But safely practicing at home and enjoying all the benefits does present its own set of unique challenges (even if you also practice at a studio). I'll be sending the link for you to download your copy of "The Four Techniques" in just a few moments! I'll also show you why practicing at home will reveal some delightful aspects of your yoga practice that you simply cannot discover in a hot yoga studio. To enjoy that amazing feeling AFTER class, where life simply feels richer, more full of joy - and your body is buzzing with vibrant energy. While having the heat may help you achieve the list above a whole lot faster (and I'll explain why a little later on); there is something far more important for you to consider - and it's super-critical for an effective home hot yoga practice. The physical elements of Yoga were key to help people focus and meditate for long periods of time without putting undue stress on the body. So developing strength, flexibility and stamina, as well as an effective breathing practice were key. In my view, this is a key part of ANY Hot Yoga practice - whether practiced at home or in studios around the world, and is one reason why I previously created The Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual - to help thousands of people around the world understand the anatomically correct practice and discover exactly how to multiply their benefits. For most yoga students practicing regularly in a studio, they don't even have to consider these questions because it's mostly all done for them.
But if you want to practice at home, then you'll want to carefully and thoroughly research all the answers! Precision alignment is essential to extract the best from your practice and enjoy the full benefits, and also to keep you safe. It probably is a little easier for someone who has already completed a few classes to start practicing at home - and it is also extremely likely that they too will need assistance. There is no "mad dash" to get out of class - I can take a full 30 minute savasana if I like - or even take a power nap at the end of class! I can add in extra stretches at the end of class, for example for improving core-strength or hip-opening. If I am REALLY pushed for time, then I can take a very satisfying 60-minute class (you can't do that in a studio! A home practice can have some very surprising EXTRA BENEFITS for the regular Hot Yoga devotee.
Some of these are supportive, such as automatically moving when other students move; which helps to keep the energy of the class flowing. You probably also follow a set dialog and a set class, which would be pretty much the same each time. What if you tried two 45-second Standing Head-To-Knee Poses instead of one 60-second and one 30-second? But don't worry - if you're practicing at home, I have some clever techniques to help you get the benefits even without the heat. And if you do wish to heat your room I'll show you exactly how to do that, and do it safely! So I ended up I putting all these resources, and more, together for you in one "Hot Yoga Precision Home Practice Kit"!
This DVD will show you precise Pose Set-Ups, Entries and Final Pose while the class is being narrated. I deliberately did NOT video-tape a live class, because, in my opinion, this makes it difficult, if not impossible to show ALL angles, and every correction visually. Quite uniquely, I have gone a few steps further and put crystal-clear detailed and precise photographic demonstrations at each exact point on the DVD where the audio track mentions them (watch the snippet above and you'll see what I mean).

