing yoga and stretching regularly, you’re less likely to get muscle related injuries. Contrary to public belief, you don’t have to be fit and flexible in order to practice yoga.
Just the breathing component of Hatha yoga can have a tremendous effect on your emotional states.

Some postures accomplish this by bringing blood to certain areas or flushing the area with fresh blood. If you have a job where you sit 40 hours a week then you’ve probably experienced times when your hamstring muscles were painful for days at a time. Having a strong core is great for preventing injuries, will give you more self esteem and can even heighten sexual pleasure for you and your partner. When we feel peaceful and satisfied we can create more experiences that we really desire instead of being in a stressed out, rush-rush state.

Yoga brings fresh blood to all your organs and releases stagnant energy so that you can feel renewed and strong. Hatha yoga accomplishes this through holding the stretch along with deep breathing which calms your mind and allows one to de-stress.

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