Last week, I was in Connecticut for an intensive week as part of my yoga teacher training program. Yesterday morning, I sat on the back porch and watched the sun rise on my left as the just-past full moon descended on my right. It was the last day of our week-long teacher training. Although we have only been in Connecticut for a week, it felt much longer like we have been there for a month.
You know how during the auditions for American Idol, they make you work together in groups and you have to put together a piece to perform?
At the beginning of the week, I have to admit, it was kind of ugly and kind of a train wreck all around for everyone. However, by the end of the week, it felt like everything started to come together. We spent Sunday morning teaching, working in groups of four to create and teach an hour long class. It was amazing to see how everyone progressed during the week and began to step into the role of teacher. It was a hard week on many levels (particularly as a more introverted person and not having the time and space to retreat and recharge). Filed Under: Fitness, Me, Yoga 74 Comments « Dream Big for LifeAllegiant, Cortisone and Spandits! I love reading about your teacher training because it is something that I someday hope to do. Yoga Teacher TrainingIt is advisable that a practitioner begins and develops his asanas practice under the keen and benevolent teaching of a trained teacher. And for those being trained to become yoga teachers, these valuable snippets of knowledge and wisdom can only enrich an individual’s life.
According to varied ancient texts, there is no substitute for the grace of a Guru and it is not limited by reasoning or logic.

Though today’s yoga Gurus may not be dressed so grandly, the fact is that they are very important, as they today, carry forth the lineage of yoga. The rays of light reflected off the surface of the Long Island Sound, the northern edge of Long Island peeking out along the horizon. It was a full week and physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting – but in a good way. There’s a great comfort level with the material and information and slowly, confidence is starting to settle into me.
I think that it brought us closer together in a way that I’m not sure would have happened if we only saw each other on the weekends. I feel like the more you dig deep, the more you uncover and realize that there is still so much more to learn. I don’t think that I could ever teach it but I really love seeing them practice and explore movement in a different way. The learning with a trained teacher is not just about corrections and improvisations while practicing asanas, but also the valuable knowledge and wisdom that is passed down to a student.
According to tradition, one was usually taught yoga by the Guru of a particular lineage, who primary objective was to ensure that his school of yogic practice is passed down through the ages. According to one version, the yoga trainer would have blazing eyes, which would convey a life changing flash of compassion. The grace makes the journey easier by gently correcting and guiding the enthusiast at every step of not only the practices but of life also!
They are the one’s who create more yoga trainers, as well as an ever increasing mass of yoga students and enthusiastic practitioners. Get stories that inspire you to breathe deeply and make mindful choices by subscribing to my blog by email.Thank you so much to Jolene, Cori and Laura for filling in for me last week.

The water was particularly active that morning and there were actually lines of waves bulging and rolling their way towards shore. We actually learning how to teach and convey the information in an interesting and useful way. We’ve been doing group teaching exercises like this all week except that we literally had about 7-10 minutes to create the opening section of a class and maybe 20 minutes to put together an hour-long class. I loved the process of putting together a sequence, linking the poses, figuring out how to link the breath and how it all ties to a larger theme.
It’s so reassuring as a yoga student (and hopefully one day a teacher) that so much time and care is given on proper instruction and positioning of the poses. But it sounds like you learned a lot & are starting to evolve into your role as a teacher! We actually talked about what a great thing it is if more kids could be exposed to yoga at a young age and how empowering that could be.
To go further, the Guru would be cloaked, hidden and disguised by a soft divine velvet, with the royal glitter of gold and bedazzling glow of silver of a Sat Guru, so that only a true divine disciple, has the strength, wisdom, richness and knowledge no to be taken in by such baubles; but to drink long, thirstily and deeply from the only place he has ever fulfilled a drop of his insatiable thirst – at the oceans paying eternal homage at his Guru’s feet and the millions of suns proclaiming His glories and crowning Him.
I think there are a lot of other programs out there that are a one day workshop followed by a test and WAHOO! There are people who attempt Yoga Teacher Training from various sources, or then from the numerous self-learning books.
However, while one can learn the asanas, one will not know if they are able to practice the poses correctly.

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