I also had the DVD made so you can navigate directly to ANY POSE you wish to see specifically! The DVD includes Class Variations with differing lengths - VERY useful when sometimes you only have 30 or 60 minutes available - and something is better than nothing, believe me! Now I don't know whether you are just starting out, or you're an experienced "yogi", so I thought I'd put together two helpful options - then you can choose which one suits YOUR situation best!
I strongly recommend the full Video- And Audio-Based Kit, since you WILL need visuals that are more detailed than just a photo of the pose.
BOTH Kits contain Instant Downloads for the Manual, and MP3s - this means you can get started TODAY while you're waiting for the physical CDs or DVDs to arrive!
Note: Your 196-page Manual is delivered electronically as well as MP3 versions of the Audio Class. And if new editions or updates to the Manual are released - you can download them anytime completely free of charge.
I love that the internet and our modern "gadget-based" world makes it possible for me to bring help to you and information that you simply cannot get elsewhere! I've put together a handy comparison table that shows the key differences for you (and by the way, a ton of folks own both, so you can always add one or the other at a later date and still learn more!). The Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual is a step-by-step guide from beginning to end of all the yoga poses in the series. The Home Practice Kit Manual helps you with the nuts and bolts descriptions on how to create and heat your space at home. It also includes a section on mat selection, what to do if you travel, and there is a comprehensive FAQ section and some class variation suggestions for when you don’t have 90 minutes to practice. The Home Practice Kit is aimed squarely at those who want some guidance for a home-only practice (or are traveling). No problem - I recommend that you purchase the AUDIO Version of the Home Practice Kit so you don't double up on DVD Volume One, which is in both packages. I am so certain that you will love this package that I'm giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee! I guarantee that if The Home Practice Kit does NOT quickly get you practicing easily and safely at home, then I'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked! This mp3 hot yoga class has been amazing for me, because we travel alot so now I can do hot yoga in my hotel room!! The CD is great, but I also recommend the instructional guide with pictures of all the postures. Gabrielle also provided great customer service when I had a couple of questions about the product. Thanks for giving me the chance to practice everyway I go, the audio class is so motivating! Bikram yoga is a passion of mine, and having moved to a new city without a true Bikram studio, I scoured the internet searching for downloadable 90-minute hot yoga dialogues that I could use in my own home practice. I was able to find a few that I would comparatively rate with 2 or 3 stars - passable alternatives to a legitimate studio experience.
By also managing to gently guide even the most novice Bikram practitioner through the challenging series in a clear and concise manner, Gabrielle's Hot Yoga Audio Class is unquestionably the cream of the crop. Sun salutations can get monotonous which is why I like this sequence- it keeps things interesting and keeps the body guessing with the sun salute variations, and it's challenging with its strength building poses. In addition to these physical benefits, yoga also rejuvenates your mind, sharpens your intellect, bringsabout clarity of thought.

Kannada Store is committed in providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and best online shopping experience.
All products sold are Original & Company Sealed, manufactured by the authorised copyright holder of the respective titles.
We do not open and test them individually, guarantee (if any) is given by manufacturing company. This is probably one of the most frequently asked Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga questions around the world! If you've moved out of a pose too early because your neighbor did, then you'll know what I mean!
I could not get to my normal Bikram class this weekend and tried Gabrielle's Hot Yogc CD and loved it.
These files are available for instant download post-purchase, complete with comprehensive instructions. Firstly it keeps the price to you at about 30% of what it might cost if I shipped you a large physical book. It has 744 full color photos showing the technique and also many of the mistakes that invade practice.
It covers many, many considerations from how to set up mirrors, mats, heaters (even some brand suggestions), how to ensure you keep the space hot. After the FAQ you will find the transcript to the class that I currently have available (and that comes with the Kit).
There are also photos that show the end pose (and no technique photos) – one for each side and each set. We've given you a super-deal if you want both - here is the link: Purchase Hot Yoga MasterClass AND the Home Practice Kit (Audio Version) together.
Your instructions are very clear and concise and make me feel as if I am in my class in Bangkok. I've done Bikram for over 20 years, and I really enjoyed Gabrielle's upbeat and loving style of dialogue. A session with Gabrielle at the helm is so rich in detailed instruction - I experience a new personal revelation each and every time through.
The warriors and lunges build strength in the legs, while the plank sequence works the core. What is important though that we age gracefully,without losing our health, without losing our heart.
Surakshit Goswami hails from the holy city of Haridwar; a city known just as much for itstimeless teachings of Yoga as the Vedas.
Gururajalu Naidu - Harikathe Audio CD Sri Krishna - Ramayana - Mahabharata (Animation) Combo DVD Mooruvare Vajragalu by R.
Common mistakes are not covered in as much depth (except where mentioned in the video and audio) and there are no photos of common mistakes in the manual.
Yogic philosophy says that a persons age is determined by the flexibility of his spine & not by the numberof his years.
Surakshitji who was strongly inclined to yoga from childhood, grewup to earn his Masters and PHD in yoga from the world renowned Gurukul Kangri VishwaVidyalya.

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