I came home today and my envelope from Bikram headquarters was sitting on the kitchen table. This training is good for parents, educators, coaches and yoga teachers who are looking to build a skill set for teaching yoga to kids in a variety of environments. Various forms of healing practices are used in this training to awaken authentic expression and connect us to our inner landscape.
With unspeakable beauty and humility, Adya and Velan open the mysteries and teachings of the many facets of yoga in a magical weave that brings deep transformation, rich understandings, and palpable evolutionary waves. Velan is deeply influenced by the discipline of Master Zhen Hua Yang, a Shaolin monk trained and guided in the temples of China.
Unifying various styles into a creative flow of movement, he has been influenced through the study of Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda Yoga, and Yoga therapy With Simon Borg Oliver. In Pachamama YTT Velan shares his passion of Calligraphy Yoga, Ayurvedic principles of health and assessment, functional movement, energetic cultivation, healing and free form movement. This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified residential training will be supported by the unique expression of village life, and the inspiration of a vibrant spiritual community where people meet life in an authentic and sacred way.

Payment has been received and I now have the dialogue that will be with me for the rest of my life. Even with 400+ teachers getting certified with each training session, there are still studio’s out there that need instructors. Weekend 1 will cover working with children ages 3-12 and Weekend 2 will focus on sharing yoga with teens. This lineage holds the energy of over 400 years, through the people who served as guardians of the Chinese Emperor.
The graphic references the 1917 Uncle Sam poster used to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II.
Adya and Velan gave their whole hearts to this training and i am forever grateful for this experience. Velan shares layers of this lineage as a 3 dimensional form fusing Tai Chi, Qi Gong and traditional Hatha yoga to awaken internal power, vitality and stillness in motion. This form reveals a dynamic synergy between internal power and deep integrative moments of stillness.

Anyway, the photo of 2006 Yoga Champion Ky Ha was used by permission and photographed by Xing thonx.sg. The day after I got back I filled out the online registration and I’ve now put together all the paperwork needed to officially sign up.
Connecting to the body's innate wisdom, its desire to move and heal is the foundation of his teaching. Online registration is just the first step, and I have to get my paperwork in by August 1st.

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