A sedentary life at home or work, smoking, high blood pressure, certain medications, excessive stress and deficiency of key nutrients (zinc, magnesium, iron, folates, vitamin Bs, vitamin C) can all affect the reproductive system adversely. To combat this, Shameem Akthar, a certified yoga acharya with the internationally acclaimed Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala (headquartered in Canada), recommends six yoga exercises that focus on the last chakra at the perineum (also referred to as the mooladhara chakra) to rejuvenate and repair the uro-genital system. By proxy, the adrenal glands (which are involved with our biological response to stress) are also massaged, thus making such yogic therapy to fertility problem a holistic one.
Yogic therapies start at the level where we can exert some control -- and that is in our bodies. Most people are unaware that the balancing poses in yoga are used therapeutically to help overcome extreme shyness and social phobia. Shameem Akthar, a certified yoga acharya with the internationally acclaimed Sivananda Yoga Centre, Kerala (the centre has its headquarters in Canada) guides you through five yoga poses that help you overcome shyness and social awkwardness.

Recent research also shows that chemical imbalances in the cerebellum could well be linked to social problems we face, such as an inability to maintain a meaningful conversation, or failure at sustaining relationships with others.
Importantly, since balancing poses also require you to work out both sides of your body equally, they harmonise the left and right hemispheres of our brain. A regular mind-body routine also primes the body for nutrient absorption, wrings out stress, clears our arteries and reduces our dependency on medications, thus acting as a perfect complement to any conventional fertility treatment that you may be undergoing. The part of the brain called the cerebellum (also referred to as the `little brain') is involved in maintaining our physical balance. Also, since sexual hormones are part of the reward hormones that boost our self-esteem and make us feel good, getting the entire system back on track with yoga is crucial for our well-being. Remember to do some warm-up exercises before attempting any of these poses (spot walking, a few rounds of surya namaskar or any joint-releasing exercise).

It was recently established that the cerebellum also has much to do with an individual's social balance -- it plays an active role in the expression of our social selves.
Slowly increase stamina so you are able to hold each pose for longer periods of time -- from 15 seconds to one minute, for more impact.

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