Mentoring Program for TeachersContinue that teacher training vibe of community, learning and teaching practice! Healthy BackThis class focuses on multiple aspects of spinal health from back, neck, and shoulder issues, to stiffness, alignment, and flexibility. Yin YogaSequence of poses done to enhance the meridian and organ systems, thereby inducing deep relaxation to the body and mind, and improving fluidity to the joints. Hot Yin YangThis is a class designed to use the heated environment to facilitate the healing process. Wall Rope YogaThis class is especially suitable for pre-beginner practitioners who wish to accelerate the development of their flexibility with the aid of wall and rope support. Yoga for ExecutivesIt has been especially designed to overcome common conditions including stress, back, neck & joint pain, eye strain, insomnia, gastro-intestinal issues, etc. Sivananda YogaThe focus is on mastery of the twelve basic classical yoga asanas and their variations. Hatha SahajThis is a slower-paced stretching class that works on different groups of muscles to release stiffness and create an energetic, active and flexible body.
Hot FlowHot Flow done in a hot environment to facilitate detoxification and increase endurance levels.
Hot StretchA class designed to increase flexibility in all parts of the body and to release any stress and tensions held when the body is stretched. Prenatal YogaThrough this class mothers-to-be will be better able to manage the physical demands of pregnancy, labour and motherhood. I highly recommend their Wall Rope Yoga class for people who would like to strech their bodies. As for the negative parts, they don’t offer classes every single hour (5 classes on the weekdays, 3-4 classes on the weekends) and there are no mirrors!

My foray into practicing yoga started from master Shree and I got hooked onto practicing yoga ever since.
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The studio here focuses on Wall Rope Yoga, a newer twist to traditional yoga practice emphasized by studio. Healthy Hip and Healthy Back are also good because they focus on body parts most prone to injury or stress. This is a HAPPY studio with a HAPPY instructor, a big plus in my book and something you don’t really see nowadays I feel.
His observation and jovial character makes every session interesting and un-intimidating especially for beginners.
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The location is convenient for the busy suits since it's right in CBD area and the studio offers lunch-time classes as well. The small class means he can provide attention and correct your posture more frequently, and his knowledge on different asanas like how to target which muscles to flex further and benefits of each pose. When the sequence in my regular hatha yoga class starts to feel repetitive, I’d join another instructor’s class, or switch to another yoga style I’m less familiar with, like vinyasa.
Whatever do you mean?” Well, laddy, if you work at a desk and afraid to walk into a yoga studio, come here!
The best part about this studio is that there aren’t many students and the teachers make sure to align each and every student.

This studio incorporates wall rope yoga to bring your stretch to the next level and I believe that there are few studios that offers this. I highly recommend Masters Yoga Sadhan to both experienced and beginner yoga practitioners.
Call me over if you do!” Personally, I like it when an instructor comes to help me stretch a bit deeper and correct my posture. Besides using a hammock, Pure Air includes two stirrups, for additional support and stability. Most studios don’t do this anymore bc they’re afraid of being sued, but how else are we going to learn?!
With those props, you can go deeper into a lunge, forward bend, warrior 3, dancer’s pose… basically any balancing or stretching pose you wish to fine-tune without worrying about toppling over or overstraining. While practising a split in class, I could extend my front leg easily by swinging it forward, since it was supported by the hammock.
As someone who’s been practicing yoga for 3 years, the ropes really do make a difference and I immediately felt a difference when I stretch with and without the ropes.
Inversion junkies, this class is where you get to hone your handstand or headstand with no fear of falling over. Just by doing a simple chair pose with my hands strapped to the ropes, I felt a strong stretch in my triceps, shoulders and back, as if someone was pulling me up from above. Bent over with a pelvic swing pulling against my thighs, I could extend my spine much more than usual.

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